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August 18th - September 24th 2015


Adoption of Agenda 2030: A Major Victory for NCDs

Adoption of Agenda 2030: A Major Victory for NCDs
Yesterday 25th September 2015 was a historic moment for the non-communicable disease (NCD) community. In the morning, world leaders formally adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the United Nations in New York. These 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 targets will drive efforts to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, improve health and wellbeing, and protect our planet over the next fifteen years. For the first time, NCDs are included in these goals as a sustainable development priority for all countries.

“This victory marks the culmination of a six year campaign led by the NCD Alliance”, said Mr José Luis Castro, Chair of the NCD Alliance and Executive Director of The Union. "In 2009 when the NCD Alliance was founded, one of the four initial goals was to secure NCDs - namely diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory disease, and mental/neurological disorders - in the successors to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Since then, the NCD Alliance has worked tirelessly with many partners and stakeholders to lay the foundations for this historic agreement today”. Read more

HCC is in NYC for the summit - President Professor Sir Trevor Hassell, Executive Director Maisha Hutton and Youth4NCDs representitive Krystal Boyea and next week’s roundup will include HCC highlights from this historic occasion.

Healthy Caribbean Coalition Releases Reports on Partnerships for Prevention and Control of NCDs

Earlier this week the The Healthy Caribbean Coalition, in support of partnerships to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, released four reports to coincide with the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015, September 25-27 - a momentous occasion of global consensus around the 2030 agenda.
A Civil Society Report on National NCD Commissions in the Caribbean: Towards a more Effective Multisectoral Response to NCDs. Part I
A Civil Society Report on National NCD Commissions in the Caribbean: Towards a more Effective Multisectoral Response to NCDs. Part I
The report provides a detailed assessment and analysis of the status of CARICOM National NCD Commissions and makes recommendations for their future structure and roles as key instruments of national coordinated multisectoral action, based on varying country contexts and realities.  The report represents civil society’s contribution to strengthening the multisectoral approach and will be used by the HCC to advocate for, and support National NCD Commissions in CARICOM and beyond. Click here to read and download.
A Framework for the Establishment and Strengthening of National NCD Commissions: Towards a more Effective Multisectoral Response to NCDs. Part II * Available on October 9 2015
A Framework for the Establishment and Strengthening of National NCD Commissions: Towards a more Effective Multisectoral Response to NCDs. Part II * Available on October 9 2015
The report is a Situational Analysis and Framework for Action and represents, to our knowledge, the first documentation of the knowledge, attitudes and practices of the Caribbean private sector’s involvement in the prevention and control of NCDs. It details the experiences of Caribbean business with worksite wellness programmes and the attitudes of businesses towards provision of working environments that prevent NCDs and care for those already affected by them.
It also examines engagement of companies on a corporate level with community, national, regional and international NCD prevention and control programmes and it assesses the readiness of the business and industrial sector for future involvement. Finally the report incorporates a framework for action that was discussed at the private sector consultation and refined thereafter. This framework presents a way forward for the business and industrial sector to engage with government and civil society in the public health arena with respect to NCDs. Click here to read and download.
Measuring and Engaging the Business Sector Response to NCDs: The Caribbean NCD Private Sector Forum Meeting Report
This is a meeting report of the The Caribbean Private Sector Forum held on 4th June, 2015. The meeting of regional business executives, representing a wide cross section of industries, was aimed at creating a platform for sharing of experiences and dialogue around greater engagement of the region’s corporate sector in the multisectoral response to the prevention and control of NCDs. 
The primary objectives of the Forum were to provide an opportunity for senior business executives to discuss mechanisms for implementing and strengthening private sector-led workplace wellness programmes and outward facing community initiatives; and to explore strategies to strengthen the capacity for public private partnerships (PPPs) through more effective interaction with government and civil society.
Click here to read and download.
We would like to acknowledge and thank our partners and supporters: NCD Alliance, Commonwealth Secretariat, Pan American Health Association (PAHO), Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), CARICOM, University of the West Indies, Regional Governments, Chairs and members of the National NCD Commissions in the Caribbean, Members of the Caribbean Private Sector, and HCC staff and interns. 


Preparing the Region of the Americas to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goal on Health

Preparing the Region of the Americas to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goal on Health
The present document has been prepared at the request of the Ministries of Health. It represents a joint effort of all technical units in PAHO, working under the coordination of the Special Program on Sustainable Development and Health Equity (SDE). This is an easy-to-use reference document that provides an easy cross-reference between SDG 3 and the existing programmatic and technical resources available at PAHO and in the countries, such as the most relevant mandates and technical documents of its organizational entities, as well as the bases for their numerous partnerships with related institutions, including the network of PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centers read more.

Reaching Out to a Sister in Need

While others were pouring relief into Dominica after that island’s devastation from Erica the Diabetes Association of Barbados mobilized its membership to respond to the needs of its sister organization in the storm ravaged island. President of the Barbados association Noreen Merritt made immediate contact with the President of the Dominican organization and a number of urgent needs for the Dominica Association were ascertained as comprising emergency supplies of Insulin Syringes, Alcohol Prep Pads, Lancets and Regular Insulin. For all these items the amount requested was for three (3) months supplies for 1000 clients.
PAHO Multistakeholder Team on CVD Prevention through Dietary Salt Reduction
The response from the Barbados association was not only swift - it was a generous outpouring of commitment to a segment of society whose continuous quest to live under normal circumstances is an emotional struggle. Now in the disruption of all services persons with chronic conditions like diabetes can be easily overlooked in the efforts to restore national essential services. The Dominica association would be overjoyed therefore to receive the Barbados shipment which, according to the Barbados president was sent  “… containing water, low sodium corned beef, crackers, sardines, Glucerna, Enterex, toiletries, sanitary supplies, insulin syringes, lancets, baby formula, mosquito coils, etc...”   An order of alcohol prep pads has been ordered and will be sent as soon as it is received from Florida.

President Noreen Merritt wishes to thank the membership of the Diabetes Association of Barbados, Pharmacy reps and their Companies, for their kind support of their counterparts in their sister Isle. Thanks go out as well for the insulin syringes and lancets which came from a timely supply donated by Insulin For Life (IFL).

Jamaica Coalition for Tobacco Control Responds to Carreras Article

Jamaica Coalition for Tobacco Control have responded to a recent article in the Jamaica Observer in which cigarette distributor Carreras Ltd expressed regret that pending regulations aimed at curtailing its advertising and sponsorship could stop it from offering scholarships. Professor Knox Hagley in a letter to the editor states that "These Corporate and Social Responsibility efforts by the tobacco industry can mask but not negate the fact that their products are lethal when used as directed and no amount of CSR can diminish the fact that the profits from tobacco sales can never equate to the costs of health harms by tobacco use". Read the full letter here and the original article here.

Keep on Walking!

Everybody has a Heart Walk
Stride for Life
Break the Silence Run/Walk

Guess Who You Can Share a Coke With?

Share a coke with Obesity
Personalized Coke bottles let you ‘share a Coke’ with a friend, customizing labels is fun, but Coke shouldn’t customize the truth about their products. Please watch and enjoy - and then share the video (use #ShareHonesty on Twitter)

Only 1 Week Left to Buy Your Raffle Ticket

Only 1 Week Left to Buy Your Raffle Ticket
Support the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre, a chance to win the $10,000 travel voucher purchase your raffle ticket online today for only $10.  It couldn't be easier!
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Gearing Up for Breast Cancer Awareness 2015

Gearing Up for Breast Cancer Awareness 2015
The Positive Foundation together with the Elektralyets Foundation is proud to announce their full schedule for Breast Cancer Awareness month October 2015. Activities include fundraising events, a parade, a walk, a motor bike rally, a workshop and 27 free clinical breast examination screening opportunities at 15 medical clinics during the month of October. The Foundations are hoping that these activities will not only reinforce the awareness of breast cancer but encourage the whole community get checked.
“Tell a friend, a mother, a daughter, a sister, as everyone counts”, says Shelly Alphonso and Mercedes van der Waals-Wyatt, presidents of the Positive and Elektralyets Foundation. They also said that not many people know that men can develop breast cancer.
With the United Nations preparing to adopt the bold Sustainable Development Agenda, 267 economists from 44 countries have endorsed a landmark Declaration calling on global leaders to prioritize investments in universal health coverage. They argue that reaching everyone- especially the poorest - with quality, essential health services without financial hardship is the right, smart and affordable investment to save lives and strengthen nations. Read more
Also small number of grants will be available to help HCC members organize events on and around UHC Day 2015. On-the-ground activities and events were a true highlight of UHC Day 2014 and  included:  
  • Marches that demonstrated grassroots support for health for all
  • Panel discussions that gave experts the opportunity to educate policymakers and other influential leaders on why and how to make UHC a reality
  • Community events featuring theater, free health screenings and health education
If you are interested in organizing an event or activity to mark UHC Day 2015, please fill out this brief form by Friday, September 25 to apply for funding.

How Much Sugar is there in Your Breakfast?

British Celebrity Chef Jamie's Oliver recently produced a series of programs on Sugar for UK TV Channel 4. He is also leading a campaign to impose a tax on sugar sweetened beverages in the UK. Watch this video here.

Visit his 'Sugar Rush' website here.

NCDFREE Film Launch: Sowing Seeds

NCD Free Sowing Seeds Video
Following the film launch earlier this month, NCDFREE are proud to present our latest film 'Sowing Seeds'. Set in the beautiful Werribee Park Community Garden, lays a veggie patch run by Karen refugees - survivors of the long-running civil war in Burma. Read more

CARPHA Health Research Conference Call for Papers

Deadline for Receipt of Papers is December 1st, 2015. The 61st Annual CARPHA Health Research Conference will be held in the Turks and Caicos Islands from June 23rd to June 25th, 2016.

The theme for 2016 is Family Health. For more information contact the conference secretariat at: or click here.
Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados Latest
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Just A Minute... Think About Your Tax Incentive
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From the NCD Alliance Weekly Digest

NCDs News
  • WHO: Regional Committee adopts resolution on cancer prevention, control read more
  • Lancet: Life expectancy climbs worldwide but people spend more years living with illness and disability | Commentary by IHME read more
  • Lancet: Type 2 diabetes and the skeleton: new insights into sweet bones read more
  • Lancet: Hyperglycaemia in pregnancy: still a lot to learn read more
  • BMJ: Harish Chandra Rodda: The unaffordability of cancer treatment in India read more
  • Health Affairs: The Growing Burden Of NCDs | Special NCDs Edition | The Global Health Movement Needs The Voices Of Those Affected By NCDs | Overcoming Obstacles To Enable Access To Medicines For NCDs In Poor Countries | The Atlanta Declaration: A 21st Century Vision For US-Based Global NCD Research read more
  • PLoS: Equity and NCD Reduction under the Sustainable Development Goals read more
  • CFR: Understanding The Relationships Between NCDs, Unhealthy Lifestyles, And Country Wealth read more
  • Devex: How to maintain mental health in conflict zones read more
  • NEJM: Trends in Mental Health Care among Children and Adolescents read more
  • Washington Post: Why [many] Asian Americans have diabetes but don’t know it read more
Risk Factor News
  • WHO: South-East Asia countries pledge tough action against tobacco read more
  • WHO: WHO welcomes introduction of new tobacco advertising changes in China read more
  • WHO: Ultra-processed foods are driving the obesity epidemic in Latin America, says new PAHO/WHO report read more
  • WEF: How can China care for its ageing population? read more
  • BMJ: Kerala: India’s first tobacco ad-free state read more
  • BMJ: Tim Ballard: Will a tax on sugary drinks work? read more
  • Health Spectator: Jamie Oliver is right about the sugar crisis. Something has gone horribly wrong with our diet read more
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  • Guardian: Poor diet 'biggest contributor to early deaths across the world' read more
  • Guardian: PE lessons should include disabled children too read more
  • Express: New diabetes breakthrough: Food experts find key to halting the disease 'epidemic' read more
  • Independent: Worrying about your weight makes you more likely to pile on the pounds, researchers claim read more
  • Independent: Scrapping universal free school meals could jeopardise children's health and education, chefs and politicians warn read more
  • BioMed Central: Retailer opinions about and compliance with family smoking prevention and tobacco control act point of sale provisions: a survey of tobacco retailers | The effectiveness of tobacco control television advertisements in increasing the prevalence of smoke-free homes | Total Exposure Study Analysis consortium: a cross-sectional study of tobacco exposures read more
  • Health 24: NYC first US city to implement sodium labelling read more

The Beverage Bulletin

The Beverage Bulletin is an educational and informational electronic resource for practitioners interested in public health efforts to support healthier beverage intake.
  • Estimated Global, Regional, and National Disease Burdens Related to Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption in 2010 read more
  • Global, Regional, and National Consumption of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages, Fruit Juices, and Milk: A Systematic Assessment of Beverage Intake in 187 Countries read more
  • Nutrition Policy Decreases Sugar-Sweetened Beverages in Municipal Parks: Lessons Learned From Carson, California read more
  • Grab a Cup, Fill It Up! An intervention to promote the convenience of drinking water and increase student water consumption during school lunch read more
  • Energy contribution of beverages in US children by age, weight, and consumer status read more
  • Physical changes in the home environment to reduce television viewing and sugar-sweetened beverage consumption among 5- to 12-year-old children: a randomized pilot study read more
HCC News Roundup Archive - If you have missed any of our News Roundups you can view previous Roundups on our News Roundup Archive webpage here.
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