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April 22nd - April 28th 2016


WCRF International Stomach Cancer Report Launched

Diet, nutrition, physical activity and stomach cancer
As part of the World Cancer Research Fund Internationals Continuous (WCRF) Update Project (CUP) – the ongoing programme to analyse global research on how diet, nutrition, physical activity and weight affect cancer risk and survival – WCRF has analysed worldwide research to produce a report on stomach cancer. Published in April 2016, the report is the most rigorous, systematic, global analysis of the scientific research currently available on diet, weight, physical activity and stomach cancer, and which of these factors increase or decrease the risk of developing the disease. Read more
The report shows that there is strong evidence that body fatness is a cause of gastric cardia cancer and that consumption of processed meat is a cause of non-cardia gastric cancer. There is also strong evidence that consumption of alcoholic drinks, specifically alcohol intakes above 45 grams per day (about 3 drinks a day), is a cause of stomach cancer; and that consumption of foods preserved by salting is a cause of stomach cancer. Further discussion of the evidence relating to salt-preserved foods and stomach cancer subtypes can be found here.
Executive Director of the Jamaica Cancer Society and one of the leading organisations in the Caribbean Cancer Alliance, Yulit Gordon
Further discussion of the evidence relating to salt-preserved foods and stomach cancer subtypes can be found here

Executive Director of the Jamaica Cancer Society and one of the leading organisations in the Caribbean Cancer Alliance, Yulit Gordon welcomed the report and commented on its importance.  
“Stomach cancer is the 10th most common cancer in Jamaica with approximately 175 new cases for the period, 2003 to 2007. According to the Jamaican Health and Lifestyle Survey (JHLS) 60% of the Jamaican population between the ages of 15 and 74 years currently uses alcohol, 46% of the adult population were classified as having low physical activity or being inactive and the prevalence of obesity stood at 25%. The vast majority of Jamaicans, approximately 85%, currently consume below the daily recommended portions of fruits and vegetables. These studies suggest that developing policies to address harmful use of alcohol, mandate physical education in schools and promote physical activity in the workplace, reduce access to and consumption of unhealthy foods would all be important targets in reducing the burden of cancers in Jamaica. With the decline in smoking rates, it is predicted that obesity will overtake tobacco use as the leading preventable risk factor for cancer.  It is therefore urgent that civil society organisations involved in cancer control and prevention, lobby Governments to impose increased taxes on unhealthy foods in an effort to reduce access and consumption, and offer subsidies on fruits and vegetables.  We must also move swiftly to strengthen our public health education programmes around healthy lifestyle practices in our schools, work places and communities”
The HCC applauds the WCRF. This report, ‘Diet, Nutrition, Physical activity and stomach cancer' provides the type of evidence that informs advocacy aimed at the introduction of policies and programmes which reduce alcohol consumption, and increase physical activity and create healthy food environments supportive of reductions in overweight and obesity.

Cancer Society of the Bahamas - Stride for Life Fun, Run, Walk 2016

Stride for Life Fun, Run, Walk 2016
The Cancer Society of the Bahamas will hold its 12th Annual Stride for Life Fun, Run, Walk under the theme LIFE, HOPE, LOVE, CARING, UNITY. Saturday, May 7th, 2016 (NASSAU), Start Time: 6AM sharp. Read more

Sir George Knocks Ageism

Sir George Alleyne
Despite the increased life expectancy of Barbadians, Sir George Alleyne is concerned that stigma and discrimination continue to plague older persons in the country. Delivering the Errol Barrow Memorial Lecture on Monday night, Sir George, a former director of PAHO, said there was still the stereotype that older persons were less productive, less adaptable, more rigid and almost diseased. He argued that while aging was associated with impairment, it did not automatically lead to disability. Read more

Jamaica Cancer Society (JCS) Board Chairman Says 'We Don't Have to Wait on Government'

BOARD chairman of the Jamaica Cancer Society (JCS), Earl Jarrett, yesterday appealed to Jamaicans to come together and solve the country’s health problems instead of waiting on the Government. “In the scriptures we hardly hear about the government; in fact the government executed Jesus. We are therefore reminded that we don’t have to wait on Government to solve our health problems. We can improve our own health facilities effectively… So today I invite you to take control, to join this mission of volunteers who have decided to make a difference,” Jarrett said as he addressed members of the Boulevard Baptist Church in St Andrew, yesterday, where the JCS kicked off its 60th anniversary celebrations and events planned for Cancer Month, being celebrated in April. Read more

No Vendors Allowed

The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados spotted this NO VENDORS ALLOWED sign recently, at the entrance of a local secondary school. The Heart & Stroke Foundation supports this fantastic move by Parkinson Secondary School in the Pine, St. Michael. This action reduces the quantity of vendor providing poor food choices to children, which is very important with the increase of childhood obesity issues.

Also commendable is that the students have some form of physical activity. In what is considered the "Trinity" term, the primary focus is to concentrate on book-work, however this must be continually balanced with exercise. In order to have the best chance of success, each student must have a significant form of exercise as well as responsible eating habits. Other school institutions need to take a similar approach in helping to tackle lifestyle diseases. There are still a significant number of vendors around other schools who feed children with sodas and unhealthy food snacks. This needs to STOP.

"This is an excellent initiative by Parkinson School and we hope that other schools will follow this example, we will continue to work with healthy food vendors and the school meals service to try and give children healthy food choices both inside and outside of the school" said Mrs Gina Pitts the CEO of the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados.

Cancer Support Services Special Benefit Concert

Cancer Support Services Special Benefit Concert
Hymms My Mother Taught Me - Sunday May 8th, 2016, First Baptist Church, Constitution Rd opposite Queens Park – 5:00pm. Read more 

The Royal Family's Charming PSA on Mental Health

British Royal Family
William, Kate, and Harry sported the headbands to show their support for a new campaign focused on mental health. Heads Together — an initiative launched by seven U.K.-based mental health nonprofits — is aimed at breaking down stigma on the issue and raising funds and awareness for charities moving the discussion forward. Click to view the video.

Treatments for Cancers and Alzheimer's on the Verge of a Breakthrough

The Guardian UK - The practice of medicine can be hit-and-miss: however good a drug is, it is unlikely to work well on everybody with that condition, whether it’s breast cancer or depression. But new treatments are emerging that are more able to respond to the particular characteristics a disease takes in an individual and that may, in the next 10 to 20 years, transform the way people are treated.

While we can’t say for certain what drugs will be on the market in the next decade or so, basic research can provide some clues. In the treatment of cancer, basic research is focused on targeted therapies – treatments directed at the characteristics of a particular tumour, such as gene mutations or particular proteins. Read more

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The Soda Happiness Stand

Happiness Stand to show people the truth about soda. That it isn’t happiness. It’s just sugar, water… and a billion dollars in advertising.

Soda Tax in Mexico

Soda-tax in Mexico
Soda-tax in Mexico click to watch the video.

Advancing the Caribbean Cooperation in Health (CCH)

Advancing the Caribbean Cooperation in Health (CCH)
CARICOM, CARPHA, PAHO, UWI, Member States Representatives and NGO’s met in the Hilton, Port of Spain, Trinidad on 22 and 23 February to review the CCH III and start the preparation of the CCH IV.

The Caribbean Cooperation in Health (CCH) is the regional framework through which Member States of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) cooperate with each other, regional institutions, and development partners to improve the health and wellbeing of the Caribbean people. The concept promotes collective and collaborative action to solve critical health problems best addressed through a regional approach, rather than by individual country action. Read more

We also featured this in our February roundup here.
Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados Latest
Are You Being Served?
Have you been getting the correct quantity of fruits and vegetables? How much should be consumed daily?

Drinking Coconut Water...
May help your hypertension...

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World Hypertension Day 2016
Watch ‘The Domino Effect’ video here (use #dominoeffect on Social Media)

American Heart Association

Activities planned leading up to World Hypertension Day:

Media  activities began April 17 and center around the World Hypertension League’s international goal of reaching 3 million blood pressure checks in the month leading up to World Hypertension Day, May 17.
Here are some of things that you can see and do:
  • Call to action: visit and hit the “I checked my blood pressure” button
  • Use #BPcheck in social media
  • May 5 – Measure Up/Pressure Down Day of Action will be a FB & Twitter Poll aligned with our “Check your pressure, Know your numbers” messaging
  • May 17 – AHA will announce the grand total of Blood Pressure checks over the past 30 days
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A Quarterly Review of American Cancer Society Global Cancer Control Programs and Activities.
  • Fundación SIMMON Advocacy Success in Colombia
  • World Cancer Day February 4, 2016
  • The Cancer Atlas, Second Edition, Is Now in Portuguese
  • Global Relay For Life® Delivers New Partner Training Session
  • Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon, Together with the American Cancer Society and Other Organizations, Partnered on World Health Day to Launch Hostel Design Competition
Read more
World Asthma Day 2016

Caribbean Medical Providers Practicing Abroad - 3rd Annual Caribbean Medical Conference

Caribbean Medical Providers Practicing Abroad invites you to their 3rd Annual Caribbean Medical Conference where they will bring medical and clinical providers volunteering from around the world to share awareness, education, skills, and community outreach services to the people of Grenada on June 10, 11, & 12, 2016. This year’s conference will be hosted at the Radisson Grenada Beach Resort, Grenada, West Indies. Read more
Research Conference to Focus on Family Health
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NCD Alliance Newsletter
  • Healthy India Alliance unites NCD civil society in joint advocacy
  • The Caribbean agrees on new strategic plan
  • NCD Alliance Webinar, Wednesday 11 May
  • WHO GCM/NCD Working Group Reports now available online
  • WCRFI has launched new research on stomach cancer
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