Tips to Keep Your Produce Fresh
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Keeping Veggies Fresh.

As a member, I know that you all value fresh food, and that's what we love to provide!  Still it doesn't hurt to practice some of these techniques to make sure your produce is the freshest it can be.
  • Some fruits and veggies produce a gas called ethylene as they ripen. This gas can prematurely ripen foods that are sensitive to it, so keep ethylene-producing foods away from ethylene-sensitive foods. Avocados, bananas, cantaloupes, mangoes, and tomatoes, for example, should be stored in a different place than your carrots, leafy greens, and watermelon. 
  • Keep potatoes, onions, and tomatoes in a cool, dry place, but not in the fridge. The cold will ruin their flavor
  • Store salad greens and fresh herbs in bags filled with a little air and sealed tightly.
  • Other types of produce such as carrots, lettuce, and broccoli start to spoil as soon as they're picked, so place these in separate plastic baggies in the crisper in your fridge ASAP (make sure they're dry since moisture speeds up spoiling).
  • Avoid washing berries until right before you're ready to eat them. Wetness encourages mold growth.
  • If you like to wash, dry, and cut your fruits and veggies all at once, store them in covered glass containers lined in paper towels. You'll not only be able to see them — which reminds you to eat them — but you'll also be keeping moisture out.
I hope you find these tips useful and as always, enjoy this week's bag!

Matt Johnson
CEO, Oahu Fresh
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