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In this edition you will learn: 
  • How long does it take to read the Medvale News? 
  • What happened when a Medvalista asks his assistant to use her smartphone to video his message to employees? 
  •  How is Medvale making the world healthier? 
  Let me draw your attention to our newspaper’s new above tagline--the best thinking from our town. Thoughtful healthcare leaders and innovators are invited into Medvale because they are good thinkers and contributors. I’m learning much from these highly curated Medvalistas and you can too. 

  In the Medvale News we’ll distill their best thinking into easily digestible bites for a quick read. You can easily skim each newspaper in less than a minute, and we tell you upfront how long a linked video or article will take. Benefit here from what they have already figured out.  
A video is worth a million words 
...if a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures.  
  Enjoy this two-minute clip of Medvalista Daniel Felton, MD communicating one of their core values to his hundreds of employees. He got the message out more efficiently and effectively than in writing--and inexpensively done by his assistant off her iPhone.  
Click here to watch the video (2 minutes)
“We have our work cut out for us.”

  MedMan, the company I founded 44 years ago, asked me to appear on their podcast to describe my latest venture, Medvale, and how we intend to make the world healthier. I had fun in this 13-minute interview with Jesse, whom I recruited out of college. Jesse is now a MedMan owner. 
Click here to listen to the podcast (13 minutes)
P.S. Why US healthcare costs so much (a 17-minute TedMed talk) 
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