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Supervisor Ryan Coonerty - Third District News
Happy New Year!  As we begin a new decade, I am grateful for the strides we made in Santa Cruz County last year and I am as energized as ever to work with you to improve lives in our community.

Here are some highlights from 2019:
We reduced inequality and improved health. By...
  • Supporting moms and babies through our Nurse-Family Partnership (we had our first graduating class of healthy, happy two-year olds!) and Thrive by Three, which has become a statewide model for early childhood investments.
  • Banning flavored tobacco to protect kids from Big Tobacco’s efforts to hook young people.
  • Expanding renter protections by adopting a moratorium on no-fault tenant evictions prior to AB 1482’s effective date.
We increased public safety. By...
  • Launching the Focused Intervention Team of Sheriffs and social workers to address chronic offenders who engage in disruptive and criminal behavior in our community.
  • Expanding the positive impact of the Downtown Streets Team to clean our north coast beaches three times per week while providing work experience and case management for homeless individuals.  I appreciate their hard work and was happy to clean the beach with them. 
  • Invested in the HOPES program to help stabilize high-risk homeless individuals. An evaluation indicated that after enrollment in the program, clients law enforcement citations and arrests dropped significantly. 
We reduced emissions. By...
  • Suing Big Oil and Coal- The County filed lawsuits against 29 oil, gas, and coal companies for their role in creating climate change and the resulting damage from storms, fires and sea level rise. 
  • Reducing plastic pollution by banning the sale of plastic water bottles at county facilities and discouraging the use of single use cups.
  • Making it easier to walk and bike by completing the San Lorenzo Trestle Trail project. 
We ran an open and effective government. By...
  • Adopting an operational plan with clear goals that provide transparency and help us stay accountable by tracking our progress.
  • Maintaining a balanced budget that funds essential services and ensures that the County has a strong bond rating and an adequate reserve. 
So, in 2020, here are some important efforts I'm working on: 
  • Increasing Access to County Parks Programs for Low-Income Children- I’m working to reduce financial and administrative barriers so that more local low-income children can access our great County Parks Programs.
  • Expanding Thrive by Three and Nurse-Family Partnership- I’ll be working to make sure we continue investing in our youngest residents, to build a strong foundation for lifelong health and well-being. 
  • Establishing Children’s Savings Accounts-I’m working with Santa Cruz Community Ventures to establish Children’s Savings Accounts for babies born in Santa Cruz County.
  • Supporting the FIT Program- I will continue to actively support the Focused Intervention Team in order to reduce impacts from challenging and dangerous offenders.
  • Redesigning Homeless Services- I’m supporting efforts to redesign homeless services county-wide to achieve the best possible outcomes for those in need and our entire community, especially for local families experiencing homelessness.
  • Pushing Back on UCSC Growth- I’ll be continuing to challenge unmitigated UCSC growth which exacerbates our housing crisis, increases traffic in our neighborhoods, and hinders academic success for students by hiring an advocate to make sure community concerns reach the regents.
  • Fighting back against unjust policies of the Trump Administration- We will continue to advocate for immigrants, the LGBTQ community, and continue to resist his dangerous environmental policies.
  • Reducing Needle Litter and Expanding Substance Abuse Treatment- I will continue to work toward reducing and eventually eliminating needle litter and I will continue to work to expand access to treatment.
  • Improving Kids' Mental Health- I’m working with schools to support efforts to better coordinate care for young people with mental health needs.
  • Supporting Rangers for the San Vicente Redwoods- I look forward to the opening of the San Vicente Redwoods and commend the Land Trust’s thoughtful planning for access to the San Vicente Redwoods. I have been happy to support their innovative agreement with the Sheriff’s Office to provide Ranger and law enforcement services on the property.
  • Cotoni-Coast Dairies Access- As the Bureau of Land Management works on the amendment to their Resource Management Plan, which will allow managed access to the National Monument, I will continue to work with the BLM and our North Coast neighbors on a plan to provide access to this magnificent property while adhering to the Presidential Proclamation which created the Monument.
  • Installing a Davenport Traffic Signal- I’ll continue to push for a safe pedestrian crossing of Highway 1 in Davenport, making sure this project stays on track.
  • Transforming PG&E- I’m working with San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo to support transforming PG&E into a private, customer-owned utility.

Next Board of Supervisors Meeting:
January 28, 9:00 a.m.
701 Ocean Street, 5th Floor

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