monthly newspaper | February 2021
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Good Morning <<First Name>>,

In this edition, you will learn:
  • Why does the mayor think the world will be better off because of Medvale.
  • How did a Medvalista help another Medvalista’s clinic understand the impact of a new president. 
  • How does a CPA-turned-strategist help communities keep their doctors.
  • What does really go on at the Medvale Cafe?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead 

  For those of you that I haven’t caught up with since I sold MedMan to our managers, I’m now the mayor of Medvale. I founded this small virtual town where innovative healthcare leaders collaborate to help millions get healthier.  

  As in a real village, our Medvalistas are supported by a library, this Sunday newspaper, our radio station for our podcasts, shops, civic clubs, and a cafe where we connect virtually to drink coffee and brainstorm about how to improve healthcare.  
  Please connect or reconnect with me at I’d love to catch up. More information is available at or my personal website Read on to see how our committed citizens are changing the world.  

Jim Trounson 
Mayor of Medvale 

  Medvale Breakfast Club member Ted Epperly, MD was the keynote speaker (via Zoom) at the annual planning retreat of Little Rock (Arkansas) Family Practice. This large primary care group is headed by another Medvalista, Stephen Tucker, MD, who saw a video of Ted’s talk and asked him to help his group plan for the changes coming from the new administration.
  As the past president of the American Academy of Family Medicine who represented his specialty in Obama-era healthcare reform, Dr. Epperly’s insights were appreciated at this Medvale-lead planning session. 
Click here to see the 17-minute video of that presentation.
  Our village shopkeepers round out our community by bringing a wealth of subject-matter expertise. One such is Peter LaFleur and his healthcare consultants at Consilium Group. Peter is a member of Medvale’s Healthcare Company Founders Club. 
  Peter LaFleur was a recent guest on Medvale Radio sharing how Consilium partners with hospitals to negotiate sustainable physician compensation agreements that keep doctors from leaving for the wrong reasons.
Visit his website here
Listen to Peter's podcast on Medvale Radio
  It’s like a friendly small-town restaurant--except the coffee is better. Our Medvale Clubs meet regularly to cuss and discuss healthcare delivery. Medvalistas who share a common passion are cohorted into relevant support groups to support, connect and promote each other.
  Just like the think and talk bubbles in our logo suggests, we get together to think and talk a lot. Here is Friday's huddle at the Medvale Cafe of our Healthcare Company Founders' Club -- with Shelby from New Orleans joining us while skiing in Vail.
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