Laugher, love and women are a powerful combination. And if a book filled with these does not get your endorphins going, nothing will.

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I am totally in love with British authors. I love that they write so poetically, intensely and yes, I also like that they spell colour correctly ;)

On a serious note though, these are three fantastic light romances that every lesbian should read. It should be one of those rights of passage for al lesbians everywhere and if you don’t read these then you should have to give back your toaster oven.

All I Want For Christmas by Clare Lydon

As Christmas comes hurtling towards us, I start to feel all warm and mushy. I love Christmas, but after reading this novel I am pretty sure that Lydon has me beat in that department.

This is the novel that made me crown Lydon as the queen of lesbian rom/com. It is utterly charming and has some of the funniest lesbian moments that I have ever read.  

This is the story of Tori and Holly, best friends who discover that the world of lesbian dating may not be as easy as they thought when, exactly one month before Christmas, Tori decides that she wants a girlfriend for Christmas.

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PS, if you enjoy this one, you will be thrilled to know that Lydon has a whole series that follows Holly and Tori’s adventures

Lost In The Starlight by Kiki Archer

I would be hard pressed to choose a favourite romantic lesfic, but this one is right up there. It is the story of Honey Diamond, world famous singer who has never longed for anything except perhaps the chance at love.

When she meets a journalist who is doing an exclusive interview with her there is a spark between them. But things are inevitably not quite that simple and this delightful rom com will have you laughing ‘till you cry and when you close the book you will wish you could go on the ride again because it was so much fun.


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PS, If you enjoy this one you should absolutely check out her novel Too Late, I Love you - it’s equally charming


Poppy Jenkins by Clare Ashton

Poppy Jenkins is the woman that everyone loves. She is the town’s most charming member and lives a quaint life with her parents, grandmother and sister. 

Life is cosy and not very complicated until her best friend from childhood comes back to town and opens a whole lot of unanswered and confusing questions.

This book will see you laughing, cringing and cheering as the two women battle to find common ground in the small town that they found so different while growing up.

Ashton is a genius. She writes so beautifully that I can weep.

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PS, If you enjoy this novel then you should also check out her other romance That Certain Something - it made my top 10 list


I dare you not to enjoy every single one of these books - and if you have already read them then try the ones in the PS - they are just so gorgeous.

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