monthly newspaper | April 2021
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In this edition you will learn: 
  • Is Medvale a real town? 
  • What can you buy in Medvale’s newest shop? 
  • What was Jim doing in Marianna, Arkansas? 
  • How did a professor impact one physician’s life? 
  However...Medvale is inspired by a real town--my sweet little hometown of Wendell, Idaho that had a population of 1232 when I was growing up there. Like Wendell, Medvale has clubs, shops, a newspaper, library, and a cafe where we meet virtually. We didn’t have a radio station like Medvale Radio though. But we did have committed citizens who collaborated and supported each other. 
  Please indulge me these metaphorical whimsies that help me explain the important components of our complex Medvale network through visualization. And I’m having fun with this. 
Jim Trounson 
Mayor of Medvale
Meet Tom, our new Medvalista

  Medic Management Group (MMG) is now a Medvale Shop and its CEO, Tom Ferkovic, is welcomed into Medvale as a subject matter expert on a board range of medical group management topics. MMG-- where you can buy all things having to do with medical clinic management. 
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 “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” – Yogi Berra 

  Medvalista, Daniel Felton, MD, brings me to his small hometown of Marianna, Arkansas twice a year for a two-day planning retreat with his EngageMED team. This rhythm of planning including quarterly revisions has accelerated this Arkansas network of medical practices into a national presence and valued partnership with Common Spirit.  
 “Our best lessons are the hardest.” - Duncan Newhouser, PhD 

Medvalista Edward McEachern, MD had the good fortune of being befriended by one of his professors when he was in medical school at Case Western. Below is the link to the recording of Edward’s presentation to the Medvale Healthcare Company Founders Club in which he expounds on these ten lessons he gleaned from his friend Duncan Newhouser.  
  1. Sponsor young talent. It’s more helpful than mentoring.  
  2. Be curious. Look at primary source documents and make your own judgment about them. 
  3. Marry someone your equal or better and honor that relationship. 
  4. Walk a mile with someone. Spend quality time with others.  
  5. Never judge. Instead say, “That could work.” 
  6. Make your sponsoree your peer. Introduce to your colleagues. 
  7. Fall upward. Use failures to develop character and learning. Careen forward.  
  8. Ask yourself why you are afraid. Is it simply an unknown that you are facing? 
  9. Build strong durable friendships. 
  10. All that glitters is not gold. You can get more done on the fringes than at Harvard. 
  Edward, a member in the Medvale Breakfast Club, is an investor, physician executive, and entrepreneur who currently is the Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of PacificSouce Health Plans. 
Watch the presentation here (18 minutes)
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