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We sent the last newsletter as a sort of soft opening. Frankly, we haven't published anything for a loooooong time and some people may have even forgotten they were on the list. We figured that some people would back out at that point, which we understand. The inbox can be a terribly crowded place. Since you're receiving this one, that means you've decided to continue the ride. Thank you!

The goal is to make this something that you look forward to, something that is a treat. I will always have some information about my offerings, and I hope that you will partake because that's what makes the newsletter possible. I don't want this to be a sales letter. I want it to include things that help bring you down the rabbit hole into my world. I have put together a survey to help keep this interesting and useful. If you will take a few minutes to give your feedback, I will personally send you a free copy of my newest ebook: I Dare You - 25 Haunted U.S. Destinations. This book covers the terrifying tales of some of the creepiest places throughout the United States and is in the final editing stages. You'll be the first to see it. 
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World Weird News
San Antonio Restaurant May Have Some Unexpected Residents
San Antonio restaurateurs get more than they expected when they opened their eastside, music-themed establishment. A spirit is causing mischief and nearly closed them down. But they have come to terms with their paranormal partner.
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A Psychic Game to Play with Friends

“Am I psychic?”

Of course you are. We all have some connection to the mysterious and remarkable capabilities of our minds, just like anyone can throw a ball. Ability has to be nurtured, and may be bolstered by some special talent. For myself, the trickiest thing was, and remains, letting go of my logical thought and accepting the first thing that my intuition gives me. A lifetime of conditioning to listen to your logical thought and to mentally “look before you leap” turns our intuition into a barely audible whisper, but it’s still there. You just need to throw that brain ball around a little.

An easy way to do this is with something that you probably have lying around your house, a pack of playing cards.
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Following Saul
Saul with Joe and Laura on
Heavy Friending, Part 1
Saul recorded a podcast with Joe and Laura on Heavy Friending where he does a reading about their relationship. This is Part 1 of 2.
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Next Vault of Horror: Silent Night, Deadly Night
Saul Ravencraft hosts a monthly horror movie at Austin's Mister Tramps. This month's offering will be Silent Night, Deadly Night. It's Christmas in July! Donations from this event will go to Prevent Child Abuse America.
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See Saul
I do private events, such as psychic parties, corporate events, and other activities that are not accessible to the public. If you want to have me at your own private event we can certainly arrange that. But I also do a number of things that are open to the public. Every week I'm featured at the world famous Museum of the Weird, in Austin, Texas. I also do different festivals, and shows that are open.
If you want to see what's going on with me just use my calendar. Click the icon in the links below. If you want to book something of your own, reach out with the contact form, which you can reach by clicking the little mail icon. calendar icon
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