Hurry! Indigo is grown!


I hope you had a wonderful restful summer. One of the highlights of my summer was Yoga on a padding board at Heart Lake in Chelmsford, MA. I of course fell in water! It was a part of fun. I look forward to hearing your stories in classes.

Early this week I got an Indigo Alert from Mary and her husband John who have been kindly growing indigo in her farm in Barre, MA for me. The plants are grown fully and need to be harvested NOW! This year's hot & humid summer is favorable to indigo plants. I will have an emergency Indigo workshop next Monday in addition to the workshop on 22nd which I have planned. Please see below for the details and other important events. 

I also want people to know that I have an online sign up calendar for the first time trial classes on my website. Please tell friends who are interested in the trial session.


Fresh Indigo Leaves Dye Workshop

Emergency Workshop Sep. 10th(Mon)1-3:30pm & 22nd (Sat.) 3:30-6:00 pm 
Current students $35 General $50 incl. a silk scarf  Limited to 8

Payment will reserve your slot. Notice:the cancellation fee $20 will apply by the day before and non refundable on that day. 

Please wear a painting cloths with shoes. I have gloves unless you like blue nails.

We will pick leaves from stems and use them for dyeing a silk scarf. You may prepare for shibori effect with plastic cords and rubber bands. You will witness the change of the color of the dye from Matcha green to teal. It doesn't require any mordant because indigo is a particle dye which bonds to fabric right away.

I will prepare silk and wool yarn for purchasing on 22nd.
I ask you additional cost $10 for a scarf size of weight (around 5-6oz) for that extra dyeing material when you bring or/and buy.

I am not sure how dark cotton will dye with the fresh leaves but if you like to experiment, please bring yarn after washing them to be ready for dyeing. Silk or Wool is better as I understand. Synthetic materials won't get any dye.


October 6th (Sat) 3:30-5:30p
Free, Open to public, Light refreshment will be served

This is a show and tell gathering to all. Please bring your recent & not-so-recent work to share. People get inspired from everyone who has a own journey of creating a piece. Don't hesitate to show even your first piece.

Also, this is a good public event for people who want to check the studio and find out about SAORI weaving. Please invite your families and friends. 


stART on the Street

September 16th(Sun) 11am-6pm, Rain date 23rd

This is one of the largest craft, arts & music festival in New England. When I attended it at the first stART, it was a small fun festival on Main st. Now it grew so much that it attracts more than 4000 people. 

This will be on Park Ave. between Highland and Pleasant St. If you like, you may park at my driveway and walk from there. There will be more than 200 artists, many stage performances, food and more. Please stop by at my booth with your families and friends!

As usual, I will  set up my own booth and a demonstration booth which will invite people (mostly children but not limited to) to weave a bracelet. I need many volunteer weavers to coach people. Please let me know if you can help me for a couple of hours during 11-6. Many students who have helped me in the past told me how much they enjoyed teaching children to weave. It is our contribution to the community with something we enjoy. And hope some of them join the studio in future.


Japan Tour
The 8th SAORI Weaving Study and Friendship Tour in 2018

Oct. 12-22th Tokyo to North (Touhoku region)


It will be a unique trip that people experience Japanese traditional and contemporary culture. It includes staying at a historical Buddhist Zen temple (Dairyuji) in Oga, Akita  and homestay in Tokyo area at a SAORI weaver's home. I am an experienced coordinator, a guide and a translator. I will create the tour together with tour members as well to make the experience richer and deeper. 
I know it is a last minute call but I can take a couple of more people for the tour. If you decide to join us. please let me know ASAP. My mother and Japanese friends will also join us for a part of the tour. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.

Next one in 2019 will be in May. The tentative dates are May 14th-28th in Osaka, Kyoto, Yufuin, Himeji. 


Breaking News!

I was awarded the grant for SAORI Bridge Project 2020 by Greater Worcester Community Foundation!


This is a special grant called Creative Spark Grant. I am one of 11 individuals and organizations awarded. It was in the news here.

In this project not only I ask individuals and broader SAORI community for contributing woven banners, I will visit various organizations which serves marginalized people in the community such as Mustard Seed Catholic Worker (a soup kitchen), Southeast Asian Coalition of Central Massachusetts, Stone Soup (a collective of artists and activists), Pleasant St. Neighborhood Network Center, and Muslim Community Link to make their collective banners. Each workshop will encourage people to  express their creativity, and weave their voices, prayers, hopes and their emotions These banners will represent who they are. The collective of all different banners represent the beauty and harmony of the world, which I hope, will be a window for people in the community to discuss about social justice. 

Then I started dreaming of it as a traveling show. If you have a good location in your area and find a good grant/ funding sources to invite me for this exhibition, I will be happy to travel all over the world to install it. If this inspire you or if you get some idea related with this, please contact me.

Although the installation will be in summer of 2020, I will start planning the strategy to announce the call for artists and volunteers this fall. I will be happy to receive your message if you are intent to submit a banner or help this project in any way you can.



Loom in Essence 2018

The 3rd Loom in Essence will be in December, 2018 at Sprinkler Factory Gallery.

This time I strongly encourage people to submit work for sale. I accept up to 2 pieces of non-sale items per person, however, I ask you to mark your work for sale. It is a great opportunity to share your love and creative skill in public. If it is not marked for sale, nobody will think about obtain it but if it is available, someone might get it since it will be a holiday season. I will take some magin as a marketing and managing fee but Sprinkler Factory Gallery won't charge anything for sales. This is our studio show for anyone who took my classes to showcase the work.

I plan to have a fashion shows at the opening, and special workshops during the month. The opening date is not determined yet but probably on 7th (Fri) or 8th (Sat.). More information is coming soon...


Other News and Thoughts...

-Bathroom installation
Unfortunately since there were many obstacles, it has not been moving forward yet. I am working hard to make it happen very soon.

-Seed to Fashion
We have been having a great time every month with dyeing and spinning. At the workshop in Sep. we will dye yarn and in Oct. we will weave a scarf! Can't wait to see. Please follow me on Facebook or Instagram (SAORI Worcester) for the pictures.

My former stuff Annie Paquette will be back soon and will stay until early Dec. I hope she will cover some of the classes during the Japan tour in Oct. So if you want to see her, check out her class in a week or so. 

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