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Exploring our way of relating to reality.
The self-deception.
The courage to see ourselves as we are.
There is no worse lie than the one we tell ourselves.
"The relentless truth"
We have been able to verify in these four years of Camp the effectiveness of the Universal Peace Dances, as a transformative practice, they have gently penetrated our being and our life. Its effectiveness in reconnecting us, energizing us, filling us with joy and growth has been proven, and it is this force that will allow us to look at ourselves in our Magic Mirror and see ourselves as we are.
With our beloved international masters
Dervecha McDonald - USA
Murshida de la Ruhaniat and President of the Guiding Council for Universal Peace Dances at the global level. In northern India and Nepal he started in Dharma and took Bodhisattva vows. She is a Vipassana teacher and dedicates her life to service and to developing in herself and others a spirituality rooted in Nature and Coherence.
Jorge Arjun Calero, El Mono - Colombia
She has been practicing the Dances of Universal Peace for 18 years. He is a member of the International Board of Directors of this organization and a Senior Dance Mentor (trains and certifies facilitators).
Activist, ecologist, artist, biologist and medicine man, he lives in the Atlantis Eco Village 10 years ago, a place that he helped to develop and that has become an important center in Latin America for Peace Dances, the Eco-village Movement and Native Spirituality. Driver of Casa Continental. He's a professor at Gaia University.

Dear family of dancers :

Happy to be celebrating our 4th camp of this cycle begun in 2015.

Convinced that we are creating a New History, in which Love, Harmony and Beauty are fundamental pillars, I call you to be part of this journey.

I hope you will join me, promote the facebook event
and register as soon as possible.

Unlike the other years, this will be a "four" day residential retreat, for us to go deep into our unfathomable areas, surrounded by lotus flowers and the imposing Andes Mountains at Punto Zero San Felipe - Putaendo.
Facebook Event

Who can attend?

Leaders in training, lovers of circular dances, bio-dancers, workshops, facilitators of women's and men's circles, rainbow families, the middle way, doctors, architects, engineers, journalists, psychologists... and anyone who wants to live a different transforming experience, get out of their routine, get to know another way of looking at life.
You are all welcome!
no previous experience is required.


Arrival will be on Wednesday 31st October from 16:00 hrs. from now on. We will all have dinner together and in the evening we will gather for the first dance circle. The retreat will take place on Sunday, November 4th after lunch at 15:00 hrs. approx.
The value of the event includes 3 meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner
It does NOT contemplate the transfer to the place.


At Punto Zero Foundation
In Chile, V region, in the Aconcagua valley. It is 103 kilometers north of Santiago in the municipality of Putaendo, province of San Felipe.
The place is located in the foothills of the Andes in an environment of nature, open spaces and clear skies.
(See Google Map)
Check here the values of the 4th Camp
More information on our networks
Web Page
Facebook Event
Facebook Group
Pamela : (+56) 961 546 283
Roxana (+56) 997 890 161

Once you are clear about the type of accommodation you wish to book, send me an email and I will respond with the details we need to make your registration.

Thank you very much and pure! good! healthy! beautiful! and fair! life!!!!

Towards the One 

Roxana Nur Jahan

2nd Universal Peace Dance Camp 2016 Diaporama
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