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Summer is just 17 days away, but it feels like it's here already! We had a hot and sunny week in Granville, with temperatures hitting at least 80º in the field every day. With so many crops going in the ground during a dry hot spell, we know that irrigation is a crucial task. We set up our irrigation system over the weekend so we'd be ready for the weather. To carry water from our pump on the bank of the Mettowee River all the way up to the field, we use 4" interlocking aluminum pipes (30ft each). We had the water going daily on everything that got planted-  6,000(!) sweet potato plants, thousands of leeks, salad, lettuce, and spinach, plus plenty of beds of direct-seeded crops. The combination of water and heat gets everything off to a strong start.
New this week we have Napa cabbage, a crisp, crunchy, delicious Asian cabbage that is great for salad, stir fry, braising, or even on a sandwich or taco. We will be offering loads of fresh cut salad mix, heaps of kale, and a great variety of root crops for you at the market, so come visit our stand!
There is a special event going on in Saratoga tonight from 5-7:30pm. The Saratoga Farmers Market is hosting a Farm Fest Friday at the market pavilions on High Rock Ave.  There will be music, dancing, food tasting, and fun for children and adults, and of course we'll be there too. If you are looking for a fun way to enjoy a beautiful evening, look no further! See more info here
Check out some images from this week's events on Fresh Take Farm:
Top left - Our young laying hens are about to go out on pasture to scratch for bugs and bask in the sun until they reach full size. Top right - Our rye crop, which protected the field over winter, kept down weeds in the spring, and contributes organic matter for the soil, is being bailed up for organic straw. The straw is high quality, seed-free ground cover that helps to block weeds and return carbon to the soil. Bottom left - Seed potato being cut and sorted, ready to plant our for this year's crop! Bottom right - Irrigating our onions and leeks which were being scorched on a hot Saturday afternoon.
This week I'm featuring a recipe from our website. Kale salad is great for any time of the year, but something about this sweet, crunchy salad seems perfect for a meal on a hot spring day. 

Kale Salad with Apple and Cheddar

This is a delicious salad that can be made with bunched kale or baby kale, great any time of the year. Experiment with different toppings and adapt this recipe as you see fit! Kale is loaded with nutrients and is very healthy raw and cooked.

  • 1 bunch kale, stems removed or 1 bag baby kale
  • 1/2 a crisp apple, shredded (I like Gala)
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • toasted almonds or walnuts (optional and delicious)
  • apple cider vinaigrette
    • 3 tbs extra virgin olive oil
    • 3 tbs lemon juice
    • 1 tbs apple cider vinegar
    • 1 tbs pure, local honey
    • small pinch of salt

For vinaigrette, combine ingredients and whisk until blended. If using bunched kale, chop the de-stemmed leaves roughly, if not skip that step. Add the vinaigrette then massage the kale leaves with your finger tips until they soften and become less coarse. If using mature kale, this salad is best rested overnight so the vinaigrette can soften and penetrate the leaves. With baby kale, rest for at least an hour but not necessarily overnight. Before serving, toss with shredded apple and cheese, then top with toasted nuts.

That's all for this week. There's plenty more to share, so if you're curious about what else is new or have any questions for your farmer, come chat with us in Saratoga or Glens Falls this weekend! Hope to see you soon.


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