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#CastingCall : Need a male actor in 40's that is Taller Than 5'2 tomorrow for a shoot about domestic abuse.
Main Role - Non-Paid Position

Date & Time Needed:
October 24, 2017 from 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Role: Father or Step-Father

Scene: Flashback of the main girl remembering her witness her father/step-father physically abusing her mother.

Location: South Side of Allentown Near the South Mall

Age: 40's to Mid 40's

Race: Preferably Caucasian, if not we can have them play the role of the step-father.

Height: Over 5'2

The person who will be chosen will have to sign a model release form the day of the shoot. Please contact Luis Bardales Jr. (Producer/Director) at (484)-505-6549 or email us at

Music Video Treatment:

AV3 walks in at a party and finds a girl sitting by herself at a table staring at around at everyone having fun. We find out later in the video that she recently got out of a domestic abuse relationship and her ex is at the same party. Her ex is getting drunk and flirting with girls, paying no attention to her as if nothing has happened. Ariel approaches the girl and starts talking to her about knowing her worth. Throughout the video, we witness flashbacks of the girl’s life.

In the first verse it focuses on revealing the issue. Ariel sits down to talk to her about it and she is witness her boyfriend getting drunk and flirting with other girls. Then it will flashback when she was a little girl witnessing her mother getting abused by her father. She witnesses how her mother would obey her father and never call for help, because she was too scared. She would even see her mother, with a bruise in her eye, telling her to hush when she would cry, so no one would call the cops.
From the first hook to the second verse, it will be a flashback of when she first meets her abusive boyfriend. It shows that they had a great relationship, until certain red flags become apparent that start showing his abusive side in the second verse. The first red flag would be when he starts asking for nudes through snapchat. Then he gets mad that she wouldn’t send them and starts verbally harassing her. The second red flag, would be when he sees her talking to another dude and confronts her after by shoving her asking her “who was that?” The third red flag is the first time the abuse happens. She is looking at herself in the mirror with her face bruised. It reminded her of the previous flashback of her mother.
Eventually AV3 convinces the girl to leave the party with him and as she is walking out her ex notices them. AV3 walking her out while he is behind her, symbolizes her leaving her past behind and coming out of the darkness. Her ex then confronts them outside while the party is still going on. The ex spins AV3 around and punches him in the face knocking him to the ground.
During the bridge & last hooks, it can be a fighting scene between AV3 and the ex. They are throwing punches at each other and rolling around on the floor. It looks like AV3 is winning, until the ex gets on top of him and starts throwing punches. Then AV3 grabs a stray beer bottle (sugar bottle) that was left on the lawn and cracks in the ex’s head. He is dazed, but that is still not enough to stop him. Another girl from the party who witnessed the situation pepper sprays him on the face. Then a group of girls start kicking and hitting him chasing the ex away in the darkness. The girl is laying on the floor with bruises looking over at her ex getting chased away and then looks the opposite way and sees AV3 smiling at her, but he is no longer bruised or has scars on his face. Then as flashbacks go through in her head she realizes she was holding the bottle and it was her fighting her ex one last time. Then Ariel fades away as he smiles and the song ends…

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