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Note from Saul

2020 is already off to a running start with several events and projects in the works. Thanks to all who are sticking with me on this crazy trip down the rabbit hole. Several events coming up quickly. At the end of the month Sherwood Forest Faire begins. More on that soon. In the mean time...

Upcoming Events
FEB 6, 8PM - Cabaret of Curiosities

I am very excited to host this evening of mystery, fantasy, and burlesque. I'll take you down the rabbit hole with my interactive entertainment. I'll also be joined by six amazing burlesque performers who are doing acts specifically designed to help me create a strange world for you to enter. Tickets are $10 - $50 and on sale now.
FEB 8, 7PM - Austin We See You — Live tarot demonstration. Watch on Austin local TV or get a streaming link to watch from anywhere.
FEB 9, noon - San Marcos Celtic Festival — It's the first Sherwood Forest Faire event with Merlin the Wise, Archimedes the Owl, the goddess, Rhiannon and a new face.
FEB 10, 7PM - Ravencraft's Vault of Horror: The Changeling — A classic ghost story with George C. Scott, presented on 3 amazing screens at Mister Tramps. Join fellow horror fans with fantastic food and drinks.
FEB 13, 9PM - Austin Oddities Market — Come by my table to chat and learn more about the different things I do. $10 cover, with music and other entertainment.
A Psychic Game

Can your mind influence random events? Here's a game to find out, you can play alone or with a friend. Get some dice.

First, make a number of rolls of the dice. Record the numbers you get. The more you do it, the better your experiment will be. This is your control, which we will use for comparison.

Now, start again with a new record of the dice rolls. Concentrate. Let's say we want more threes. Focus intently on the number three. Picture the diagonal dots of the three. Maybe it helps to close your eyes as you roll. Do the same number of rolls as you did before.

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World Weird News

In case you missed it, here is a bizarre story that happened in England in 1977. The nightly news broadcast was interrupted with a message by someone who claimed to be an alien entity with a message for mankind. The story includes a clip of the broadcast with a full transcript.

Ask Saul

Have you ever had any questions about the strange, the odd, the unusual? Is there something buzzing in the back of your head about my wizard-world? Are you taking your own trip down the rabbit hole and need a perspective? I am taking questions from everyone and will answer what I can. Some will show up in posts. Some may be answered in video sessions. If you want to contribute a question, send me an email. It will be fun!

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