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February 13th - February 19th 2015


HCC Represented on WHO/GCM/NCD Working Group

Sir Trevor Hassell, President of the HCC spent this past week in Geneva contributing to high level discussions in the first meeting of the WHO/GCM/NCD Working Group on how to realize governments’ commitments to engage with the private sector for the prevention and control of NCDs.
WHO/GCM/NCD Working Group
As a member of the working group, Sir Trevor brought the Caribbean perspective on the role of civil society and the private sector in strengthening NCD prevention and control in five areas: Producing and promoting more food products consistent with a healthy diet; reducing the use of salt the food industry; reducing the impact of the marketing of unhealthy food and non-alcoholic beverages to children; promoting and creating an enabling environment for healthy behaviours; improving access to affordable NCD medicines and technologies. The business community is a key partner in the multisectoral response and has the potential to significantly positively, impact NCD prevention and control globally and in the Caribbean.
The HCC will be focussing efforts in this area in 2015. If you are interested in participating in this work please contact us at
Read more on the WHO website here

HCC Applauds the Suriname Ministry of Health Worksite Wellness Initiative

HCC Applauds the Suriname Ministry of Health
The grand opening of the Suriname Ministry of Health’s latest worksite wellness initiative, a free gymnasium available to all staff members occurred on the 23rd of January. Read more


Barbados Heart & Stroke Foundation Red Dress Gala

HSFB Red Dress Gala
Red Dress Gala 2015
The Barbados Heart & Stroke Foundation held it's Go Red for Women red Dress Gala on Valentines day at the Concorde Experience.

See the highlights of the evening here
(Kindly provided by CBC Mid Morning Mix)
The ladies in red were out in force to support the cause, the live music was supplied by Sherry Gordon from Las Vegas who entertained by singing the songs of country music legend Dolly Parton and not by chance she looked and sounded like the real deal.
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Barbados Hash Harriers Red Dress Run Fundraiser

Barbados Hash Harriers raised a staggering $4700 for the Barbados Heart & Stroke Foundation on their Red Dress Run on Valentines Day, women and men, yes men! in red dresses ran through the streets of Barbados stopping cars, buses, tourists and more to collect donations. Related press coverage here.
KeLaHa Projects Foundation Cervical Cancer PSA

KeLaHa Projects Foundation Cervical Cancer PSA.

Watch here

Forthcoming Events from Across the Region

BNR Cancer Snapshot

The Lancet Obesity Series 2015

Today’s food environments exploit people’s biological, psychological, social, and economic vulnerabilities, making it easier for them to eat unhealthy foods. This reinforces preferences and demands for foods of poor nutritional quality, furthering the unhealthy food environments. Regulatory actions from governments and increased efforts from industry and civil society will be necessary to break these vicious cycles. Read more
How can governments support healthy food preferences?

How Can Governments Support Healthy Food Preferences?

View and share the full size info graphic from the Lancet here


NCDFREE Comedy Part 4
As we pass the half-way point of our comedy collection, our next installment from the NCDFREE team shows the pitfalls of the term 'NCD'. Charlie approaches our very own NCD expert and medical doctor Sandro, in the hope for some immediate medical advice on a rather personal, common condition.  See it here

18-minute Smack-down on Philip Morris International

18-minute smack-down on Big Tobacco!
John Oliver laid a hilarious 18-minute smack-down on Big Tobacco! The host of HBO's Last Week Tonight rightly skewered Philip Morris International and other Big Tobacco companies for targeting kids around the world and bullying countries that try to save lives.
Watch the video here it is excellent!
Make a #NotAReplacement Selfie Statement
According to tobacco industry documents, they aggressively market their products and seek “replacement smokers," specifically teens.
Read more
NCD Alliance Webinar - Wednesday 4th March. The NCD Alliance will be holding their next webinar on Wednesday 4th March at 10:00 - 11:30 am EST/16:00 - 17:30 CET. Please note that there will be only one webinar broadcast.  The powerpoint slides and recording will be made available on the NCD Alliance website after the webinar. Topics - Global NCD Framework Campaign: WHO Executive Board Meeting and Global Coordination Mechanism & Global Development Campaign: Post 2015 formal negotiations, and launch of NCDA toolkit, Register
Cervical Cancer Action Newsletter
Post-2015 Advocacy Toolkit coming soon!; NCD Alliance Webinar; Post-2015 Intergovernmental Negotiations; CVD Secondary Prevention Roadmaps launched; Call for submissions: Nutrition country profiles; Framework for Action Across Sectors for Health

From the NCD Alliance Weekly Digest

NCDs News
  • Lancet: Monitoring progress in NCDs: key to accountability. Read more
  • UN News: Rights of people with disabilities cannot be ignored in development agenda, UN experts. Read more
  • WEF: A new understanding of Alzheimer’s disease. Read more
  • Guardian: Lucy Glennon: what her life tells us about the real effects of cuts for disabled people. Read more
Risk Factor News
  • Lancet: Obesity Series 2015. Read more
  • WHO: New tool helps countries identify foods with too much fat, sugar and salt. Read more
  • PLoS: Plain packaging tobacco: a global battle not yet won. Read more
  • WCRF: Early years key to tackling global obesity epidemic. Read more
  • BioMed Central: E-cigarettes: research priorities. Read more
  • BMJ: Nurture is more important than nature in childhood obesity, study finds. Read more
  • BMJ: Getting sedentary people moving through active travel. Read more
  • BMJ: Smoking in cars carrying children will be illegal in England from October. Read more
  • BMJ: Standardised packs cut adult smoking as well as discouraging young people, evidence indicates. Read more
  • Medical Xpress: Obesity Series exposes 'unacceptably slow' progress in tackling soaring global obesity rates over last decade. Read more

QUIZ - 12 Surprising Facts About Sugar

The more you know about the different sweeteners available, the easier it is to make smart choices.. Read more
HCC News Roundup Archive - If you have missed any of our News Roundups you can view previous Roundups on our News Roundup Archive webpage here.
The HCC is a regional network of Caribbean health NGOs and civil society organizations with the remit to combat chronic diseases (NCDs) and their associated risk factors and conditions. Our membership presently consists of more than 50 Caribbean-based health NGOs and over 55 not-for-profit organisations and, in excess of 200 individual members based in the Caribbean and across the globe.

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