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Technologist opens up about haunting experience with new book
Some would have you believe that ghost experiences are the product of the ignorant and unobservant and that investigators are haphazard thrillseekers. A new book by Keith Linder challenges these stereotypes. Linder is an IT project manager, who is used to dealing with complex details. His book details four years of terrifying experience he had in a house he firmly believes to be haunted.
A psychic game
by Saul Ravencraft
The other evening, at the Museum of the Weird, I was talking with a guest about vibration and how I used that to connect a person's answer with a question. They weren't so sure what to think so I suggested they play a game. It's a game you can play, too. Get a few friends/family together. Everyone anonymously contributes an object. It should be something that they've carried a bit, but not something that is obviously theirs. Don't put coins or something like that in, unless it is your "lucky coin" that you've carried for a while. (Money passes through too many hands to have much personal vibration.)

Take turns picking up the objects and see if you can determine by feel which object belongs to which person. Some will just treat this as a guessing game. The idea, though, is to use your intuition. If ideas about the object come to you, such as how it was obtained, its significance, its history, share those as well. Don't worry about being right; just go with the flow. If you only have a few players, people can contribute more than one object. It can also be done with names written on a piece of paper and folded up. Try it!
Following Saul
It's Summer, and Saul will be conducting tours at the Museum of the Weird on 6th Street in Austin, Texas. Saul's next event will be the Hurly Burly-Q's Big Top Tease, where he will recreate a feat of stage spiritualists from the 19th century. More events coming soon. It is also never too soon to book Saul for your private events. (He's already booked for a wedding in August and a private party in October.)

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