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July 15th - July 27th 2018


Civil Society Leads the Charge to Start a National Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition in Barbados

Childhood Obesity Prevention Network in Barbados
The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Barbados (HSFB) and the The Breastfeeding and Child Nutrition Foundation of Barbados (BCNF) partnered with the Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC) on Friday July 20th to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders to explore the formation of a national coalition to advocate for policies aimed at reducing childhood overweight and obesity.

Much like the rest of the Caribbean, waistlines of Barbadian children are expanding with 1 in every 3 children being overweight or obese. Against the background of current patterns of excessive sugar sweetened beverage (SSB) consumption, low levels of physical activity, poor breastfeeding rates and the absence of a comprehensive national policy response to this emerging epidemic, overweight and obesity rates among Barbadian children will only grow. The HCC, HSFB and BCNF recognise that the local 10% SSB tax is insufficient and needs to be complemented with a suite of anti-obesity policies such as the SSB School Ban implemented in Bermuda, Trinidad and Tobago and planned for Jamaica. As has happened in Jamaica, through the Heart Foundation of Jamaica - multistakeholder, multisectoral coalitions have the power to dramatically increase public knowledge and demand for obesity prevention policies.
Prof. Alafia Samuels
Prof. Alafia Samuels, Policy and Practice Advisor at HCC presented on the burden and drivers of COP
Mr. Neil Brennen
Mr. Neil Brennen, Managing Director of Human Resources, FCIB/CIBC, committed to action on COP
Through the consultation, the HSFB and the BCNF sought to engage a diverse group of actors including traditional health and non-health CSOs, academia, youth advocates, the media, the Ministry of Health, The Ministry of Education, PAHO, the Barbados Workers Union, paediatricians, health care professionals, and the private sector.  At the end of the half day consultation, there was consensus around the need for a coalition with a focus on policies aimed at preventing the sale and marketing of unhealthy processed foods in schools and the introduction of workplace policies to promote increased breastfeeding. Co-leaders were identified to move the process forward and plans are underway to engage additional stakeholders and begin work on joint activities.

If you are interested in joining this coalition please contact us at
10 Year Questionnaire
The Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC) was established in 2008 to harness the power of civil society to contribute to the prevention and control on noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) in the Caribbean, in the wake of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Heads of Government 2007 Port of Spain Declaration "Uniting to Stop the Epidemic of Chronic NCDs".

In preparing HCC's 10-year report, and looking to the Coalition's next 10 years, the views of its member civil society organisations (CSOs) and key partners will provide invaluable input. 

We would appreciate you taking the time to complete a brief questionnaire, this can be done online here or by completing this word document and returning it to Dr. B. Barnett, HCC Consultant, at by 31 July 2018




The Healthy Caribbean Coalition has received financing from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) in an amount equivalent to US$149,990 towards the cost of Capacity Building of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to Address Childhood Obesity Prevention Project and intends to apply a portion of the proceeds of this financing to eligible payments under a contract for which this invitation is issued. Payments by CDB will be made only at the request of Healthy Caribbean Coalition and upon approval by CDB, and will be subject in all respects to the terms and conditions of the Financing Agreement. The Financing Agreement prohibits withdrawal from the financing account for the purpose of any payment to persons or entities, or for any import of goods, if such payment or import, to the knowledge of CDB, is prohibited by a decision of the United Nations Security Council taken under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations. No party other than Healthy Caribbean Coalition shall derive any rights from the Financing Agreement or have any claim to the proceeds of the Financing.

Healthy Caribbean Coalition, the Executing Agency, now wishes to procure consultancy services for the Evaluation of the Capacity of CSOs to Implement Childhood Obesity Prevention Interventions.

Read/download the full Request for Expression of Interest here.
After further consultation with CDB, we are now sharing the Terms of Reference for this consultancy. Please be advised that the TORs are in draft and may be modified slightly over the course of the procurement process. Read/download here

Antigua & Barbuda Tobacco Control Bill Passed After Debate in the Lower House

Antigua & Barbuda Tobacco Control Bill
The Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC) and the Jamaica Coalition for Tobacco Control (JCTC) applaud the Minister of Health Molwyn Joseph and the Government of Antigua for the passage in the Lower House of the Tobacco Control Bill on July 24th, which is comprehensive and FCTC compliant. The bill includes prohibition of smoking in public places and will also seek to curtail tobacco advertising promotion and sponsorship. There are also restrictions on where the substance can be sold. 

This is great achievement for Antigua and the Caribbean as we continue to fulfil the mandates of the FCTC in the region. The health minister stated that “We have an obligation to protect those who are innocent bystanders,” , he also said  “we will do what is appropriate to protect our people" (from second-hand smoke). Minister Josephs went on to say that  the restrictions will help curtail actions which lead to chronic non-communicable diseases in the country.

We urge other Caribbean states to speedily implement articles of the FCTC via tobacco control legislation in order to protect the health of our citizens.
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Heart Foundation Donates Water Cooler To School

The Heart Foundation of Jamaica donated two water coolers to Seaward Primary School
The Heart Foundation of Jamaica donated two water coolers to Seaward Primary School as part of the Childhood Obesity Project in collaboration with Healthy Caribbean Coalition and the National Water Commission (NWC). Nola Phillpotts-Brown (left), senior manager, health administration, the Heart Foundation of Jamaica, and Delano Williams, acting public relations officer, NWC, present two bottles of water to Arleen Thomas, principal, Seaward Primary School.

World Breastfeeding Week 1-7 August 2018

World Breastfeeding Week
In a world filled with inequality, crises and poverty, breastfeeding is the foundation of lifelong good health for babies and mothers. The slogan for World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) 2018: BREASTFEEDING: Foundation of Life.

World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) is a global network of individuals and organisations concerned with the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding worldwide based on the Innocenti Declarations, the Ten Links for Nurturing the Future and the WHO/UNICEF Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding. WABA is in consultative status with UNICEF and an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC).
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The CTA continues to gain support from major influencers around the region. This week,  Sagicor's Executive Vice President and General Manager, Edward Clarke, added his signature to the cause.
Edward Clarke
Edward Clarke, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Sagicor Life Inc.
Following the recently concluded CARICOM Summit where the region's Heads of Government declared commitment to the prevention of Childhood Obesity as a priority action, the Healthy Caribbean Coalition is seeking to keep up the momentum and focus on this issue as public support grows for the Call to Action at

In Barbados, volunteers, comprising mainly of young people on vacation, have started visiting businesses and calling on gyms, churches etc to capture signatures for the Call to Action. In Jamaica, a team of volunteers will soon be hitting the ground as well in support of the  work already being done by the Heart Foundation of Jamaica. In Belize, the Cancer Society has engaged student interns who are feverishly working to garner support and signatures, while In St Kitts Nevis, a team of volunteers coordinated by the Lakeshore Health and Wellness, have just completed a month of canvassing around the country.
HCC volunteers interacting with customers at Sagicor
First Caribbean Bank
HCC volunteers gaining support from the staff at First Caribbean Bank
President of the Diabetes Association of Barbados
Trudy Griffith, President of the Diabetes Association of Barbados
West Indies cricketer, Kieron Pollard from Trinidad and Tobago, not only signed but called on the public to rally around our region's children. (click/tap image to play)
Join the Call to Action NOW!
See a gallery of Who's Signed here.

The Mayor of Belize City Pledges His Support for BCS Childhood Obesity Initiatives 

The Mayor of Belize City, Mr Bernard Wagner
The Mayor of Belize City, Mr Bernard Wagner has pledged his support for all Childhood Obesity Initiatives by the Belize Cancer Society (BCS)
Mayor Wagner has pledged his support for this initiative and has promised to ensure his council especially Public Health Councillor Deltru Hylton to attend and support all COP initiatives by the Belize Cancer Society (BCS) and its social partners. 

This is a significant step forward for the BCS as the city Mayor and his council are responsible for the regulation of food and beverage vendors on the public streets. The Mayor has committed to review existing policies in regards to vending on public streets and schools and will make every effort to address this issue of access to unhealthy foods and drinks in and around schools.  In addition, the council has pledged to revitalize and initiate more physical activity programs within the Belize City Council for its employees and by large the community and children of Belize. He has pledged to work on park revitalization programs and free healthy outdoors activities for communities with a specific focus on children.

This follows the launch of a national civil society-led coalition to tackle childhood overweight and obesity in Bellize. The coalition was initiated by the Belize Cancer Society as part of their work under the HCC-managed, CDB-funded regional project aimed at building the capacity of civil society organisations to contribute to national responses to childhood obesity.

If you are interested in learning more about this work or joining the Belize coalition, please reach out to Heather Mia Usher at the Belize Cancer Society (

Cancer Society of the Bahamas (CSOB) Share Their Experiences of the UN Interactive Hearing on NCDs

Cancer Society of The Bahamas (CSOB)
(L to R) Dr. Christine Chin, Lead, Healthy Lifestyles Team of the Cancer Society of The Bahamas (CSOB) and Dr. Williamson Chea, President CSOB
It was indeed an honour to represent the Healthy Lifestyles Team of the Cancer Society of The Bahamas at the UN Interactive Hearing on NCDs in New York on July 5, 2018.  Our deepest gratitude goes to Mrs. Maisha Hutton and Sir Trevor Hassell of the Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC) for including us and Ms. Adelia Bovell-Benjamin of the Bovell Cancer Diabetes Foundation from Trinidad as part of the HCC delegation.  

It was very educational to see how civil society organizations all over the world work passionately and cooperatively with the World Health Organization and together impact the governments of the world through the United Nations structure. 

As a small region of the world, it was impressive to see how the Caribbean is well represented with contributions from Sir George Alleyne, Professor T. Alafia Samuels, Dr Karen Sealey and Mrs. Maisha Hutton.  This meeting has given us impetus to continue the work in the Bahamas to stop the scourge of NCDs and also to encourage our leaders to attend the HLM3 in September so major policies can be implemented globally and locally to quelch the impact of NCDs in our countries and make our citizens healthier.

Much thanks to HCC and the work they are doing around the region and the world!

Dr. Christine Chin, Lead, Healthy Lifestyles Team of the Cancer Society of The Bahamas and Dr. Williamson Chea, President, The Cancer Society of The Bahamas.

Cancer Support Services 7th Annual Conference

Cancer Support Services 7th Annual Conference
Cancer Support Services hosted its 7th Annual Conference under the theme “Survive Alive” on Saturday July 7, 2018 at the Accra Beach Hotel & Spa.

Photos, video and audio clips from the conference can be found on Cancer Support Services website, click on the button below.
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The 84TH UWI/BAMP CME Conference

Save the Date
The 84TH UWI/BAMP CME Conference takes place at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Saturday 17th-18th November, 2018.

This conference will feature the inaugural lecture in the 'Distinguished Lecture Series' delivered by HCC President Professor Sir Trevor Hassell.

Also featured is the 2nd Annual 'Prof. George Nicholson Memorial Lecture', delivered this year by Dr Adrian Sawyer.
There will be many other presentations, discussions and breakout groups, to see the first draft programme of events click on the button below.
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NCD Alliance: Social Media Basics - A Guide on Using Digital Channels to Achieve Change on NCDs

Social Media Basics
Social Media Basics - A Guide on Using Digital Channels to Achieve Change on NCDs has been developed by the NCD Alliance to help members of the NCD civil society community, such as NCD alliances, members and people living with NCDs, begin their social media journey.

It shares how strategic use of social media can generate large-scale meaningful change, and should be a crucial tool in the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) worldwide.
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Things That Matter: Exercise - by Sir Henry Fraser

PM Urges Jamaicans to Commit to 30 Minutes of Exercise per Day
Prime Minister Andrew Holness (2nd right) and Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Hon. Olivia Grange (right), cross the finish line for the Caricom road race, held on Saturday (July 7) in Montego Bay.
Things That Matter: Exercise - the pill for almost every ill.

I was delighted to read in the press that Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness “has encouraged Jamaicans to commit to 30 minutes of physical activity every day, to improve their health and reduce the risk factors associated with non-communicable diseases (NCDs)”. He went on: “I want to encourage you all to get the message out that ‘Jamaica Moves’. We are going to do our 30 minutes of exercise every day, and I hope that this will keep the doctors away”.

The Prime Minister was speaking at the awards ceremony for the CARICOM road race held in Montego Bay. In his remarks, Minister of Health Dr Christopher Tufton said the region’s leaders are considering a CARICOM / Caribbean Moves initiative, similar to Jamaica Moves. These developments are the result of the splendid efforts of the Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC) which was formed after the Heads of Government Conference on Chronic Disease in Port of Spain and led by Professor Sir Trevor Hassell. Dr. Victor Matsudo, founder of the Agita São Paulo Program as a model for using physical activity to promote health, had come to our conference in Barbados to help get the HCC off the ground.
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Barbados National Registry Newsletter

BNR Register
  • Reintroducing “The Register”
  • Under New Leadership
  • Acute MI Medical Update - Length of Stay( LOS)
  • Stroke Medical Update - Length of Stay (LOS)
  • Cancer Medical Update - Top 5 Cancers
  • Progress Points
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Baltimore Bans Sugary Drinks From Kids’ Menus

Baltimore Bans Sugary Drinks From Kids’ Menus
Baltimore became the largest city to prohibit restaurants from including sugar-sweetened beverages on kids’ menus with a law that took effect on July 18, 2018. The default options on kids’ menus must now be water, milk, and 100% fruit juice. Several smaller cities in California and Colorado have passed similar policies.

Frank Hu, Fredrick J. Stare Professor of Nutrition and Epidemiology and the chair of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, told NBC News that “this kind of message can influence the behavior of parents and drinking habits of the entire family, so it’s something that can have a wide effect.” However, he cautioned against the inclusion of fruit juice, which can contain high amounts of sugar.
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Center of Molecular Imaging of Guadeloupe (CIMGUA) Now Equipped with the first Cyclotron with PETscan in the Caribbean 

Cyclotron with PETscan
In the wake of the programs already conducted towards the improvement of public health, Ary Chalus, President of the Guadeloupe Region, Guy Losbar, Chairman of the CIMGUA and the Sem Patrimoniale, in collaboration with the University Hospital Center (CHU) and the Regional Health Agency (ARS), are proud to invite you, on Monday, 18th of June 2018 at 10h30, to the opening to its first patients, of the Center of Molecular Imaging of Guadeloupe (CIMGUA) - equipped with the first Cyclotron with PETscan of the Caribbean - in the presence of several dignitaries from the Caribbean states.
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Diabetes Association of Barbados Wellness Camp

Diabetes Association of Barbados Wellness Camp
The Diabetes Association of Barbados will be hosting a “Wellness Camp” from August 13-17, 2018 at the Springer Memorial School. 
This camp aims to provide solutions in educating children about Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and the inter-relationship with health and disease, diet, physical activity and social factors. There will be a physical activity session each day, whilst other sessions will include nutrition and food labs, consumerism, dental  hygiene, leadership training, one day farming apprenticeship and tour, supermarket shopping competition, care for hands and feet, substance abuse, food safety and a peek behind the scenes of animal farming. 
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ECHORN/YALE-TCC Collaborative Learning Work Group Webinar: Nutrition and Non-Communicable Diseases in the Caribbean

Josefa L. Martinez
Moderate Household Food Insecurity is Associated with Nutrition-Related Cardiometabolic Conditions in the ECHORN Cohort Study

Josefa L. Martinez, PhD, MHS, Associate Research Scientist, Director, ECHORN Coordinating Center
Register here

Developing Youth Leadership Through Sport

Developing Youth Leadership Through Sport
Mark Mungal, is the author of 'Developing Youth Leadership Through Sport', which shares the sports program that he’s developed to awaken the confidence and leadership skills for middle schoolers and high schoolers.

Mark is the Director and Cofounder of the Caribbean Sport and Development Agency, and over the last 20 years, he’s facilitated workshops in 13 Caribbean territories and spoken on youth leadership and sports at conferences all over the world, from Switzerland to South Africa.

Read an excerpt here, listen to Mark talking about the book here or buy it on Amazon here.
Alzheimer’s Association of Trinidad and Tobago newsletter
This is Issue #2 of the Alzheimer’s Association of Trinidad and Tobago newsletter.
In this feature, you can find updates on activities throughout November 2017- July 2018.

This issue is available both digitally and in print upon request at a support group
SickKids-Caribbean Initiative (SCI) Annual Progress Report 2017-2018

Initiative (SCI) Annual Progress Report 2017-2018 

This document captures the many important milestones SCI have achieved over the past year and notes the work still to be done.

SCI has a collective goal of improving the capacity to care for children living with paediatric cancer and blood disorders in the Caribbean.
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The Lancet

Record Number of Severely Obese Children

Record Number of Severely Obese Children
A record number of primary school children are leaving school severely obese, according to new figures from Public Health England.

Data for 2016/17 shows one in 25 10 to 11 year olds were severely obese. That's more than 22,000 children, and the highest level since records began.

Levels of childhood obesity have remained fairly stable in recent years, but the new analysis shows that severe obesity has been on an upward trend over the last decade.
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Obesity Patient Summit 10-11 October

World Obesity
To coincide with World Obesity Day, World Obesity will be holding a Patient Summit on October 10-11 in London focusing on the theme of ‘Weight Stigma.’ Patients and people living with obesity are invited to explore the perceptions of obesity by healthcare professionals, media, policy-makers and society and receive training to advocate on a global platform.

Travel and accommodation will be covered for up to 20 patients and anyone interested should complete this application form by July 31st.
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NCD Child: NCD Advocacy Resources for Youth by Youth

As a follow-up to the Call to Action: Youth, NCDs, & 2018, NCD Child has 2 new resources developed by youth advocates to help promote the inclusion of young people in policy-making and policy targets. Over the past 6 months, young advocates have continued to be vocal about the need for policy makers, civil society, and others to walk the talk with regards to youth inclusion in the global NCD agenda.
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New Alzheimer’s Drug Slows Memory Loss in Early Trial Results

New Alzheimer’s Drug
The new drug slowed cognitive decline and reduced amyloid plaques, shown lower right in a colored light micrograph of an Alzheimer’s patient.(Credit: Simon Fraser/Science Source)
The long, discouraging quest for a medication that works to treat Alzheimer’s reached a potentially promising milestone on Wednesday. For the first time in a large clinical trial, a drug was able to both reduce the plaques in the brains of patients and slow the progression of dementia.

More extensive trials will be needed to know if the new drug is truly effective, but if the results, presented Wednesday at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Chicago, are borne out, the drug may be the first to successfully attack both the brain changes and the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.
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UNHLM Action Team
NCD Alliance Newsletter
  • Call to action on diabetes in pregnancy - JOIN US!
  • Integrate AIDS response with broader health goals - report
  • NCD alliances in action: Civil Society Atlas in Spanish
  • Next NCDA webinar - 31 July
  • NCDA membership is open!
  • Global Week for Action on NCDs: 3-9 September
  • Statements from Interactive Hearing on NCDs now online
  • World Breastfeeding Week: inform, anchor, engage
  • HCC calls for Expressions of Interest from consultants
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HCC Advocacy Priorities for the 3rd UNHLM on NCDs Outcome Document
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Preparing CARICOM Ministries of Foreign Affairs for the 3rd UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs and Beyond
Preparing CARICOM Ministries of Foreign Affairs for the 3rd UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs and Beyond: a briefing note contribution from civil society
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The Caribbean NCD Forum – Technical Document
The Caribbean NCD Forum – Technical Document: Supporting national and regional advocacy in the Caribbean in the lead up to the 3rd UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs in 2018
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NCD Alliance Global Week for Action on NCDs

NCD Alliance Global Week for Action on NCDs
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World Heart Day 2018 September 29

My Heart Your Heart
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World Cancer Conference 2018

World Cancer Conference 2018
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International Conference - Climate Change: Impacts on Food & Nutrition Security

Climate Change: Impacts on Food & Nutrition Security
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World Congress of Cardiology & Cardiovascular Health

World Congress of Cardiology & Cardiovascular Health
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