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November 13th - November 19th 2015


Sharjah Declaration Adopted at Global NCD Alliance Forum 2015

On 15 November more than 200 civil society representatives from six continents adopted the“Sharjah Declaration on NCDs: Civil Society United Towards 2030", marking the end of the first-ever Global NCD Alliance Forum 2015, held in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE). 
Global NCD Alliance Forum 2015
“No one sector alone will reverse the NCD epidemic, but working together we have the tremendous opportunity to chart a new course toward health and sustainable human development for a more equitable and healthier future for all”, states the Declaration.

Forty-five national and regional alliances were represented at the Forum. 'The development and strengthening of national and regional alliances and the establishment of strong inter-alliance networks under the leadership of the NCD Alliance will be one the major factors influencing the role that civil society plays in achieving the sustainable development health goal set out in the 2030 agenda. The Sharjah meeting was a major step forward in this process. 'The HCC congratulates the NCD Alliance and commits to fulfilling the principles of the Sharjah Declaration through our core work and promoting the adoption of the Declaration among our members throughout the Caribbean’ said Maisha Hutton, Executive Director of the HCC.
Caribbean Representation at the Global NCD Alliance Forum in Sharjah 2015
The Caribbean was strongly represented at the Forum by HCC President, Sir Trevor Hassell; HCC Executive Director, Maisha Hutton; Belize Cancer Society President and member of HCC Board of Directors, Laura Tucker Longsworth; HCC Member, International Health Consultant and Lead for the TT National NCD Alliance, Dr. Karen Sealey; Executive Director of the Heart Foundation of Jamaica and past member of HCC Board of Directors, Debbie Chen; and HCC Patron, Director Emeritus of PAHO and Chair NCD Alliance Expert Advisory Group, Sir George Alleyne.

Click here to see the Sharjah Declaration.
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Also at the Global NCD Alliance Forum

American Cancer Society “Meet the Targets” Communications & Advocacy Workshop
American Cancer Society “Meet the Targets” Communications & Advocacy Workshop
The HCC and other ACS Meet the Targets (MTT) grantees from Brazil, the Caribbean, Ethiopia and India met to share and discuss strategies around the effective use of communications to highlight cancer in the larger NCD agenda with a view to ensuring that cancer does not get lost in the larger NCD conversation and that policies around cancer are discussed and demanded at the country and global level.
Caribbean Youth NCD Advocate Calls for Greater Engagement of Young People and Calls on Youth to Join the NCD Movement And Make ‘A Little Noise!'
Advancing Effective Multisectoral Action for NCDs
Krystal Boyea, HCC Co-lead on Youth4NCDs was a panelist in the opening plenary session dedicated to 'The Global NCD Response: Taking Stock, Looking Ahead'. In her remarks, Krystal applauded the NCD Alliance for bringing over 20 youth representatives to the Global Forum, thereby demonstrating true commitment to engaging young people.  See below an excerpt from her excellent comments.

'Being young is all about achieving the impossible. Or at least believing you can. The old mistake our denial for ignorance, our immaturity for irresponsibility. We understand the rules of life, we just don’t want to play by them. Not yet.Not today. Because today is a good day to be young and alive.If you really want to change the world of NCDS you need to inspire, empower and INCLUDE young people! That’s how you change the world! SO lets all have courage, go out into the world and allow us to make a little noise!'

Young people were vocal throughout the forum contributing during every session. Youth leader, Dr. Ramón Lorenzo Luis Guinto (WHF Emerging Leader 2015 and Director of Reimagine Global Health, Philippines) made a particularly powerful and insightful comment when urging the NCD civil society community to seek out greater youth inclusion:  'It is my generation that will either celebrate the victories or lament the failures of the SDGs.’
Advancing Effective Multisectoral Action for NCDs
The HCC and The Partnering Initiative were co-leaders for the workshop entitled 'Advancing Effective Multisectoral Action for NCDs’.  The workshop explored sectoral cooperation on NCDs, including frameworks and mechanisms for successful multisectoral partnerships in various settings.  Participants examined the different roles and contributions of key sectors and outlined challenges and opportunities of working with all sectors, including managing conflict of interest (COI). Examples of multisectoral partnerships were discussed, including global perspectives from the WHO GCM on multisectoral action. Panelists included: Dr. Jeff Sturchio, President & CEO Rabin Martin; M Hutton, HCC; Dr. Fiona Adshead, Director of Wellbeing and Public Health, BUPA and Dr. Bente Mikklesen, Head a.i. of the Secretariat for The Global Coordination Mechanism and Interagency Task Force (GCM), Office of the Assistant Director-General, Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health, World Health Organization.
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Student Leaders Forum on Tobacco Advertising Promotion and Sponsorship (TAPS)

Over 200 students from schools islandwide participated in a student leaders forum on TAPS, November 6 at the Knutsford Court Hotel. The forum, interactive in nature allowed for presentations, edutainment and group work activities surrounding the topic of TAPS.  The students in their group presentations showed a high degree of creativity and understanding on the topic. The forum also took the opportunity to launch a discussion board for tobacco related issues on twitter @tobaccofreeJA.
Student Leaders Forum on Tobacco Advertising Promotion and Sponsorship (TAPS)
A petition addressed to the government and the ministry of Health  asking for protection from TAPS in the upcoming comprehensive tobacco Control Legislation as launched on the The target is 5,000 signatures from students will be received for presentation to the Government in  the new year.

Funding for the forum was made possible by PAHO and was supported  by the following stakeholders: The National Council on Drug Abuse, Jamaica Cancer Society, Jamaica Coalition for Tobacco Control, the National Secondary Students Council and the Ministry of Youth, who participated as exhibitors and facilitators.

A Busy Time for Cancer Support Services

Cancer Support Services Barbados
Its been a busy two months for cancer Support Services in Barbados, with many events taking place.Starting with Globeathon Barbados and including the refurbishment of a ward at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and a back to school treat for local kids. Please click on the links below for more information.

Balloon Fight Against Cancer

On Tuesday 10th November 2015, the Dominica State College Biology Club joined in raising funds for cancer care in Dominica and held its inaugural ‘Balloon Fight Against  Cancer: Wet Fête Lecturer Style'. This event was deemed a  success, as balloons were sold out and each and every lecturer who participated  was soaked from head to toe, in less than no time.
DCS Secretary accepting fundraising cheque
The Biology Club expresses sincere thanks to all students and faculty who participated and    are already planning the next fundraiser.We are excited to be able to play our part in assisting to raise funds for cancer care.We join the Dominica Cancer Society in letting the world know that “Cancer Care in NOT Beyond Us!”

Read the full story of the event here.

HCC Member Speaks at UN Womens's Conference

Keoma La Hamer, Social Enhancer, known for her commitments to Cervical Cancer & HPV Awareness through the KeLaHa Projects was a speaker at the UN Women’s Entrepreneurship Day conference which was held at the United Nations Headquarter on Friday, November 20th in New York City. The 2015 Women’s Entrepreneur Day theme was Entrepreneurship for economics and Empowerment (3Es) for Sustainable Development and prosperity for all.
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Chronic Disease in the Caribbean: Strategies to Respond to the Public Health Challenge in the Region - What Can We Learn from Jamaica’s Experience?

With the advent of the epidemiological transition, chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCDs) have emerged as the leading cause of death globally. In this paper, we present an overview of the burden of CNCDs in the Caribbean region and use Jamaica as a case-study to review the impact of policy initiatives and interventions implemented in response to the CNCD epidemic. The findings show that while Jamaica has implemented several policy initiatives aimed at stemming the tide of the CNCD epidemic, a comparison of data from two national health and lifestyle surveys conducted in Jamaica in 2000/01 and 2007/08 revealed that there was an increase in the prevalence of intermediate CNCD risk factors such as hypertension and obesity. We therefore present recommended strategies which we believe will enhance the current CNCD response and thus reduce, or at least stem, the current epidemic of CNCDs. Read more
Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados Latest
The BIG " C "
"Wha yuh don't know - can't kill yuh" so the popular "Bajan" saying goes.

Olympic Skater Saved...
by CPR along with 450 chest compression

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WHO GCM Accepting Nominations for Members of the 2016-2017 Working Groups

The WHO GCM is now accepting nominations for members of the 2016-2017 working groups from Member States. The 2016-2017 GCM work plan includes the establishment of three new working groups. WG 1 and 2 will be established in 2016, and WG 3 in 2017:
If you wish to nominate members of the above working groups, the HCC strongly encourages you to reach out to your government to share your recommendations with them and to find out whether they are already planning to nominate specific experts.

Please note that the process to appoint Members of the Working Groups is as follows:
  •  January 2016: WHO Regional Directors (RD) collate nominations from Member States and submits these to the WHO GCM (make sure that you reach out to your government as early as possible to influence this process; some governments will submit their nominations to their RDs as early as November)
  • March 2016: WHO Director-General appoints 12 Members for each Working Group
  • March/April 2016: Working Groups take up their work
Further information about the working groups can be found here.

Call for Papers For CCS 2016 Barbados

Call for Papers For CCS 2016 Barbados
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CARPHA Health Research Conference Call for Papers

Deadline for Receipt of Papers is December 1st, 2015. The 61st Annual CARPHA Health Research Conference will be held in the Turks and Caicos Islands from June 23rd to June 25th, 2016.

The theme for 2016 is Family Health. For more information contact the conference secretariat at: or click here.
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