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September 7th - October 13th 2017


Civil Society Action Plan 2017-2021: Preventing Childhood Obesity in the Caribbean - Launched on World Obesity Day

Civil Society action Plan 2017-2021: Preventing Childhood Obesity in the Caribbean
On Wednesday 11th October, World Obesity Day, HCC launched it's Civil Society action Plan 2017-2021: Preventing Childhood Obesity in the Caribbean.

Childhood obesity is the canary in the coal mine - forewarning a health crisis affecting entire generations and frustrating the development of our already vulnerable states.  Childhood obesity is a social justice issue which requires decisive structural change which protects the basic right to health owed to our children.  Civil society has a pivotal role to play in calling for a supportive policy and legislative environment. 

The goal of the plan is to halt, by 2025, increases in childhood obesity in the Caribbean and the PURPOSE is to contribute to the development and implementation of relevant policies, legislation, and regulations by countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).
Through this plan, the HCC and our national heath- and non-health civil society member organisations, commit to working collaboratively with governments, and regional and international partners to play our role in being engines for change in the Caribbean,  driving all efforts towards our collective goal of halting the rise of obesity among children.

This plan was developed with the support of the NCD Alliance as part of the Expanding Access to Care, Supporting Global, Regional and Country Level NCD Action Programme in partnership with Medtronic Philanthropy. 
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Belize Cancer Society - 'A Mile in My Shoe' - Cancer Awareness Flyer

Special Envoy for Women and Children in partnership with the Belize Cancer Societ
A Mile in my shoe
The Office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children in partnership with the Belize Cancer Society has unveiled its 2017 Cancer Awareness Flyer as part of Belize's activities for Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is observed yearly in October.

Each year, the Office of the Special Envoy partners with the Belize Cancer Society to identify cancer survivors who are willing to give of their time to highlight the plight of cancer and encourage yearly screenings/self-examinations by participating in a Cancer Awareness/Empowerment Photoshoot.

The awareness flyer is special in that it features participants from different backgrounds and districts, signifying that cancer does not discriminate. This year's photoshoot included participants from the Stann Creek and Belize Districts; Namely, Ms. Lisa Jeffries, Ms. Shermadine Rowland, Ms. Indira Samuels, Ms. Sherilyn Solis and the Special Envoy herself, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow.

This year's theme, "A Mile in my Shoe" speaks of the physical, psychological, financial hardship and uncertainty associated with cancer to encourage yearly screenings, while the accompanying message "Walking through Fear, Hardship and Uncertainty, all we have to do is put one foot in front of the other" sends a message of hope, encouragement and survivorship to those who are fighting.

The Special Envoy for Women and Children would like to extend sincere gratitude to the Belize Cancer Society for their continued support and to this year's sponsors, Couter Cher and Pink Boutique, who provided hair, makeup, shoes and clothing for the participants to look and feel their very best on the day of the shoot. She also wishes to thank those who have assisted to make the pervious photoshoots a success.
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Her Excellency Reema Carmona Pays Tribute to NCD Leaders at the UNGA72

Reema Carmona
In a recent article in the Trinidad Daily Express, Reema Carmona
In a recent article in the Trinidad Daily Express, Reema Carmona, wife of the President of Trinidad and Tobago, Anthony Carmona, paid tribute to Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh and to Sir George Alleyne, Director Emeritus, PAHO/WHO and former chancellor of The University of the West Indies (The UWI), at a High Level International conference held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA recently.
Carmona complimented Minister Deyalsingh for his support in having sug­ary drinks removed from schools' cafeterias and for the presentation of Trinidad and Tobago's 2017-2021 Executive Summary of the 'National Strategic Plan for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). She thanked Sir George for his remarkable stewardship both as Chancellor of The UWI West for the last 14 years and as a strong supporter of health associations in the Caribbean. Carmona, the selected Caribbean first lady speaker, was addressing a distinguished gathering which included government ministers from the Caribbean and Canada; Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director General, World Health Organisation (WHO); Dr Colin Tukuitonga, Director General, Secretariat of the Pacific Community; Sir George Alleyne, Director Emeritus, PAHO/WHO and Sir Trevor Hassell, President, Healthy Caribbean on the theme, "Childhood Obesity - A Develop­ment Time-bomb: Learning from SIDS to accelerate multi-sectoral action in support of the 2025 NCDs targets and the SDGs." 
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WHO to Establish High-level Commission on Noncommunicable Diseases


Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), announced today the establishment of a new High-level global Commission on Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs). The announcement came at the 64th Session of WHO’s Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean being held in Islamabad, 9-12 October.

The commission’s aim is to identify innovative ways to curb the world’s biggest causes of death and extend life expectancy for millions of people. The commission will support ongoing political efforts to accelerate action on cardiovascular disease, cancers, diabetes and respiratory disease, as well as reducing suffering from mental health issues and the impacts of violence and injuries.

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Heart Foundation of Jamaica Illuminate Bob Marley Statue in Support of World Heart Day 2017

Bob Marley
On the 29th September, in support of World Heart Day 2017, the Heart Foundation of Jamaica illuminated the Bob Marley Statue at the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica. Illumination events were held at iconic venues across the world, including Table Mountain in South Africa, the Nasdaq screen in Times Square, New York, the Singapore Flyer and the Sky Tower in New Zealand.
World Heart Day Bob Marley Statue
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HCC Featured in 'NCD Civil Society in Focus' Update from the NCD Alliance

NCD Civil Society in Focus
  • Using Global Evidence and Tools for National Accountability and Advocacy
  • Healthy Caribbean Coalition aims Advocacy at CARICOM
  • Our Views, Our Voices: 1,893 People Living with NCDs Consulted
  • South African NCD Alliance Celebrates Birth of National NCD Coordinating Body
  • New Milestone in Twinning between Danish and East African NCD Alliances
  • Making the Case for Tobacco Control and Fiscal Measures in Ghana
  • Healthy India Alliance: Uniting Civil Society Action on NCD prevention and control in India
  • May Measurement Month: Screening and Awareness Raising in Zambia
  • NCD Alliance Website now Available in Three Languages
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Tenfold Increase in Childhood and Adolescent Obesity in Four Decades

Tenfold Increase in Childhood and Adolescent Obesity in Four Decades
The world will have more obese children and adolescents than underweight by 2022, according to a new study by Imperial College London and WHO.

The number of obese children and adolescents (aged 5 to 19 years) worldwide has risen tenfold in the past four decades, according to a new study led by Imperial College London and the World Health Organization (WHO). If current trends continue, more children and adolescents will be obese than moderately or severely underweight by 2022.
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Breast Feeding Can Improve Economy

Health of the Nation
Breast Feeding
Breast milk is a complete food and a vital source of your child’s nutrition. Its benefits can transform the health and potentially the economy of our country.

Breastfeeding benefits the child, mother, family and the nation. It decreases the incidence of common childhood illnesses, decreases the risk of chronic non-communicable disease in children into adulthood, and is protective against breast and ovarian cancers in mothers. It saves lives and has the effect of decreasing overall hospital admissions and doctor visits, which save on health care costs.
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The MilliGrammy Awards

The Millygrammys
The Center for Science in the Public Interest has released three new videos that highlight high-sodium restaurant meals. The MilliGrammys recognize foods that deliver ridiculous amounts of sodium, and the restaurants that make those foods.

Salt is the deadliest ingredient in the food supply, and the biggest problem with chain-restaurant food.  While restaurants are congratulating themselves for getting rid of artificial ingredients, including perfectly safe ones, most restaurants aren’t making much progress reducing sodium.  Thanks to the MilliGrammys, Americans will learn a bit more about what they’re eating.

The nominees for:
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The Link Between Cancer and Obesity

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a new report on cancer and obesity last week, highlighting that cancers associated with overweight and obesity, including thyroid, liver, kidney, and ovarian cancer, constitute 40% of cancers diagnosed in the USA, with over 630 000 diagnoses in 2014 alone.

To compliment the report they have produced a series of excellent infographics on their website.
13 Cancers are associated with overweight and obesity
  • 13 Cancers are associated with overweight and obesity
  • Most cancers associated with overweight and obesity increased while other cancers decreased from 2005-2014
  • What are communities doing?
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the Alzheimer's Association of Trinidad and Tobago newsletter
The Alzheimer's Association of Trinidad and Tobago newsletter Issue 1, 2017 which includes information about Alzheimer's Disease and updates on the Association's activities throughout the year. 
  • World Alzheimer's Month in T&T 
  • Myths about Alzheimer’s
  • AzATT New President/board 
  • Tribute to AzATT founder 
  • 4th ADI Non-Latin Caribbean Conference
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HCC Member, the Breast Feeding & Child Nutrition Foundation (BCNF) Selected for ASPIRE Foundation Programme

The ASPIRE Foundation (Barbados) Inc. recently announced the selection of their new Programme Cohort, which will receive support and guidance for the period September 2017 to September 2018. Following a three-step application process which included submission of application form and presentation to an interview panel, eight organisations have been selected to participate in this year's programme.

The Breast Feeding & Child Nutrition Foundation (BCNF) is one of eight organisations selected to take part in the ASPIRE Programme.
The Breast Feeding & Child Nutrition Foundation (BCNF
The BCNF has a mandate is to support, promote and protect breastfeeding for all families in Barbados, The BCNF aims to provide the best evidence-based information to mothers and their families allowing them to make informed decisions about their babies' feeding options. BCNF aims to support all mothers through the challenging first few weeks of breastfeeding, help make decisions about choosing complementary foods and feeding their picky eaters, as well as guidance on how to keep their toddler excited about a variety of food. 
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Preventing Disease Through Healthy Environments

The World Health Organization has launched a new report entitled 'Preventing disease through healthy environments: a global assessment of the burden of disease from environmental risks'. The analysis shows that 23% of global deaths (and 26% of deaths among children under five) are due to modifiable environmental factors.
Preventing Disease Through Healthy Environments
NCDs including stroke, ischaemic heart disease and cancers head the list. The results of the analysis underscore the pressing importance of stronger intersectoral action to create healthier environments that will contribute to sustainably improving the lives of millions around the world.

The main message emerging from this new comprehensive global assessment is that premature death and disease can be prevented through healthier environments – and to a significant degree.
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Nutrition and Food Systems Report

Nutrition and Food Systems
At its 42nd session in October 2015, the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) requested the High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition (HLPE) to prepare a report on Nutrition and Food Systems, to be presented at CFS 44 in October 2017. This topic is highly relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the implementation of the 2014 Rome Declaration on Nutrition, the subsequent Decade of Action for Nutrition, and the fulfilment of the right to adequate food. 

The report 'Nutrition and Food Systems' is now available.
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Alleviating the Access Abyss in Palliative Care and Pain Relief - an Imperative of Universal Health Coverage: the Lancet Commission Report

The Lancet
The lack of global access to pain relief and palliative care throughout the life cycle constitutes a global crisis, and action to close this divide between rich and poor is a moral, health, and ethical imperative. The need for palliative care and pain relief has been largely ignored. Yet, palliative care and pain relief are essential elements of universal health coverage (UHC).
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HCC Publications

Civil Society Action Plan 2017-2021: Preventing Childhood Obesity in the Caribbea
Civil Society Action Plan 2017-2021: Preventing Childhood Obesity
in the Caribbean

A Spoonful of Sugar – The “Not So Sweet” Truth About Barbados’
A Spoonful of Sugar
The “Not So Sweet” Truth
About Barbados’   

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WHO Global Conference on Noncommunicable Diseases

Enhancing policy coherence between different spheres of policy making that have a bearing on attaining SDG target 3.4 on NCDs by 2030. Montevideo, Uruguay, 18-20 October 2017
WHO Global Conference on Noncommunicable Diseases
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Global Diabetes Walk 2017

Global Diabetes Walk 2017
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IDF Congress 2017
The global diabetes community will again unite at the IDF 2017 Congress in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on 4-8 December 2017. The event will include more than 200 speakers, both world-renowned and newcomers, 230 national diabetes associations from 170 countries and high level participation from the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) and other health organisations.
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Caribbean Cardiology Conference 2018

Caribbean Cardiology Conference 2018
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World Cancer Conference 2018

World Cancer Conference 2018
  • Launch of the call for sessions 28 August - 31 October 2017
  • Patient Group Pavilion Programme – call for best practice sharing
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The NCD Alliance
  • Number of children living with obesity worldwide has risen tenfold in the past four decades
  • WHO establishes high-level commission on NCDs
  • WHO GCM/NCD Progress Report 2014-2016 launched
  • Using global evidence for accountability & advocacy
  • Know Thrombosis - its risk factors, signs & symptoms
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