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AUGUST 28, 2022

In this edition you will learn: 

  • How a sister's death motivated a Medvalista to become a physician

  • How is Medvale's new Dolphin Tank product different than a Shark Tank

  • Why did a neurosurgeon become an entrepreneur and join Medvale 

  • How could a recession be a good thing in healthcare

  • Medvale's new website

  • Start reading books quickly but give them up easily if you don't like them

"We won't change healthcare if we don't have people
engaged in wanting to change"

Medvalista Ted Epperly, MD, a member of our Sages Club, was featured on this month's cover of Medical Professionals magazine. You'll be inspired by his journey and what he's doing with his 400+ employee network of clinics to improve the health of a population.
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"Networking is the best medicine for feeling as
though you are not alone in healthcare"

Medvalista Carrie Barr of our Clinic Executives Club went on to write, "Yesterday's session was ointment to my soul ..." following our Dolphin Tank* to help her transition to her new position as Executive Director of Clinics at the hospital in Moses Lake, Washington.

*Dolphin Tanks -- Medvale's Shark Tank-like panels, except that we're smarter and friendlier than sharks.
"Making a dent in the $20 billion cost of
unplanned hospital readmissions

As a neurosurgeon, Georges Markarian, MD knew there must be a better way to engage patients in their pre- and post-surgical care. As the newest member of our Founders Club, Dr. Markarian is tapping into Medvale's resources and connections to accelerate his startup, MegesHealth. Enjoy meeting him in this short video.
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Making this your best recession ever
Jay Holmes and his MedMan team hosted our fist all-village flash collaboration to share ideas on how to deal with the threats of inflation, increasing interest rates and workforce difficulties. Interesting ideas included-
  • hoard cash and buy talent, real estate and stocks at sale prices
  • pivot to new gaps left by others
  • sell outsourcing when hospitals layoff staff
  • personally visit clients when no one else is
  • get rid of C players
  • grow market share while others are distracted
  • engage employees in finding solutions
  • stay in business so you can enjoy the recovery that always happens eventually
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Medvale's new website
We're thrilled to unveil our refreshed website. Over the last few months, together with Ogilvy Nicaragua, we have poured our hearts and souls into creating a new image that would accurately depict who we are, at our core as a community, as a team. The new website has been designed to offer the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality.
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Just For Fun-

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