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October Newsletter

JRT Changes

A new JRT is now available in the document library on the website. Please download and use for all of your future applications.
Any job submitted with an old JRT for pre-retrofit approval after October 30th will not be accepted. Jobs submitted for post-retrofit approval will continue to be accepted if the job was sold or work begun prior to October 17. Here are four important changes:

1. Rounding changes:

For measures that are calculated by the square foot (attic insulation, air sealing, and windows), the rebate calculations more closely reflect the actual sqft. For instance, if you install new insulation in a 1348 sqft attic, then the rebate will be $1348, not $1300 as previously paid. If you install 240 sqft of windows the rebate will be $720, not $675 as previously paid. (Please refer to the new JRT for exact calculations for each measure.)
Screenshot of new rounding in the JRT

2. More flexibility with multiple equipment:

The JRT can now handle jobs where multiples of the same kind of HVAC equipment is installed or multiple T-Stats are installed. Previously the JRT could only handle multiple equipment if they were of a different type. For example a split central A/C and a mini-split. 
Screenshot of multiple equipment options in the JRT

3. T-Stat limits:

A max three smart T-stats can be claimed for $75 each and up to $225.  

4. Five-measure bonus change:

The new JRT will now count a new HVAC system and smart T-stat as one measure. Jobs with standalone T-Stat upgrades will continue to count as one measure towards the bonus. 
Sheetshot of five measure bonus in JRT

Keep up the Quality of jobs

The SMUD HPP program is based on delivering high performance results for our customers. We are seeing contractors using older technologies when more efficient options are available. Recently we are seeing a trend to:

Install 80% efficient furnaces:

We strongly advise against using 80% efficient gas furnaces and suggest that all gas furnaces are installed as sealed combustion to reduce the potential for back drafting into conditioned space. This is a serious concern when the furnace is inside the building footprint.

Upsizing A/C:

Home Performance upgrades such as air sealing and duct sealing combined with tight duct systems and insulation improvements drastically reduce heating and cooling loads. We are seeing jobs that upsize the A/C and quoting “as per load calc” This raises red flags, as proper load calculations most often result in A/C downsizing.

Recessed Can Lighting Clarification

There has been some confusion about the program’s requirement concerning can lights and attic insulation. The program does not require IC/AT rated fixtures under with attic insulation. Prefabricated boxes and other industry accepted practices are acceptable.
If you find other program requirements that are out of line with acceptable industry practices, please ask for an exception or clarification.
If you find a conflict with SMUD provided, hand out, quick guide, or any other program documentations, the contractors handbook is the final reference. If it is not clear to you, please feel free to contact us and ask for clarification.

Homeowner Emails Needed

A big shout-out to the contractors who are constantly providing customer emails on the JRTs. SMUD is asking for all contractors to please provide homeowners e-mails when submitting projects. Not including e-mail information may slow down your rebate processing. Thank you! 

Home Performance with Energy Star

On October 5th we sent out an announcement regarding your ability to use the Home Performance with Energy Star logo on your website and marketing materials. If you are a participating SMUD contractor who performs test-ins on your jobs you qualify for the HPwES program. Please take advantage of these valuable marketing materials and use them to promote your company’s commitment to quality and energy savings.
For more information about using the HPwES logo and marketing materials visit

Multi-Unit Rebates (condos, duplex, etc.)

It has recently come to our attention that the SMUD system treats multi-unit projects as one unit if the owner name for the premise is the same on all units.  The system identifies the same homeowner for all addresses and treats it as one address and one rebate.   
To avoid this problem, please submit a JRT for each address and realize that the system will only pay a homeowner one check per week. This might add time to the rebate payout to your customer. When doing multi-unit projects please inform your clients in advance of the potential of a longer payout period.

We Need More Volume If You Want the Program to Continue

Rebate programs depend on volume to offset costs. If contractor submissions drop off significantly the program may not be viable and could be terminated. Your participation is critical to continue to justify the costs associated with providing these incentives.
The SMUD HPP Program is committed to reducing energy for its customers and depends on you, the participating contractor. Please keep SMUD HPP in mind for all your retrofit jobs.

We are Here to Help

In closing, we would like to add that we are here to support you and make the program effective. If you have concerns or questions do not hesitate to contact us directly. Please let us know how we can help.

SMUD HPP Support:
Stacy Drake 
510-788-0463 or 510-403-1956
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1250 Addison Street, Suite 211-B
Berkeley, CA 94702

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