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JULY 17, 2022

In this edition you will learn: 

  • What came out of a Medvale lunch in NYC

  • Why one of our Direct Primary Care members has never lost a client

  • A Medvalista's impressive journey to becoming a VP of Population Health 

  • What does it look like when our Clinic Managers Club design their own avatars, walk their avatars into their own virtual reality club room and then have their avatars talk to each other to solve common problems 

  • Why you'll want to participate in our first intra-club flash collaboration 

  • Help through our new help wanted column

A Medvale Meeting-In-A Meeting in New York City

Medvalistas Richardson Ajayi, MD from Nigeria and Chris Dimock from Wyoming had a brainstorming lunch in NYC with Jim to imagine an even better member experience. One thought was to invite more staff into Medvale from each Medvalista's company to fully leverage the benefits of Medvale.

They were together at the Columbia School of Public Health for a YPO healthcare board meeting and conference.

There's Got to Be a Better Way to Do Primary Care!

That's what drove Medvalista Kyle Rickner, MD, out of his hospital-employed medical group and into his own Direct Primary Care network. Primary Health Partners (PHP) is now the largest independent primary care group in Oklahoma City.

Kyle attributes their success to PHP's three pillars of improving the patient and physician experience while helping their communities-- having never lost a client. For $79 pmpm, PHP provides comprehensive primary care and coordinates specialty care for thousands of patients.

We hope you'll get to know Kyle who can add so much to our Medvale conversations. He's an interesting individual. In addition to being a former professional basketball player, Kyle was an Army doc in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Connect with Kyle Rickner

Maria Featured in Publication

Medvalista Ted Epperly, MD, asked that his new VP for Population Health be able to access Medvale's brain trust as he has. So now Maria Reising is an active member of our Clinic Executives Club. Last week Maria appeared in a three-page article in the Medical Professionals magazine.
Read Article

Medvale Club Meets in the Metaverse

Our Clinic Managers Club went from 2D to 3D in our newly rented virtual reality office suite. Their avatars shared their best ideas on running medical groups in the post-pandemic world. Pretty fun!

Making This Your Best Recession Yet!

Medvalista Jay Holmes will guide us through Medvale's first ever all-village discussion on a topic of interest to all of us. Save the date of Tuesday, August 9, 9:15 to 10:15a Mountain Time. You'll receive a Zoom invite shortly.

Can we use Medvale's collective experience and wisdom to put a positive spin on workforce shortages, high inflation and a broken supply chain? This "flash collaboration" will result in a document compiling our town's best thinking with practical advice on how to weather a recession.

Jay, one of the owners at MedMan and quite a visionary, is the one to help us think through this daunting challenge.
Read More of His Thoughts Here

Help Wanted Ads

MedMan (Medical Management, Inc.) is hiring. For more information, visit their careers page.
     Medical Group Administrator - Nampa, Idaho
     Medical Group Administrator - Anchorage, Alaska

Just For Fun-
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