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Term 4, Issue 7, 12th December 2018
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Dear Parents and Caregivers

Peter AckersMy sincere thanks to the Huanui community for the warmth of its welcome and support with my arrival at the College in mid-November.  Rather than waiting until January, I wanted to commence at the College before the summer break, primarily to meet as many of the students as I could, teaching staff, parents and members of the community.  Miriam, Sidney and I are very excited about our move north and becoming members of the Huanui and Northland communities.
As background, I began my career as an Assistant Teacher at Hamilton Boys High School, with some time in Argyle House, the boarding establishment; then moved to Auckland Grammar School, also spending time with boarders in Tibbs House; onto Macleans College as Head of Department Geography and Social Studies and later Assistant Principal; moving then to King’s College as Deputy Headmaster.  I have mainly taught Education (Thinking and Learning), Geography, Global Perspectives, History, Philosophy, and Social Studies. Throughout my career, I have been heavily involved in coaching football and rowing but also have a keen appreciation of the performing arts.  I have written a number of textbooks, been the examiner for scholarship geography and served as the Examination Officer and later as trustee for the New Zealand Education Scholarship Trust.  I was on the original NZQA Scholarship Reference Group and have also acted as a curriculum and learning advisor in New Zealand and the Pacific, in schools and in business.  I have been fortunate to work with many outstanding students, teachers, parents and community groups.
I see the Principal’s position at Huanui College as both a challenge and an opportunity.  The unique lived lives of those people who form a school community are the most powerful resource children have.  Young people are special.  They need a special environment.  This is an environment that has a commitment to learning, to justice, to individual achievement, and to wholeness.  It is characterised by tolerance and respect for difference.  It is characterised by a high respect for intellectual endeavour.  It is one where we can celebrate the contribution of the school to the wider political, social, economic and artistic life of our culture.  It is characterised by a commitment to tradition and dignity within school beliefs and within school life and by a strong sense of social responsibility.
It is embodied in consistency, innovation, capability.  I believe in a strong emphasis on preparing students for a changing world.  If we viewed society as a pendulum then I think it has moved too far away from personal responsibility.  If so, then our society will be all the richer for our efforts to provide our students with an even better holistic view of the world.
My own educational practice revolves around the belief that we should be developing the personal practical knowledge of every student in our care.  To do this students need a high challenge/high support environment.  My priority will be to maintain and enhance Huanui’s reputation for excellence; grow its traditions and special culture while, at the same time, ensuring the school continues to grow and evolve as a dynamic 21st Century world-class learning environment.
I wish you all a happy and safe festive season; a very Merry Christmas, a time that directs our thoughts to giving; a relaxing beginning to the New Year and a restful and enjoyable holiday with family and friends.
Philip Coombe
2018 Student Art

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The 2018 academic year has now come to an end. We would like to congratulate all our students on their achievements throughout the year and look forward to seeing them flourish in 2019.

2018 Trophy recipients:

* Student Council of 2014 Dux Litterarum - Oliva Lengyel
* Proxime Accessit Second Placed Academic Student Year 13 - Laetitia Hamlet
* Zhang Family Cup Year 12 Top Academic Student - Pippa Benton
* Spire Chartered Accountants Cup Year 11 Top Academic Student - Alyssa Olsen
* Martin Family Cup Year 10 Top Academic Student 1st = Heather Nichols & Luka Clark
* Dykzeul Family Cup Year 9 Top Academic Student - Ellen Strachan
* Mellor Family Cup Year 8 Top Academic Student - Caitlin Wilson
* Wallace Family Cup Year 7 Top Academic Student - Rohit Rajaraman
* Hamlet Family Cup A student exemplifying the College motto: 'Vincit qui se vincit' - Nathan Xu
* Huanui College Advisory Board Cup Citizenship and Service to the College and its Community - Jameela McLean Saad
* Class of 2016 Junior Leadership Cup Citizenship and Service to the College and its Community - Kian Naidoo
* The Foundation Principal Bell-Booth Cup Leadership and Dedication to the College - Hayoon Seo
* Whangarei Falls Holiday Park Endeavour Cup - Shaun Prinsloo
* BDO Trophy Best student in Business A level - Laetitia Hamlet
* Belltech Sound Technology Commitment to Sound and Visual Technology - Zac Snushall
* Benton Family Cup Excellence in A Level Mathematics - Oliva Lengyel
* BM Murray Trophy Pursuit of Excellence in Humanities - Laetitia Hamlet
* Boorer Family Science Cup Striving for Excellence in Junior Science - Heather Nichols
* Boorer Marine Science Cup Excellence in Marine Science - Emma Sanders
* Booth Family Cup Excellence in Senior Music - Jack Trubshaw
* Carol Martin Trophy Excellence in Junior Music - Sophie Johnston
* Crichton Family Cup Excellence in Technology - Jayden Himiona
* Debi Walters-Brown Trophy Service to the Arts - Zac Snushall
* Eric Lee-Johnson Cup Excellence in Senior Art - Sue Friend
* G & M Young Senior Diligence - Pippa Benton
* Glenbervie Pottery Gallery Excellence in Intermediate Art Cup - Heather Nichols
* Hales Family Cup Striving for Excellence in Languages (Spanish) - James Fox
* Haverkort Family Trophy Excellence in IGCSE Mathematics - Alyssa Olsen
* Huanui College Duke of Edinburgh - Gold - Pippa Benton
* Huanui College Duke of Edinburgh - Silver - Alyssa Olsen
* Huanui College Duke of Edinburgh - Bronze - Luka Clark
* Huanui College Irwin Cup Excellence in External Dramatic Performance - Lily Harmston
* Huanui College Irwin Cup Excellence in Drama - Maisie McEnery-Lane
* Huanui College Oratory Cup Top Junior Speech Maker - Natalya Newman
* Huanui College Student Council Community Services Trophy - Oliva Lengyel
* Irwin Cup Excellence in English - Pippa Benton
* Irwin Cup The student who read the most number of books during a school year - Natalya Newman
* Lamp of Knowledge Service to School Mathematics Tutoring - James Fox
* Phi Wilson Team Cup - Mixed Collegiate Hockey Team
* Principal's Trophy Junior Diligence - Jacob Urlich
* Problem Solving in Maths Trophy Mathematics - Ryan Smith
* Rockshop Trophy Best Rock Musician or Vocalist - Sam Snushall
* Sanders Cup Junior Community Service - Grace Wiegersma
* Sayes Family Commerce Cup Diligence and Striving for Excellence in A level Business - Hayoon Seo 
* Sayes Family Science Cup Excellence in IGCSE Sciences - Alyssa Olsen
* Shaw Family Cup Striving for Excellence in Junior Mathematics - Ronan Payinda
* Te Huapai Cultural Trophy - Aonui Nathan
* Te Huia Farms Cook Family Senior Horticulture & Agriculture - Campbell Mortimer
* The Andy Thomas Cup A Level Science Cup for Pursuit of Excellence - Oliva Lengyel
* The Bull Family Cup Excellence in Junior Art - Hunter Pirret
* The Codlin Family Trophy Junior Horticulture & Agriculture - Isaac Xie
* The James Henry Cup Outstanding performance at Talent Quest- Juliet Benson-Wright
* The Short Family Cup Champion House - Ngapua
* The Towey Award Excellence in Agriculture - Connan Wiegersma
* Whangarei Construction Award Excellence in Design and Technology - Liam MacMenigall


We are very proud to announce our Head Prefects for 2019

Head Boy - Rufaro Manjala
Head Girl - Pippa Benton
Deputy Head Boy - Jordan Carswell
Deputy Head Girl - Brooke Senescall

Congratulations! We will announce the remainder of our prefects for 2019 upon the return of school next year.


Our Year 10's final excursion for 2018 to complete their DOE Bronze was an expedition to Mimiwhangata for a two - night camp.  Here's what some of our students had to say:

Because we didn’t have to walk with all our gear my group took bacon and sausages for food which was really heavy and hard to keep cold. I also found out bread is not a good thing to take as it is bulky and gets squashed easily. I found a water bladder very beneficial as I could drink at any time and it held more water than a bottle. Next time we are going to take wraps for our lunches because we found out they don't get broken and are easy to slide into your pack (this also means we will have a proper lunch instead of eating lollies all day). I really enjoyed our Mimiwhangata tramp as we were allowed time to go play in the water and around the rocks at the end of the bay. My group and I learnt a few lessons which will mean the silver and gold journeys will be easier in the future to come. We are getting better at choosing what foods to bring and how to pack and carry all our gear. I have realised how much more enjoyable it is to do these walks if you are fit because then you have more time to enjoy the surroundings and walk itself rather than it just been about getting to the next campsite. Where we camped was a really cool place and our supervisor gave us lots of freedom which meant we could all enjoy ourselves and get to know each other even more. All in all, I enjoyed the Mimiwhangata Journey and am looking forward to the journeys to come with such a great group of people. 

We started off with the longest walk known to man; it took 5 minutes! After that, we persevered through the rain and windy weather and we were then rewarded with a beautiful day the next day. We all learned on the 4-hour walk that we may or may not have gotten lost, but we pushed through and got to the end. Throughout this trip, I think everyone learnt a little bit more about each other. What I didn’t like was the seagulls swooping in and stealing the brie from us!

I am going to start having a positive effect on the group if we are in trouble and when map reading I will make sure we are in the right place by using landmarks like rivers lakes or high points. I will definitely take charge as a leader and attempt to read the map lots so I get lots of practice in so I will become a master at map reading. Our journey was lots of fun and eventful and our group learnt multiple valuable lessons such as whenever we get lost if we do get lost, we have to go back to the point where we knew exactly where we were. Our group also learnt to use our surroundings to figure out where we were on the map and where we had to go. Our group has grown as a whole and we have learnt to work together even when we have all lost hope. I look forward to our next Duke of Edinburgh journeys and hope to learn more valuable life lessons. I thoroughly enjoy the Duke of Edinburgh walks and journeys because it is good to get away from the monotony of school and the unenjoyable routines we have to do every day and just relax and be able to take in the beautiful sites of nature we are blessed with. I also love to see parts of New Zealand so I can gain more knowledge about the country I live in.  With all of the knowledge which I gain throughout the Duke Of Edinburgh expeditions and training as well as the qualifications that come with the completion of the expeditions, I am sure that it will take or lead me somewhere in life.

Duke of Ed has proved to be the single greatest character-building experience we all have faced.  Lily was met with severe grass reactions, Lana learned the importance of a trusty stick, the seagulls unearthed the delicacy of fine brie, Aroha realised it takes more than a month of summer for the sea to heat up, and Ayo discovered the most fearsome animal known to mankind: the cow.  


Headed by Ms. Cole, our Arts department has had a small contingent of students working on five pieces of collaborative artwork to be considered for display at the Lower Nelson Street Slip Lane in Auckland.

Special thanks must go the artists themselves and to the supporting teaching staff: Taine Hallberg, Mia Howe, Jess Carswell, Ayo Morrison, Grace Gardner, Helena Newman, Emily Merry, Kala Payinda and Ariya Naidoo – wonderfully led by Ms. Sharon Cole and Mrs. Linda Cook.

We look forward to hearing the outcome.


After a term of group activities, ‘Random Acts of Kindness’, knot tying and ‘Character Strength Spotting’, the Year 7’s had a big day out together. This day is a reward for their fantastic attitudes and work ethos during term time and is designed to push them out of their comfort zone.

The day started with laser tag and ten-pin bowling, followed by a wonderful walk to and from the venue along The Loop with photo competitions along the way. After a quick lunch, the students went to Head’s Up, the downhill all terrain scooter adventure park. Some students were challenged to overcome their fears of height and speed which they did.

An excellent day with excellent students, with a special thanks to the parents and teachers that helped out for the day.


Our Year 9's have, once again, had a fun-filled and memorable trip to Rarotonga.  In the three years that this trip has happened, 2018 certainly was the year of sunshine with some spectacular weather!

Our students exemplified the qualities of our college and worked well with Titikaveka College to continue to make Rarotonga a sustainable island.

Titikaveka College hosted a fundraiser while our college was there to raise funds so that their students can come to New Zealand next year where we will reciprocate as hosts.

Whangarei A & P Show New Zealand Young Farmers Rural Challenge

We had 8 teams enter this year's event which was by far the most teams we have entered to date.

This event is a great warmup to the TeenAg and AgriKids events which are being held next year in Wellsford on Saturday 16 March 2019. Our students did exceptionally well and we look forward to watching their progress in 2019.

AgriKids (8 - 13 years) 2nd - Ross Haverkort, Niko Firth, Taron Snowsill; 3rd - Craven Whitehead, Jade Dauth, Brandon Chuter

TeenAg (13 - 18 years) 1st - Jack Haverkort and Callum Gardner; 2nd - Isla Adams and Jacob Urlich

We will be having our Huanui College Ag Team event on the 12 March 2019. If you have any grand ideas for challenges the students can complete on the day, please contact Mr. Towey

Year 7 Spanish made Piñatas in term 4 which they had the fun job of breaking open!



Huanui College would like to ask all returning 2019 students to complete the attached document  This is only an indication of interest at this stage, further information will be sent to you on the specific codes you wish to know more about. Please contact Donna Newman if you have any questions –
Complete here
2018 was a development year for our Lacrosse Team. We had a squad of about 14 players from Years 7 – 11 and what a great season it was. We competed in three official games against Whangaparaoa College, Pinehurst College, and Dargaville High.  Even though we only won one game, it was still really good for our skills and also for learning new skills from the more experienced players. We all had our own sticks and balls, which meant we could practice at home and on Friday lunchtimes.
It was an encouraging surprise to become the current holders of the “Northland Lacrosse Trophy”. Whangarei Girls were unable to respond to our challenge this year, so handed us the trophy at the end of the season. Last year our junior team beat their junior team, so now the challenge is there for us to defend it in 2019.

Sharon Cole - Lacrosse Coach
Continuing on from previous years Huanui College entered six teams at the beginning of Term 1 and again in Term 4 to participate in the Whangarei Netball Centre’s Fast 5 tournament. The games are held over a six week period, one prior to and one after the netball season.
Each team is made up of a mixture of male and female Year 7 to Year 13 current students, past students, teachers, staff, family, and friends. It has been an awesome way to get to know people in our school community and for the younger students to realise that the older students aren’t so scary after all!!
It’s been so much fun and a great way to keep fit and it has been great to be able to continue to play the game I love. Huanui College is always well represented in the number of teams entered and the sideline support we get.
Brooke Senescall - Year 12


It's always good to see our students outside at lunchtime enjoying the sunshine. Thanks to the HC Friends & Family group, our students can now play outdoor volleyball at intervals and for P.E.

Some of our Y10 girls teamed up with a group of Y7 girls to compete against the Y10 boys.

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Once again, our students donned their gumboots and mucked in at our last week of school for our annual Good Sorts' Day. Year 7, 8 & 10 students were given various tasks and activities to be involved in including gardening, painting, car washing, classroom cleaning as well as visiting and completing tasks at Glenbervie Primary, Puke Kopipi planting (Ngunguru), North Haven Hospice, Puriri Court, Pehiaweri Marae, The Palms, Surf-lifesaving Ruakaka, and Glenbervie Pottery.

As part of our Positive Education programme at Huanui College, our Year 7 & 8 students were asked who their 'good sort' was and why. These good sorts were then invited to join us for morning tea and share why they were selected. The Northern Advocate visited and have done a great story on the day

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Umpiring is getting a face-lift with the introduction of two new officials for Northland cricket grades.

Harrison Syers from Huanui College and Ethan Hare from WBHS are the latest to join Northland's umpiring ranks after both were awarded scholarships from Northern Districts Cricket to be paid out over three years to pursue cricket umpiring.

The teenagers had played cricket for about nine years but their venture into umpiring came from wanting to stay connected with the game.

"It's just about being involved in the game. If you're going to stop playing, [umpiring] is a way to stay in the game, you're involved every ball," Syers said.

The pair had just come back from umpiring at the Northern Districts primary schoolboys tournament after first starting in August this year. The boys said their experience playing cricket gave them the ability to perform well.

Full article in the NZ Herald
Rohit Rajaraman passed his ABRSM Grade 4 Piano exam with Merit. Well done Rohit, hopefully, next year you will share your talents at our Showcase 2019.

On Wednesday 26th of September, I was in Opua along with 11 other people getting on a tall ship called the R. Tucker Thompson for a week-long voyage that I will never forget.
When we arrived at the wharf the members of the R. Tucker Thompson Trust greeted us with open arms and wide smiles. Once everyone arrived we were allowed onto the ship to put our bags on our bunks and return up on the deck where the captain, Tim, gave us a general itinerary of where we were going to be for the trip.
We sat around the helm and told each other our names and one thing that we liked to do. We then set sail to Moturua Island and anchored in one of its bays where we went ashore and played some ice-breaker games and walked around the island. That night we anchored at Pipi Bay and we were introduced to “class”, which is where we learnt one or two things related to sailing like the “road rules” of the sea. This was also where we wrote down in our books where we were longitude, latitude, wind speed/direction, seabed type, depth, weather, the date, a goal for tomorrow, and a recount of what we did today. It was fun because even though I knew what they were it was really cool to see them applied in a practical environment.
The next morning we were introduced to another tradition in the R. Tucker Thompson, the morning dip in the ‘quite refreshing’ Pacific Ocean. Let's just say that it definitely woke you up at 7 am! We then did our daily chores like cleaning the toilet, scrubbing the deck, polishing all the brassware on the ship and mopping and sweeping below deck. After that, we went above deck to learn how to handle lines and what they do. It was really fun learning what all the lines do and how to use them. We then motored out to Deep Water Cove and had a snorkel. There were heaps of snapper and other marine life to look at. Afterward, we went to Urupukapuka Island and were introduced to another tradition: 30 minutes of silence. It’s basically just 30 mins of self-reflection on the day we just had. Sometimes it was boring and sometimes it was cool. Then we played hide and go seek and some other sports games on the beach before going back and anchoring at Pipi Bay for class and dinner. 
We hoisted the sails for the first time the next morning and sailed over to the Twin Lagoons Island where some of us went snorkelling and some of us went for a short walk up a hill to an overlook with an amazing view. It was like you were flying in a helicopter over the Bay of Islands. We then put up the mainsail as well as the foresail and sailed out to the Hole in the Rock. While we were sailing five or six dolphins decided to accompany us for a good 500 metres which was really cool because dolphins don’t usually swim alongside a ship for that long. Once we arrived at the Hole in the Rock we dropped the little dinghy called the ‘Tender’ into the water and went through the Hole and into the cave beside it. That was really cool because I have never been through it and it’s amazing how the arch hasn’t fallen down yet. We then rounded Cape Brett and sailed down the beautiful Northland coastline and anchored just off Mimiwhangata Beach. We walked the beach for 30 minutes of silence and played some games on the beach. When we got back to the ship we moved to a more sheltered anchoring spot and had dinner.
The next day our skipper, Tim, decided that we would spend the night at the Poor Knights, so we hoisted the sails and it took us most of the day to get there. When we got to the Poor Knights the first thing you noticed was how untouched the land is. This might have something to do with the fact that the land is sacred to Maori and you might get cursed if you set foot on it. We then found a good sheltered place to anchor and spent the night there.
A little bit before dinner Nathaniel, a trainee, Eloise, A crewmember, and I were above deck. Eloise was filming the bird calls coming from all around us. We were all sitting around a light that Tim had set up for us, then out of the blue a random bird comes and tries to land on me! After a brief skirmish, Eloise managed to release the bird which had managed to get stuck on the boat.
The next day we dropped the Tender in the water and prepared to have a mid-morning snorkel.  This was my favourite part of the trip. I’m not sure if any of you have been snorkelling at the Poor Knights, but if you have you’ll know what I’m talking about. There’s just so many fish and sea life to watch and it was just extraordinary and an experience I will never forget.  The Poor Knights just blows everything out of proportion. There is so many different types of fish, from tropical fish to the classical snappers. From there we hoisted the sails and had an uneventful but relaxing sail down the beautiful Tutukaka coastline.  
The next day we hung anchor and hoisted almost every sail on the boat, we were ready for the voyage down to the Whangarei Harbour. When we rounded Whangarei Heads we could see our night anchorage - Smuggler’s Cove.  Once we had anchored we boarded the Tender, then landed at the beach and prepared for the walk up Mount Lion. Let’s just say the walk has quite a steep gradient and a lot of stairs. After that, we returned to the ship, had a cruisy afternoon, had dinner and hit the hay.
On the last day, we woke up, had a swim and were briefed on the massive clean-up we had to do. We had to wash the storage cubbies out above deck and wash every single surface below deck. Once we had finished that we hoisted the mainsail and sailed into Marsden Cove and were greeted by our families. There we had a presentation where we were given certificates saying we completed our voyage and Tim gave the families a short recount on what happened during the voyage. We said our goodbyes and left the boat and went back to our various homes.
Jacob Urlich – Year 10
Letter from Alumni student Tobias de Ridder .............

I was fortunate to be chosen as the cover photo for the 2019 STAR Distance courses brochure.

The University of Canterbury STAR is offering over 30 courses, ranging from Antarctic Studies to Russian, that may give that extra push needed to motivate and challenge students.  It also gives a good insight into what to expect from university and may make the transition easier and less daunting for anxious students.
To use myself as an example, I did MATH199, a combination of two entry maths papers, commonly taken in your first year for many BSc's and all BE's.  Not only did it run alongside the maths I was learning in A2, but it also extended that little bit further, increasing my interest to see where the subject would lead at the university.
I'm not sure if this is the case for all STAR Courses, but I also got a $5000 scholarship for ranking in the top 15 out of 80 participants in MATH199, yet another incentive to try STAR.

If you're worried about having to spend resources on STAR, don't be. It is fully funded and done fully by correspondence with weekly interaction with an academic based at UC.

If you're worried about it narrowing choice in university, don't be. I'm sure you remember Brady Woolston, he did MATH199 along with me and moved the credits he got over to UoA.
Kind regards,
Link to UC STAR Courses:
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Job Vacancy - Office Administrator at Huanui College

We have a vacancy for a professional, motivated person to work in the front office 4 days a week, 8:15 am - 3:30 pm during school terms only, starting Monday, 21st January 2019.

We are seeking someone who can meet the needs of parents, students, and teachers, and work unsupervised. The desirable applicant is friendly and customer service driven, able to problem solve and is computer literate, (skills in Microsoft Word and Excel essential, with the ability to learn our SMS system). There will be a wide variety of tasks typical of a busy school office, so prioritising and initiative are important qualities.

If you are interested please reply in writing with references to Tracey McNamara.   Applications close 8 January 2019.
Venn Gifts

Purchase any Venn Gift box, enter the promo code:Huanui20, and Venn Gifts will donate $20 of the purchase price back to Huanui College.

Towey's Eggs now for sale at Huanui front office
$6 per dozen
Laid by healthy happy hens, 100% free range and MPI certified
Relay for Life - Enter Here
The Sistema Whangarei music programme is taking new children in January 2019. The date for the new intake is 21 January.  This is the first day of our January Holiday Programme.  Because it is a progressive programme, new children need to attend this holiday programme to be able to continue with the programme.  If your child cannot make it this time, we will have another intake on July 15th of the July Holiday Programme.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Sam Winterton on 0274 343 967. 

If you have not heard of the Sistema Whangarei music programme please check our website: or our Facebook page:  SistemaWhangarei.   Or feel free to contact us.  Michelle 028 258 20770  Sam  0274 343 967    Have a great summer!

Piano / Keyboard Lessons

Please contact Carol Martin Phone 021 837 740 or 437 7401 for further information.

Guitar Lessons

If your child is interested in guitar lessons please contact
Phone 0273 832 633

"I have been teaching guitar at Huanui College since it opened. This has been very rewarding for both myself and my students. I am available for guitar lessons during 2018 and I look forward to starting lessons soon!" - David Meredith
Hell Pizza - delivered to school EVERY MONDAY lunchtime
New menu for Term 4 2018
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