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April 17th - April 23rd 2015


HCC and FHADIMAC Empowering Haitian Communities to Reduce High Blood Pressure

FHADIMAC Blood Pressure Screening for Communities
The HCC and the Fondation Haitienne de Diabète et de Maladies Cardio-Vasculaires (FHADIMAC) held the 'Blood Pressure Screening for Communities' workshop on Thursday April 23rd, 2015 attended by FHADIMAC outreach staff including community nurses and physicians, FHADIMAC President Dr. Rene Charles, and key partners including leading hypertension specialist in Haiti Dr. Roger Jean-Charles.
FHADIMAC is one of the subgrantees on the Blood Pressure Control Through Community Action (BPCCA) project - Phase I, funded through the Australian Direct Aid Program.  Through the initiative, FHADIMAC will be screening approximately 2000 individuals in underserved communities in Haiti and monitoring those found to have high blood pressure for medication and lifestyle compliance.
Haiti BPCCA1 Video
The FHADMIC team is led by Dr. Phillipe Larco, Dr. Regine Lefevre and their team. BPCCA I Clinical Project Advisors Dr. Jamario Skeete and Dr. Addison St. John led the one-day training workshop.  For more information on the BPCCA click here.  For  photos from the training - click here. Watch the video here

HCC and the St. Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association Empowering Communities to Reduce High Blood Pressure

St. Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association BPCCA 1
The HCC and the St. Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association (SLDHA) held the 'Blood Pressure Screening for Communities' workshop on Friday April 17th, 2015 attended by SLDHA outreach staff including community nurses and physicians, and partners from the Ministry of Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations and the Ministry of Social Transformation.
SLDHA is one of the subgrantees on the Blood Pressure Control Through Community Action (BPCCA) project - Phase I, funded through the Australian Direct Aid Program. Through the initiative the SLDHA will be screening over 1000 individuals in underserved communities in and St. Lucia and monitoring those found to have high blood pressure for medication and lifestyle compliance.
SLDHA is led by President Mr. George Eugene and his team. BPCCA I Clinical Project Advisors Dr. Jamario Skeete and Dr. Addison St. John led the one-day training workshop.  For more information on the BPCCA click here.  For more photos from the training - click here. To see local media coverage click on the links below.

Close to 3,000 people to be screened for hypertension
3,000 To Be Screened For Blood Pressure


CARPHA seeking to increase access to NCD medications

CARPHA in Mexico
CARPHA has just signed an agreement with Mexico's regulatory agency, COFEPRIS, to help develop the Caribbean regulatory system for  pharmaceuticals, with a regional registration system in CARPHA as a first step. Dr. James Hospedales, Exec Director of CARPHA, currently in Mexico city, noted: 'Of interest is that the first drugs we aim to register will be NCD medications. The benefits of a strengthened regulatory system in the Caribbean will include increased access for patients, decreased costs, and one stop shop for pharma companies.'

Read the CARPHA media release here.

The NCD Alliance Advocacy Toolkit on NCDs in the Post-2015 Development Agenda is now available in 3 languages.

English, French and Spanish

The Toolkit contains 5 parts:
  1. Background
  2. The Post-2015 process so far
  3. Progress to date and how NCDs currently figure into the post-2015 agenda
  4. Taking action: A guide on advocacy on the post-2015 agenda
  5. Advocacy tools: A 2-page handout on NCDs in post-2015, an advocacy checklist, and annexes with links to additional reference and resources.
In addition, the NCD Alliance has also launched an Advocacy 2-pager on NCDs in the Post-2015 Development Agenda, also available in English, French and Spanish.

Exciting Opportunity with the HCC
POSDEVAL Information and Communications Officer

Position Summary
The Information and Communications Officer will be a part-time post based at the Healthy Caribbean Coalition Secretariat in Barbados. The individual will be required to work closely with CARPHA Communication department, the Regional Health Communication Network (RHCN), CARICOM and PAHO, to research, prepare, and disseminate information pertinent to the Port of Spain Evaluation (POSDEVAL). Read more
Roslyn Douglas founder of Central Health - Grenada talking to Lexan Fletcher
Roslyn Douglas founder of Central Health - Grenada talking to Lexan Fletcher about cervical cancer and the CCCEP campaign on the TV program Chit Chat.
Latest Updates from the HSFB
Obese | Middle Aged|Man... 5 Reasons this is not a good combination...

The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados started its 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Read more
Caribbean Public Health Agency - Data Analysis using Epi Info 7 Training Workshop

The Caribbean Public Health Agency - Data Analysis using Epi Info 7 Training Workshop

June 22nd - 24th, 2015, St. Georges, University Campus, St. Georges, Grenada. Epi Info 7® is a  FREE data analysis software tool. Read more

Call for Feedback 'Healthy Ageing in the Caribbean'

Healthy Ageing in the Caribbean
HCC recently featured Dr James Hospedales Blog 'Healthy Ageing in the Caribbean' we would like your input on what you think should or could be included in this blog. It is clear that from several perspectives - individual, family/community, demographic, and business/economic - that "Healthy ageing" has to be a priority for the Caribbean, which mostly entails NCD prevention. Visit Dr. Hospedales blog and leave you comments here.

Associations of Blood Pressure with Body Composition Among Afro-Caribbean Children in Barbados

Among 573 Barbadian children aged 9-10 years (2010-2011) thirty percent of children were overweight/obese. Elevated sBP was14.38% for girls and 8.08% for boys. Pediatric hypertension, associated with obesity, is likely to add to the public health burden of Barbados. We recommend an urgent move towards implementation of local and regional childhood obesity prevention programs. - Dr. Anne St. John and Dr. Pamela Gaskin. Read the full report here.
Research Capacity-Building Workshop

Research Capacity-Building Workshop

Improving Chronic Disease in the Caribbean through Evidence-Based Behavioral and Social Interventions. Bridgetown, Barbados July 21-23, 2015 Applications now being accepted through May 11, 2015. Read more
CARPHA Conference
Dr Maristela G. Monteiro
Healthy Caribbean in partnership with CARIAD invite you to a CARIBAPAN Webinar, Thursday May 14th 2014, 10-11am (Eastern Time - Check the timing of the webinar in your timezone on the registration form)

Presented by Dr Maristela G. Monteiro, Senior Advisor Alcohol and Substance Abuse Pan American Health Organization. Read More and Register

NCD Alliance Webinar

Thursday 30th April at 10:00 – 11:30 am EST/16:00 – 17:30 CET. To discuss: Preparations for the 68th World Health Assembly and an update on Post 2015, including Financing for Development. Please note that there will be only one webinar broadcast. The powerpoint slides and recording will be made available on the NCD Alliance website after the webinar. Register here
Cancers in the Caribbean

Five Weeks to Submit Your Papers for CDA 2015

Papers have started to come in! To avoid disappointment please hurry and submit your original scientific papers for presentation at the 24th Annual Caribbean Dermatology Conference to be held November 4 – 7, 2015, in Barbados. The CDA Executive, Planning Committee, and Secretariat team are already working hard to ensure a successful 2015 conference and we want you to be a part of it! Read more

AORTIC Master Advocates Application &  Advocacy Poster Session Call for Abstract

We are excited to announce that the African Organisation for Research and Training in Cancer (AORTIC) and the University of Florida (USA) have partnered to hold the 2nd Cancer Advocacy Master Trainer Program and 3rd Cancer Advocates Workshop during the AORTIC 2015 International Cancer Conference in Marrakech, Morocco. Funding support is available for advocates who support people of African Ancestry globally. Read more
We want to hear from you! Independent Review of the NCD Alliance; Catalysing Debate on NCDs; Webinar; Toolkit on NCDs in Post-2015 in French

From the NCD Alliance Weekly Digest

NCDs News
  • WHO: Report: The relationship between psychosocial risk factors and health outcomes of chronic diseases: a review of the evidence for cancer and cardiovascular diseases (2015) read more
  • WHO: Implementing cervical cancer interventions key to save African women read more
  • WHO: South American countries will create plan to prevent and control cancer read more
  • Lancet: Diabetes and TB: Colliding epidemics requires collaborating programmes  and Effect of diabetes on tuberculosis control in 13 countries with high tuberculosis: a modelling study read more
  • Lancet: Prediction of cardiovascular disease worldwide and A novel risk score to predict cardiovascular disease risk in national populations (Globorisk) read more
  • PLoS: Cancer Genomics: Data, Data and more Data read more
  • BMJ: Insulin has potential to prevent type 1 diabetes in high risk children, say researchers read more
  • Guardian: Disability in Cambodia: 'Children can make progress and have rights' read more
  • NEJM: The key to finding and supporting children with disabilities read more
  • Health Affairs: A New Priority For Low-Income Countries: Fighting Cancer read more
  • DevPolicy: When Ancient and Modern Diseases Collide: Evidence from Kiribati on the link between diabetes and tuberculosis read more
  • DevPolicy: Visualising the TB-diabetes co-epidemic in the Pacific read more
  • DevPolicy: NCDs: Bad news and Best buys read more
  • E Hospice: New free resource on developing peer support for people with dementia read more
  • E Hospice: Palliative care and privatisation read more
  • E Hospice: Dying with Dignity: Hope for Rwanda as a post genocide society read more
Risk Factor News
  • WHO: Stronger action required on environmental pollutants read more
  • Lancet: Sugar intake: lowering the bar read more
  • Lancet: Cardiovascular disease risk in type 1 diabetes and Authors’ reply read more
  • Lancet: Country in Focus: health disparities in Indigenous Canadians read more
  • World Bank: The Double Burden of Malnutrition in Indonesia read more
  • BMJ: Maya Annie Elias: Tobacco control in India—more needs to be done to promote smoking cessation in India read more
  • BMJ: The BMJ Today: Elders, teens, and tobacco in the modern era read more
  • BMJ: Reuters reports U.S. to roll back ‘lost pleasure’ approach on health rules read more
  • BMJ: Tobacco industry is investing in e-cigarette types least likely to help smokers quit read more
  • Food Revolution Daily: Study finds sugary drinks boost risk factors for heart disease read more
  • Rebel Public Health: Alessandro Demaio: our Fault You’re Fat? I Don’t Buy It. read more
  • TobaccoFree Kids and FCA: Taxation and Price: Countering Industry Claims read more
  • NEJM: Lowering LDL Cholesterol Is Good, but How and in Whom? read more
  • PLoS: Assessing Breast Cancer Risk: Beyond the Angelina Effect read more
  • BioMed Central: Whole grains and all-cause and cause-specific mortality – are there associations beyond the established relationships with cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes? read more
  • BioMedCentral: Systematic reviews on selected nutrition interventions: descriptive assessment of conduct and methodological challenges read more
  • BioMed Central: Cigars as harmful as cigarettes read more
  • BioMed Central: Building school-based cardiovascular health promotion capacity in youth: a mixed methods study read more

Asthma Facts and Fiction

Do most kids outgrow the condition? Is exercise a bad idea? Get the facts -- and tips to avoid flare-ups. Find out more
HCC News Roundup Archive - If you have missed any of our News Roundups you can view previous Roundups on our News Roundup Archive webpage here.
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