Listen up party people, we all know, Life's a journey and we are on the next level here at Babylon Freefly...
There have been some big shifts and changes around here and a redefining of Babylon team's future aims and objectives. 
I (Steff Fardel), along with long term team member Cathy Bouette, are passionately centred on moving Babylon into a new era of Freefly with a new vision of how we want to progress the art of body flying.
Working increasingly towards flying at an intuitive level, on training programmes with students & teams and on events and projects, creating and exploring with all our partners, Performance Designs, UPT, Giconi, Skydive Empuriabrava, Windoor, Airtec, and L&B.
Check us out ... 
Thank you to artist and skydiver Isaac Virgili for his help redesigning our beautiful new logo :)) and to illustrious Spanish graphic artist Marc Corvillo for our new school look!!! And Kathy Lang for putting it together... 

Available all year, to fly in the sky and tunnels around the globe.
We start with a fresh ID to reflect our dynamic intentions and a summer party bringing back toys & games to celebrate the past and future of Babylon Freefly. 
Come visit us, and check our revamped Babylon corner, and here some latest news on the upcoming Babylon/ Giconi Event:
Babylon/ Giconi Freefly Party will happen from the 23rd to the 26th of July.
You can enter the Raffle to win a Giconi suit, if registration is done before the 19th of july.
Price is 50€. 
For those who do not register prior to their arrival it will be a 70€ Registration Fee.
If you buy a 25 block ticket online the price of the jump will come down to 26,90€.
All loads will go up to 16.500 feet/ 5.000 meters on the amazing Skydive Empuriabrava Beech 99.
Building groups according to your level.
Everyday we will have tube jump, smoke jump, skyball jump, Chupa Chups jump!
The first day, We’ll have a short welcome speech, a safety briefing … and start the show until sunset.
The video of the day will be at 21h30 with a typical Spanish Paella around the Giconi Bus.
On Friday 24th, we will meet at 9h00 and jump until 19h30. We will get ready for the beach jump !
And then enjoy a Para Motor demo flight around smoke and flares performed by the amazing Emilia Plak. Followed by a massive Sardines Party while watching the video of the day.
On Saturday 25th, meeting at 9h00, jumping until 19h30, we will be heading to the Windoor Tunnel for 60mn crazy jam party, starting at 21h00.
We will afterward enjoy a pica pica dinner at the brand new Windoor Xiringuito, with the traditional video of the day and the Raffle to win a Giconi suit.
On Sunday 26th, meeting again at 9h00 and jumping until 19h00.
We will be served a Farewell Sangria with the video of the event.
(Note that the Load Organising, the 3 dinners (except the drinks) and the 60mn Jam Tunnel Session are included in the registration fee.)
Places are limited, so register soon.

For your accommodation on the Drop Zone website
The cheapest would be the Empuria Inn.
Also our friend Julio can propose you a bed for 25€ per night in a 12 bed comfortable apartment, kitchen, air conditioning, internet, pool. The flat is located on San Maurici street, 200 meters from the DZ. He can also offer for a very special price pickup at Figueres Train Station, Girona or Barcelona airport direct to Empuriabrava with a minibus for 8 people. Infos and Booking call + 34 628 067 997 or email Julio.
Hoping to see you soon…
Stephane Fardel


Babylon Freefly S.L.

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