Farming First is partnering with the World Food Prize Foundation to bring you the latest from the World Food Prize’s Borlaug Dialogue! Day Two of the conference saw the focus on nutrition, innovation and food security. Read on for the highlights.


Borlaug Field Award Winner Named as Dr. Salma Sultana of Bangladesh
Dr. Salma Sultana, Founder and Chairman of the Model Livestock Advancement Foundation, has been recognized for her innovative model providing veterinary outreach, treatment and education to thousands of small-scale farmers in Bangladesh. She founded Bangladesh’s first vocational training institute to educate hundreds of livestock service providers and create sustainable employment opportunities, especially for women and young people.
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Day Two Themes: Innovation for Improved Nutrition
Day Two speakers discussed the role of food systems in delivering safe, affordable, and nutritious food year round, including how various diets can help respond to nutrition gaps -- especially among vulnerable populations. The Food Systems Dashboard workshop explored the tool's offerings, with four contest winners demonstrating their creative uses of the Dashboard, while participants in the IGNITE Gender Diagnostic Tool workshop trialled the platform to assess the performance of a sample organisation.
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New! Watch our Post-Event Round-Up from Day Two
Farming First caught up with Donald Gee, one of the 2019 Borlaug-Ruan International Interns and an engineering student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, to discuss Day Two highlights from the 2020 Borlaug Dialogue.
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img Editor's Pick
Farming First's top picks of news and content from the 2020 Borlaug Dialogue.
Moving Beyond Food Security - the Next 50 Years of Agriculture

CropLife International and the Global Farmer Network's virtual side event involved a roundtable in which participants explored what the next 50 years of agriculture may look like. The sector's crucial role in delivering not only on food and nutrition security but also on the broader Sustainable Development Goals was highlighted, with the need for farmer-centred approaches and innovation leading the way.
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Priority Areas Towards Sustainable Agriculture in Africa

Africa's food systems are rapidly changing due to population growth, climate change, and globalized markets, among other pressing issues. Yesterday, a side event featuring representatives from African and international research organisations investigated priority areas that need to be addressed to ensure agriculture contributes positively to sustainable food systems on the continent.
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Innovation and Collaboration to Support "One CGIAR"

In a webinar hosted by CGIAR, participants discussed innovations from CGIAR’s four centres in the Americas, where the partnership has its roots. The participants also explored how cross-centre collaboration supports each centre's innovation work during its ongoing reform towards a more unified structure, referred to as "One CGIAR".
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img In the news
Des Moines Register
World Food Prize: Al Gore Says Farmers Can Make Money with Practices That Sequester Carbon
Speaking as part of a virtual roundtable at the Borlaug Dialogue, Gore said the world needs to stop using the Earth's atmosphere as an "open sewer" for carbon emissions.
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Scienmag Science Magazine
Uneven Agricultural Productivity Growth Raises Concerns in a Time Of Pandemics
The 2020 Global Agricultural Productivity Report raises concerns about the resilience of our agricultural systems in the face of pandemic-scale outbreaks.
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The News Chronicle
Take Profitable Opportunities in Agriculture Sector, Expert Urges Nigerians
Dr. Kenton Dashiell of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture is encouraging Nigerians to take up sustainable opportunities in agriculture.
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Yahoo! Finance
Corteva Agriscience to Participate in 2020 Borlaug Dialogue at the World Food Prize
James C. Collins, Jr., CEO and Neal Gutterson, CTO of Corteva Agriscience, will participate in two panel discussions at the virtual 2020 Borlaug Dialogue.
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img Farming First TV
The video interviews below all shine a light on the importance of nutrition and how food systems can contribute.
Focusing in on Nutrition and Farmer Livelihoods
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Innovations in African Agriculture
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Putting Nutrition on the Table in Zambia
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Photo credit: World Food Prize, Unsplash, Des Moines Register, Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, The News Chronicle, Corteva Agriscience


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