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September 24th - October 1st 2015


Formation of the Caribbean Salt Smart Coalition (CSSC)

Caribbean Salt Smart Coalition (CSSC)
The Healthy Caribbean Coalition in partnership with PAHO and the University of South Florida (USF) World Health Organization Collaborating Center on Social Marketing and Social Change (WHO CC on Social Marketing) is pleased to announce the recent formation of the Caribbean Salt Smart Coalition (CSSC) in Antigua in September 2015. The CSSC currently consists of four multi-stakeholder country teams (including civil society) in Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Jamaica and St. Vincent & the Grenadines.  The teams have worked extensively with PAHO/USF over the past 6 months to develop social marketing capacity around dietary salt reduction with the end result being the development of targeted national social marketing campaigns.  The CSSC will be hosting a webpage on the HCC website which will provide updates on country level progress in the implementation of the country campaigns. We will also be introducing you to the team members and some of the work they have undertaken to date. Stay tuned for a link to the CSSC homepage.

See pictures form the meetings in Antigua here.

PAHO SALTSMART CONSORTIUM Tackles Social Marketing for Dietary Salt Reduction in the Caribbean

This PAHO multistakeholder committee had their fourth meeting on September 17-18, 2015 in Antigua and Barbuda to discuss the implementation of social marketing to change the social norm on salt/sodium consumption.  The meeting of the Consortium returned to its social marketing priority.
It coincides with a social marketing project rolling out in the Caribbean in four countries – Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda, and St Vincent and Grenadines. The project is a collaborative initiative involving PAHO, the American Heart Association, the Healthy Caribbean Coalition and the WHO Collaborating Centre on Social Marketing at the University of South Florida (USF).  

For more information about the SaltSmart Consortium please contact Branka Legetic, PAHO-WHO Regional Advisor, Noncommunicable Diseases and Disabilites, Department  of  Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health at

See pictures form the meetings in Antigua here.


Images from the Historic UN Summit for the Adoption of the Post 2015 Agenda, September 25-27, 2015

NCD Alliance Team at the UN
Panel moderated by Sir George Alleyne
First Lady of Zambia Esther Lungu
Kaitie Dain sharing perspectives
Sally Cowall, former U.S. ambassador
The HCC President and Executive Director were both present at the summit this past weekend. Click here to see a gallery of photos from this momentous occasion. 

2030 Agenda Adopted: Action on NCDs for a Sustainable Future

2030 Agenda Adopted: Action on NCDs for a Sustainable Future
Last week, the NCD community experienced a historic moment. On Friday 25 September, world leaders formally adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the United Nations in New York. These 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 targets will drive efforts to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, improve health and wellbeing, and protect our planet for the next 15 years. For the first time, NCDs are included in these goals as a sustainable development priority for all countries. Click here to read the NCD Alliance network release "2030 Agenda: A Major Victory for NCDs". Read more
(Source:NCD Alliance Weekly e-Alert)

An Extraordinary Week for Women & NCDs at the UN

The Global Goals
The end of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Pope’s visit to the United States, United Nations meetings, a host of side events, and the Clinton Global Initiative. A heady mixture for a global health enthusiast! This week the world took stock of the progress made in the last 15 years and wrapped the Millennium Development Goals, which taught us - among other things - how important measurement is to creating change.
Read more (Source:Arogya World Website)

Private Sector Joins Forces with Civil Society to Address the SDGs

Blog from Dr. Fiona Adshead of BUPA on recent partnership with NCD Alliance the global counterpart to the HCC.

I’m in New York this week during a very busy time for the global development agenda – amongst other events, the 70th UN General Assembly is taking place, which marks the announcement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are a new, universal set of goals that UN member states will use to frame their agendas over the next 15 years to 2030.

The SDGs acknowledge the vital role of the private sector and they promote cross-sector partnerships as a cornerstone of achieving the 2030 agenda. Read more

Trinidad & Tobago Cancer Society Ready for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

List of events planned for the month of October.

You can find out more on their Facebook page or

you can follow them on Twitter.
  • Sunday 4, October - Church Service for October - Cancer / Breast Cancer Month, St. Patrick's Church  
  • Tuesday 6, October - Trinidad Edufest (Primary), St. John Association & Brigade of T&T
  • Wednesday 7, October - Trinidad Edufest (Secondary), St. John Association & Brigade of T&T
  • Friday 9, October - Survivor's Breakfast, Hyatt
  • Thursday 15, October - Tobago Edufest, Lowlands Mall
  • Sunday 18, October - Walk-a-thon Tobago
  • Saturday 24, October - Walk-a-thon Trinidad
  • Friday 30, October - Candle Light Vigil, Siegert SquarePink Friday's - October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30.  
  • This October, PROUDLY IN PINK FRIDAYS is back – and it's going to be bigger, brighter and bolder than ever before

Heart Attack - Younger Bajans Suffer Cardiac Problems

Barbadians from as young as 29 are suffering heart attacks, and the country is experiencing congestive heart diseases of “epidemic” proportions among the younger generation, according to medical experts. Doctors say gone are the days when heart attacks were seen as “a tourist disease” and that the days are long gone when only the elderly suffered cardiac problems. Data on the disease is being compiled and will be presented at next June’s Caribbean Cardiac Society meeting in Barbados. However, cardiologists say, from their experience, there’s reason to worry. Read more. (Source:Barbados Today Website)

Why do we buy the food we buy?

Centre for Science in the Public Interest
The Center for Science in the Public Interest has reviewed the research on food decisions and food shopping, and from that research has developed the following summary statements. The Center for Science in the Public Interest need your input to figure out how best to share the research with others.
Click here to complete the survey
Diabetes can affect anyone

Diabetes Can Affect Anyone

British Celebrity Chef Jamie's Oliver recently produced a series of programs on Sugar for UK TV Channel 4. He is also leading a campaign to impose a tax on sugar sweetened beverages in the UK. Watch this video here.

Visit his 'Sugar Rush' website here.

The Primary School that Makes Every Pupil Run a MILE a Day in Drive to Cut Childhood Obesity

The Primary School that Makes Every Pupil Run a MILE
A primary school is making all children run a ‘daily mile’ in a bid to improve their fitness and focus their minds.Teachers have sent pupils out every day to walk or run a mile for the last three years, and claims none is overweight as a result.Researchers from Stirling University are undertaking a study of St Ninians in the city to determine whether the daily mile should be adopted nationwide. Read more
(Source:Daily Mail Online)
Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados Latest
World Stroke Month

Just A Minute...
Stroke Risk Scorecard

World Heart Day Lecture...
29 Year Olds Having Heart Attacks in Barbados
Read more from the Heart & Stroke Foundation newsletter here
NCD Alliance e-Alert
  • Strengthening Civil Society in the African Region
  • A Call to End Malnutrition in All its Forms
  • WHO New Monitoring Tool Tracks Country Actions on Responding to NCDs
  • NCD Alliance Webinar 21 October
Read more

Updates - From PAHO

Technical Advisory Group meeting - On  September 2-3, in  PAHO Washington was held the meeting of Technical Advisory Group of PAHO Director (TAG) that provided leadership for the Regional initiative in the last 3 years, following the work of the Expert group. 
Latin American survey on sodium/salt content declared in 12 key categories of processed foods  - As 3rd  Consortium meeting reached consensus statement of  regional targets for salt/sodium content in 12 key food categories in the Region.
Strategy Formation workshop of 4 Caribbean countries - The Strategy Formation workshop of the multi country project: Multi-sector approaches to building national capacity for dietary salt reduction applying social marketing training and technical assistance was hosted by Antigua and Barbuda on September 17-18. 
4th  meeting of Salt Smart Consortium - On  September 17-18  PAHO regional program and Barbados ECC office together with MOH Antigua and Barbuda has hosted the 4th  meeting of Salt Smart Consortium. 
US-NY - On September 9, the New York City Board of Health has made an historic decision and unanimously approved an amendment to the Health Code that requires chain food service establishments (those with 15 or more locations nationwide) to post a warning label on menu items that contain 2,300 mg or more of Department will be evaluating.  
Group Purchasing to Increase Access to Lower Sodium Foods - On September 1st Change Lab Solutions hosted a webinar entitled, “A Strategy Worth Its Salt: Group Purchasing To Supply Lower Sodium Foods and Reduce Food Costs”.
Readings: Article on sodium and Iodine of the PAHO WHO Regional Group was  published in the last issue of PAHO Journal Of Public Health: Systematic review of studies evaluating urinary iodine concentration as a predictor of 24-hour urinary iodine excretion for estimating population iodine intake.

Read full details of all the above here.
HCC News Roundup Archive - If you have missed any of our News Roundups you can view previous Roundups on our News Roundup Archive webpage here.
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