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In this edition you will learn: 
  • Does personalized care deteriorate as providers consolidate? 
  • Where do Medvalistas meet anyway? 
  • And when they met, what did they mostly talk about last month? 
   This was the question our Medvale Strategists Club wrestled with recently. I changed my mind six times during the discussion. Ultimately I was swayed when one of our members made the cogent argument that patients want personalized attention that can be ironically delivered when there is enough of a critical mass of providers to afford them excellent administrative support. Doctors are then freed to pay more attention to their patients. 

    Perhaps consolidations and mergers should be judged by the impact on the patient experience, instead of whether they can exact higher prices from insurance companies. One of our Strategists just moved his primary care to much larger Mayo for the more personalized care! My thoughts on this are obviously evolving. Right now, I think the answer is Yes - bigger can be better.
How do Medvalistas collaborate?
   We’ve been busy creating new Medvale Clubs. Our growing number of Medvalistas are placed into Clubs with our other healthcare leaders and innovators who share a common interest. Then they meet monthly in our virtual Medvale Cafe to support each other and collaborate about improving healthcare.  

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5 hottest September topics that came up during Medvale Club collaborations 

1. staffing - Retention and recruitment challenges are top concerns as demand outstrips supply. Healthcare worker shortages will haunt us for years to come. 
  • However, polling showed that our healthcare organizations lost their worst, not their best, clinicians and staff.  Those most loyal to the mission and the organization are sticking it out.  
  • The problem gets worse when one’s Reservists are recalled to work at someone else’s hospital. 
  • Solutions included:
    - Artificial Intelligence to automate some types of work, thereby reducing staffing 
    - Growing our own Medical Assistants by working with local educators to train up existing employees on our sites 

2. morale - The “Groundhog Day” effect of Covid variants is wearing down Medvalistas and their staff. 
  • Medvalista Tom Ferkovic reinforced our Strategists Club’s resolve with his presentation Leaders Don’t Burnout! (note the !). We leaders don’t have the luxury right of burning out.  Click here to listen to his talk. 
3. vaccine mandates - the devil’s dilemma of keeping patients safe from unvaccinated staff versus keeping enough staff around to service those patients 
  • see #1 
4. remote work - In order to recruit and retain we are having to move to hybrid models now that the workforce got used to working from home.  
  • see #1 
5. getting replies - Few are answering emails and calls promptly. 
  • Purchasers of our services don’t have time to talk to us about how we can save them time.  
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