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SPRING 2015 Newsletter
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Newsletter Editors: Roseann Mandell & Geoff Stern,
The Colonial Belgian Tervuren Fanciers gathered for our "end of winter walk"
at Borderland State Park in Easton, Massachusetts on Sunday, April 12th.
The weather was perfect (in the 60s) and a welcome break from our winter.
The trails were remarkable dry.  We had a wonderful time - all the dogs were
well behaved as we welcomed three new puppies into the group (Santee with
Elizabeth, Blast with Marsha and Kaboom with Karen).
We met at Chez Davito after the three mile walk for Pizza and a club
meeting.  Thanks Karen, for your continuing hospitality!  What a perfect
outing!  Great people, great dogs and wonderful weather!

Future events were discussed at the meeting - a combined CBTF and BBTC
herding fun day at Two Shadows Farm on June 28th, the very popular "all
Belgian training party" at Canine Mastery (late September, early October),
and the possibility of a "barn hunt" seminar in January 2016.
John Amsden

A meeting of the members of the Colonial Belgian Tervuren Fanciers was held on 12 April 2015, in Foxborough, MA.  The following members were present: John and Sue Amsden, Nadia Innes, Maureen Gonzalez, Marsha Kruse, Bernie Westerveld, Karen Davito, and Lisa Hayes.
President Sue Amsden called the meeting to order at 1:55 pm.
Secretary’s Report: None.
Treasurer’s Report: 
There are 24 current memberships.  2 members have not paid since last year even with John’s gentle reminders.   He will not pursue their membership payments anymore.
Old Business:
There was an event planning discussion for 2015.  Confirmed event dates will be emailed out to all members.  Here are the confirmed and provisional dates for this year:
28 Jun 2015:  Herding Fun Day at Two Shadows Farm, New Braintree, MA.
  • Joint venture with the BBTC.
  • Colleen Cody send out flyer beforehand with all the particulars.
  • There will probably be a fee per dog.  It’s been $25/dog in the past.
  • Both Sheep and Ducks will be on offer.
Sep 2015: Training Party at Canine Mastery in Seekonk, MA
  • John Amsden in favor of using Canine Mastery again this year.
  • Wants to make the date before the BBTC Specialty.
  • Conformation, Nose Work, and Obedience being offered.
  • Self-directed agility was suggested.
  • Sue Amsden suggested getting the date set ASAP.
New Business:
Jan 2016: January Event
  • Barn Hunt Fun Day suggested by Nadia Innes.
  • Nadia will check into this.  Possible venue available in Rowley, MA.
The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club approached the CBTF to let us know that they are having a Conformation Match in Granby, CT on 10 Oct 2015.  We are welcome to attend.
A Nominating Committee is required for the upcoming Board of Directors election. 
There being no further business, motion to adjourn was called by Sue Amsden at 2:15 pm.  Bernie Westerveld seconded.
Respectfully submitted,
Maureen Gonzalez for the Secretary
Colonial Belgian Tervuren Fanciers

From Karen Davito:  I am super proud to announce that my senior dog Taz who just turned 12, earned his NW3 Elite title!  Currently this is the highest nose work title a dog can earn from the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW).  Handler -dog team must pass three NW3 trials to earn elite status.  The trials are challenging.  At the NW3 level, the handler does not know the number of target odor hides in each element, plus there are environmental challenges that complicate the search areas.  There could be anywhere from 1 to 3 hides in each of four elements:  vehicles, interiors, exteriors, and containers. There is also a possible blank room (no hides) in an interior search.  In order to earn an NW3, the handler must call the correct number of hides in every element, and they need a fabulous detection dog to tell them.  That is my Taz!  He is currently the second Belgian Tervuren in NACSW history to earn this elite title.  The first Terv earned it back in 2011 when competitors on the East Coast were just beginning to trial at lower levels.  Taz is about the 50th dog in the country to earn elite status.  We missed the deadline for the 2015 invitational, and although we are now eliglble, the next invitational is not until 2017, so sadly we will not be competing.  But that does not mean we will not continue to play the game.  Taz loves every minute of his training and trials.  Taz is Ferrinsong Five Star Vintage CDX NW3 Elite, but most importantly, he is my heart dog and my buddy. 

Nose Work has changed my dog's life for the better and it has changed mine.  I would also like to announce that I earned my ANWI (Associate Nose Work Instructor) status and have completed the course work towards certification to become a CNWI (Certified Nose Work Instructor).  I still have work to do before earning that title.  I just love the activity and the sport!  Thank you for letting me share.  I wish I could better express how much this all means to me. 
Welcome to Carol Ahern's new pup, Eve, who joined the household in January.
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