Good morning <<First Name>>,
In this edition you will learn: 
  • That every day is Independence Day at Medvale. 
  • Who is Jim’s new personal assistant and why did he get one in Honduras? 
  • Who is this new Medvalista who is trying to give independent doctors a leg up with price transparency? 
  • How does our new Medvalista in London think impatient patients will shape healthcare  delivery?
  • How Medvale is “shattering the geographic lottery.” 
  In keeping with America’s celebration of independence in July, I want to reflect on Medvale’s autonomy. We have total freedom to focus only on helping Medvalistas make the world healthier. We don’t care about sponsors. We don’t have any. We don’t care about outside owners. We don’t have any. We don't care about revenue from non-Medvalistas. We don't have any. 
  That’s why we call our town folk  Medvalistas. If that makes us sound a little edgy and liberated...good. That’s intentional.
Welcoming “G” to our team

  Medvale is growing and so is your team. In June Gisela joined us as my full-time executive assistant. Naty and I are thrilled to have another teammate. Naty continues as our communications director and works closely with Gisela. 
  I think you'll be as impressed with her as I've been--finding her to be friendlyorganized, and knowledgeable. Gisela said we can call her "G." 
  G, welcome to our community! I've asked her to introduce herself here.
-- Jim

Hi, I’m Gisela Zuniga (“G”) -

  I live in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I’m very passionate about healthcare, having a healthy lifestyle, and helping others, which is why I studied Nutrition and why I really like and am grateful to be part of Medvale’s team
   I was the Administrative Manager of a law firm where I learned all about taking care of a company, having to make tough decisions, handling multiple tasks at once, and working well with others, so, making Medvale run smoothly and make life easier for Jim is something I enjoy.
  About my education: studied Nutrition at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, from 2008 – 2016. Certified in Business Administration for Lawyers at INCAE Business School, 2018. Currently studying for my master's degree in Commercial Management and Marketing at TECH Universidad Tecnológica. 

  I’m a wife and mom of two, so my hands and heart are always full. I also love to work out and cook. You can find me at (208) 696-4877,, and on LinkedIn as Gisela Zuniga. 

How to weaponize price transparency? 

  Meet Cory McCruden. This new Medvalista is empowering patients to know in advance healthcare costs in order to be knowledgeable consumers. Her startup, Wellbly Technologies in NYC is additionally helping providers make medical bills easier to understand and simpler to pay.  
  Cory was the Senior Vice President and Head of Experience at a Fortune 500 company and is currently the Entrepreneur in Residence at Yale.  
  To learn more, contact Cory at and sit in on our last Founders Club discussion lead by Cory by clicking on the below link.
Click here for Cory's discussion (31 minutes)
Why healthcare reform will be influenced by the impetuous patient?

...was the theme of the presentation to our recent Healthcare Company Founders Club monthly meeting. Paul Simms, a new Medvale club member living England, led our stimulating discussion on how to design our services to appeal to the new breed of impatient patient. Paul has started (you’ve got to love the name) Impatient Health to help healthcare companies adapt. 
Listen to his talk here (20 minutes)
If work can be done remotely, offshore it 
  Gisela is the second Latin America addition to our “town council” that I work with to run Medvale. In a previous edition you met Naty, our communications director in Colombia. Beyond the obvious cost savings of sourcing to developing countries, I feel we are better global citizens through this balance of trade...not to mention the contributions to our mission made by these talented and well-educated teammates. 
PS: My favorite management thought leader, Jim Collins, learned much while teaching at West Point. Check out his series of short videos. (47 minutes in total)
Short videos
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