The all Babylon crew wishes you a Happy New Year full of happy flying.

Our last Babylon events meant 2016 was a successful celebration of skydiving in old-school Freefly boogie style with all the anarchic ingredients required for a freefly blast.
We are opening up our doors this season and offering up our wisdom and experience.
Collaborating with energy, driving new ideas and events, developing our intelligent,
intuitive sport ahead of where it has been before in all our coaching and competition goals.
And… Check out the vibe on our new website:
We are available all year wherever needed and in Spain.
In Empuriabrava, the proximity of both DZ and Tunnel means we can create a training schedule tailored to your exact needs.  
We have proven this special combination of coaching in both tunnel and sky makes the most efficient use of your time and produces the most effective results.
 We offer individualised training, group, and competition Team training that takes your specific needs and flying style into account and our unique program of coaching will work to achieve your flying goals and ambitions.
Our Wind Tunnel camp are unique in offering an individual coaching format which helps you to advance and develop as a flyer from any starting point to a much higher level. Over 3 to 5 days you will fly 30 to 45 minutes per day with some one-on-one individual intense coached sessions leading to some dynamic group sessions with Babylon Freefly Team members. With our instructors rotating in such a way, you will have the opportunity to fly with one or two instructors individually and up to three instructors on some sessions. You will experience several levels of different coaching style, input and feedback with each instructor and more intense dynamic flying group work.
Please contact us for further information, details on special prices coaching, booking and event registration conditions.
So far here are our upcoming Rendez-vous:
Babylon March Tunnel Camp @ Windoor, Empuriabrava
March 27th to April 02nd, 2017
Info & Booking:
Babylon April Tunnel Camp @ Windoor, Empuriabrava
April 20th to April 26th, 2017
Info & Booking:

Burning Spring 2017 @ Skydive Empuriabrava
May 13th to May 21st, 2017
Second edition of the creative boogie that stole the show: 
-10 to 15 world-class load organizers:
Olav Zipser, Pete Allum, Nils Kløcker Predstrup, Stephane Fardel, Cathy Bouette, Aldo Comas
and more...
-8 full dinners (Paella night, pasta day, bbq etc...)
-8 days of unlimited beer supply.

-15 to 20 minutes wind tunnel JAM flying.

-Goodie bag : Tee shirt, cap, pull-ups, bag and other secret surprise...

-7 parties with different dj's in different camps.

-Access to all camp sites and their daily parties.

-Night parades through the runway.

-VIP access on magic bus.

-Tombola tickets (5000€ giveaway)

-Beach jump/s

-Free camp site space.

-17000 ft jumps every day and full day during 4 full days.
-Normal jump ticket price
and many other surprises…
More infos & Booking:

Babylon Freefly S.L.

Sector Aeroclub s/n • 17487 Empuriabrava • Spain • Tel: +34 629 187 439   facebook

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