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Term 3, Issue 6, 3rd October 2018
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Dear Parents and Caregivers

Peter AckersThe last four weeks of term three were incredibly busy with firstly having a large number of our students involved in Tournament Week and then the following week 35 of our year seven and eight students attending the NZ AIMS Games.

I personally had the pleasure of supporting the Huanui College 1st XI hockey team at their tournament in Whanganui.  Our hockey team played with incredible passion and dedication and I heard likewise from our other teams at the Netball and Basketball tournaments.  

Play hard but play fair is a mantra that all Huanui teams live by. This continued at the NZ AIMS Games in Tauranga with promising results across several sports and similarly positive, uplifting feedback from opposition teams and supporting parents. 

Back at School, our senior students completed their mock CAIE examinations and senior Parent Teacher Student interviews were held during the last week of the term. Senior students are now on study leave until their CAIE external examinations, some of which begin during the October holidays. I would encourage all students to utilise any tutorials teachers are running over the study break.
The term finished with our year thirteens pranking the staff on their last day of classes and I have to say the pranks were a lot of fun and in good taste. They then ran an excellent sporting afternoon which finished with the school farewelling them in the Gym.
Term four begins on the 15 October with our students in summer uniform. I look forward to seeing you all then.
Peter Ackers
“The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.” – Les Brown
Thank you!
Special thanks to the Syers family who donated a chest freezer to the school.  Our food tech department is very grateful for your generosity.
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Huanui College did extremely well at this year's Northland Regional Science Fair awards. 20 students entered this year's event with the following students winning top awards:

Best Year 12-13 Exhibit Award - Winner - Turn the tide on plastic- Pippa Benton 
Best Overall - Investigation - Winner -Turn the tide on plastic -Pippa Benton 
Nomination for the Prime Minister's Future Scientist Prize - Winner -Turn the tide on plastic -Pippa Benton

Best Year 10-11 Exhibit Award - Winner - A Greasy Alternative Too - Luka Clark 
NorthTec Innovation and Enterprise Award Years - Winner A Greasy Alternative Too - Luka Clark

DOC Conservation Highly Commended - Snail's Pace -Scott Slatter 
Year 9 Judges Award - Winner - Snail's Pace Scott Slatter

The George (Hoori) Tuhiwai Memorial Award - Winner - Ko Au Te Kauri - Twilight Edwards

Year 7 Technology Highly Commended - Scientest - Nathaniel Owens

McKay Electrical Award - Winner - Running Dry? - Jasper Miller-Waugh 
Lighthouse Naval Architects Innovative Design Award - Winner - Running Dry? - Jasper Miller-Waugh 
Best Year 8 Technology Award - Winner - Running Dry? - Jasper Miller-Waugh 
Best Year 8 Exhibit Award - Winner - Running Dry? - Jasper Miller-Waugh 
Best Overall - Technology - Winner - Running Dry? - Jasper Miller-Waugh 
Best of Fair - Winner - Running Dry? - Jasper Miller-Waugh

NZ Biology Olympiad

NZIBO fosters interest and excellence in Biology through the participation of secondary school students in the New Zealand Biology Olympiad Programme.

The programme (aimed at Year 12 students) starts with a rigorous examination in which the top students are awarded a Bronze Award and are invited to participate in an online tutorial programme. The programme provides University level education in Biology and aims to prepare students for further assessment.

Completion of this programme provides the opportunity to be selected for the New Zealand International Biology Olympiad team.

Of the students entered from Huanui College, six of these have been awarded a Bronze Award and invited to take part in the tutorial programme. Congratulations go to Olivia Lengyel (Yr 13), Lucas Gardner (Yr 12), Alyssa Olsen (Yr 11), Eva McIlhinney (Yr 11), Daniel Mao (Yr 10) and Ronan Payinda (Yr 10).

Speech Competitions

In the last week of term, we had four students compete in the Northland Regional Speech Competition held in Kerikeri.

Congratulations to all our students who placed in the top three of their year groups. Rohit Rajaraman placed 1st for Year 7 with his speech 'World Obesity' and Natalya Newman also placed 1st for Year 9 with her speech titled 'We need to show more gratitude'.

Caitlin Wilson, Year 8, placed 3rd with her speech titled 'The Refugee Crisis' and Ronan Payinda in Year 10 also placed 3rd with his speech about 'Why people need to be immunised'.

Well done to you all.

Year 8 Maths

Year 8 maths students have been learning about symmetry and enlargement.  On Friday 14 September, they applied their maths skills when they worked co-operatively to enlarge one of their teams designs onto a corner of the school sports court.  First, they had to make an enlarged grid which they then transferred an outline of their design. Then they coloured it with chalk.  The students worked extremely well together and enjoyed the challenge.
International Languages Day

We had a more comprehensive International Languages week this year.  Daily quizzes in the notices exercised our young students' minds every morning finishing with our dress up competition on Thursday.  Each year group did a parade of the school gym and were judged by a group of senior students.  Pictured are our 2018 winners!
Huanui College Positive Education - Junior Award

Nominations for the recipient/s of this award are being requested from the parents, coaches, managers and teaching staff of Huanui College students. The winner/s of this award must be a Year 7 or 8 student or team who has displayed one or more of the character strengths of Positive Education. The character strengths are as follows: Bravery, honesty, perseverance, gratitude, humor, humility, forgiveness, teamwork, leadership, fairness, love, kindness, self-regulation. Please email your nomination to


SILVER  - Coached by Keti Marsh-Solomon
Player of the Year     Pippa Benton
Most Improved     Ruby Shaw
Coaches Award      Tahlia Semenoff

UNISS Player of the Tournament     Jameela McLean Saad
BLUE - Coached by Katrina Alkema
Player of the Year     Camryn Senescall/Sasha Butterworth
Most Improved     Maisie McEnery-Lane
Most Dedicated     Julia Blackley
GREY - Coached by Shania Kennedy-Lowe
Player of the Year     Emma Forbes
Most Improved     Natalya Newman
Most Dedicated     Jessica Gardner
WHITE - Coached by Asa Morrison and Brooke Senescall
Player of the Year     Giverny Miedema
Most Improved     Lucy Nichols
Most Dedicated     Runya Manjala
BLACK - Coached by Jameela McLean Saad
Player of the Year     Helena Newman
Most Improved     Amy Wallace
Most Dedicated     Heidi McGregor
AIMS Games Player of the Tournament     Giverny Miedema

Major Netball awards will be presented at the Huanui Sports Awards on Wednesday 7th November.

Collegiate Hockey

Congratulations to our Huanui/Mangapai hockey team for winning this year's Div 1 Collegiate grade last night. You all had an outstanding game last night and a great season. All the best for Mixed Tournament in 2 weeks time.

Our Mangapai/Huanui Div 3 collegiate team also did well this season and placed 3rd in their division. This team is coached by ex Huanui student and hockey player James Agnew.

Renegade Hockey

Bronson from Hockey Northland came to visit earlier in term 3 and teach our students about Renegade Hockey which is an indoor version of field hockey with a lightweight thin stick and a small rubber bouncy ball. The rules are quite different from field hockey with the ball being able to be bounced and balanced on the left side of the stick.  Our year 9 and 10 students will have the opportunity to compete in an NSSSA event in term 4.

Hockey Northland and Kookaburra have kindly donated $1,200 worth of sticks and balls to the school so our students can continue to learn more about this new sport.

Bream Bay Sports Exchange

Every year our year 7 & 8 students have a sports day exchange against Bream Bay College.  This year we had three teams travel to Ruakaka to compete in Netball, Hockey and Football.  This is a great warm-up for our teams before they head away to AIMS Games in Tauranga. 

All three teams played well with our football and hockey teams having wins and our netball team learning a lot from their encounter.  Next year we will host BBC at home.

Clay Target Shooting

We had our inaugural team compete in the NSSSA Clay Target Shooting event which was held at the Whangarei Gun Club at Mangapai earlier in September.

The team went well for their first shoot putting up a strong first-time performance finishing 6th out of 9 teams (it was very close and another 5 points would have put them into 4th place).  Special thanks to Murray Byles and John Hendrick for volunteering their time organising practices and coaching.

Well done to the team and we look forward to watching your continued progress in 2019.

North Island Mixed Hockey Tournament

In the first week of September, our first XI hockey traveled down to Whanganui for the North Island Secondary Schools Mixed tournament. We drove down on Saturday, trained on Sunday and started to play our pool games on Monday.

Our first game was against Hamilton Christian School where we, unfortunately, lost 3-1. We then went on to win our other two games which secured us a place in the semifinals.

Semifinals day and at the end of the game, the score was 2-2 against Nae Nae College. After 9 aside and 7 aside, it finally came down to penalty shootouts and then sudden death. Sadly, we lost our semifinal but then went on to come 3rd after our final against Bream Bay College.

Aside for the hockey, the week away with the team was a great bonding experience for all the members. We became closer as a team both on and off the field and learnt the importance of teamwork and leadership along the way.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who was involved with our HC team including our manager, parent help, supporters and of course our coach, Richard.  We would also like to say thank you to the team for making our last tournament the best and one that we will remember. GO HC VIKINGS!!!

Emma Sanders and Laura Gover - Y13
UNISS Netball Tournament

My experience at UNISS was unforgettable, every minute was amazing and the whole team, our coach, managers, and parents were so dedicated to making it such a successful trip.

Fundraising for a term showed just how much of a team effort tournaments like this are, and we had every family work together to contribute to getting the whole team down there.

Playing two games, the early mornings and long days every day for five days took a huge toll on all of us both mentally and physically but to have all of us working together with our team songs, sayings and jokes to keep everyone in high spirits worked every day, and as a team we managed to pick everybody up from a hard day.

Personally, it was the highlight of my netball journey at Huanui, and an amazing end to my seventh season playing for the school. I made such strong relationships with girls on the court throughout the season and at UNISS these friendships were only strengthened. I am so appreciative for everyone that put in so much work for us and I will never ever forget the whole week.
Jameela Y13
Junior and Senior Boys Basketball Tournaments

Both our Senior and Junior Boys Basketball teams competed this year as part of the nationwide Secondary Schools Tournament week.

Huanui Junior Boys competed at North Harbour as part of the Junior Zone 1 competition.  Competing against larger schools is always a tough ask for our boys and they came up against some hearty competitors.  The boys played well and managed to finish with a win!  

Huanui Senior Boys Basketball Team took part in the North Island Schools Competition in New Plymouth. The team, led by Tom Parker, consisted of mainly younger players who are still developing their skills.

The scores may have not always gone their way but the senior team can take great pride in the way they conducted themselves in every game. They played with passion at all times. It was pleasing to see that none of the players ever gave up and they supported each other throughout the tournament. 

Overall, a good effort from both teams.
AIMS Games 2018

Wow! What a week our Year 7 & 8's had in Tauranga!  This week-long tournament is now classed as a larger tournament than the Commonwealth Games in terms of participation numbers!  It is a great opportunity for junior students to be involved in a sporting tournament, as many children don’t get an opportunity once they reach High School.
Our students had a great week with some excellent wins with all our students giving it their all and learning so much about themselves and their teammates plus improving no end with their sporting skills. 

Table Tennis
Not only did Takaimaania Ngata-Henare come away with Silver at this year's event she was also acknowledged with another medal for achieving the highest ranking female at the tournament.

Cross Country
Cross Country is always the first event of the week and precedes the Open Ceremony.  Our students ran well with the highlight being Gracie Potter who finished 13th out of 164 competitors in the Year 7 girls event.  Our other racers should be commended for their efforts as it is a tough race that they have not had the luck to practice on and most races had close to 200 kids running which makes for a chaotic start.

This is a fairly new code to be added to the AIMS Games schedule which meant fewer competitors.  Once again, Grace had a great race and finished 6th out of 35.  Annabel also raced well on the challenging course and tackled the hill in the bike section with gusto!  Well done to you both.

Annabel McIlhinney placed 5th out of 18 competitors in the Aerbics section of the Gymsport which was a great effort as she faced some tough competitors.

Once again it was a huge pleasure to be involved in the Aims Games, the amazing event is well organised and a real once in a life time opportunity for the children involved.  Our hockey team was a great group of children, they were all hugely enthusiastic and very professional in their lead up to each and every game. 

It was a very busy week with most days playing two games, this involved the children travelling to a game in the morning, then home again for some refuelling gear cleaning and fixing, then packing again to travel to the next game, some of which were quite late in the evening.  The kids managed all of this with smiles and encouragement for one another each and every game.  The team also battled switching from playing a season of 11 a-side hockey in different teams, then coming together to play 6 A-side hockey, which is hugely different and much faster, this meant a lot of sore muscles and very tired legs by the end of the week. 

This year there were 12 more teams than last year (a total of 56 teams), a huge pool of very professional hockey teams that have played together all season.  We were hugely proud of our team finishing where they did, each and every one of them gave 100% and should be really congratulated for their EFFORTS AND BEHAVIOUR. 
Gail McKay - Parent

Our netball team played many games against teams that were graded A, B and C and who had trained together for many months.  Although our team did not win all of their games, they showed great resilience and team spirit.  Every day they played better and improved on their last game. They enjoyed their games, made friends with other teams and were friendly and happy.  I asked Levy what her favourite thing was about the tournament, and she said it was having fun together.
Highlights for me were hanging out at the beach, the beautiful Tauranga weather, the game we won and seeing the team enjoy spending time together.  The rap names they came up with for everyone were hilarious too - "Pickee B" and "M C Lissie" were two of the best.

Special thanks to Sasha Butterworth (Y9) who joined the team for the week as their umpire official.  You were a great inspiration to the team to develop beyond playing and be an official too.
Adrienne Moyle - Parent

This is the first year that we have entered a Futsal team.  This is a growing sport within NZ and saw 44 teams compete this year. Our boys grew in confidence and experience and will have gained a lot from their week away.  They placed 25th which is a great achievement and we look forward to watching their progress next year.

Thank you!

This is a massive week not only for our students but the adults that accompany them for the week.  We would like to acknowledge and commend the fantastic parents who did an amazing job coaching and managing the kids, keeping them happy, fed, entertained, and generally making sure the wheels of the cog spun around for the week! The kids will have great memories of the week thanks to you all and we are extremely grateful to you all.  Special mention to those parents who also helped sponsor and fundraise.

Bring on 2019!

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