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March 13th - March 19th 2015


Caribbean Civil Society Commits to playing their role in Health Systems Strengthening

Caribbean Civil Society Committs to playing their role in Health Systems Strengthening
The HCC has recently prepared a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Statement of Commitment (SC) on Health Systems Strengthening (HSS). This ‘Statement of Commitment’ or framework for action is based on the WHO 6 building blocks of HSS and was developed through a series of consultations with civil society.  The objectives of the CSO HSS SC are to: highlight priority areas for Caribbean CSO led HSS advocacy; and highlight HSS priority areas for Caribbean civil society organisations engaged in service delivery.
The next step will be a webinar to review in further detail potential actions and advocacy initiatives which can be undertaken under the umbrella of the CSO Statement of the Commitment on HSS. Twenty-seven regional CSOs have already officially endorsed the Statement of Commitment and thereby ‘pledged’ to incorporate HSS advocacy and service strengthening into their organisational activities. Click here to see the SC and the CSOs which have signed on. We urge you to do the same. If you are interested please contact us at

Caribbean Civil Society Health Systems Strengthening

Meeting Report

HSS Meeting Dominica 2014
Caribbean Civil Society Health Systems Strengthening Meeting
The HCC is pleased to share this report of the Caribbean Civil Society Health Systems Strengthening Meeting held on October 22nd 2014 in Dominica. The meeting was one of three deliverables of the NCD Alliance (NCDA)/ Medtronic funded programme entitled grant “Strengthening Health Systems, Supporting NCD Action”.
The meeting was organised by the HCC in collaboration with PAHO and CARPHA, with support of the Ministry of Health of the Commonwealth of Dominica and the local Dominica Cancer Society. The goal of the meeting was to encourage a greater understanding of what HSS means in the Caribbean and provide a platform for evidence-informed CSO-led NCD advocacy within the context of HSS. To see the report and for more info from the meeting including presentations, meeting materials and photo gallery click here.


Caribbean Presence at the 16th World Conference on Tobacco or Health

16th World Conference on Tobacco or Health
This week the world's largest gathering of some 2,184 tobacco control advocates, policy makers, researchers, public health and clinic experts is currently taking place in  Abu Dhabi from 17th to 21st March.
Caribbean representatives
Caribbean representatives include: Ms. Sheryl Dennis, Legal Officer at the Ministry of Health Jamaica, Mr. Karmesh Sharma, Manager of the Tobacco Control Unit of the Ministry of Health Trinidad and Tobago, Ms. Kimlin Harrilal, Education and Communication Officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society and the HCC's Social Media Content Creator and a representative from Cuba.
Following  the recent announcement of a 14.28% increase in Special Consumption Tax on cigarettes  in Jamaica Ms. Dennis was was invited and sponsored by the Secretariat of the WCTOH to share the success of Jamaica. Her vibrant session entitled "Tobacco industry interference: Same Intention, New Strategies- Jamaica's Response in Countering Industry's Approach to New Frontiers" was well received by attendees.

Organised triennially, the WCTOH  continues to provide a major platform for knowledge sharing. It is a call for a collective resolution to fight tobacco by working together and integrating tobacco control into two broad agendas for achievement of our common health and development goals.

For updates and presentation videos coming out of the WCTOH 2015 visit
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JCTC 'Protecting the Health of Jamaicans'
the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

The Jamaican Coalition for Tobacco Control (JCTC) responded to this weeks full page articles in both daily newspapers from Carreras, regarding statements made by Minister of Health at a recent World Health Organisation (WHO) meeting in Kingston. Jamaica has been moving forward with plans for fully implementing the articles of the WHO treaty – The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). Following a recent FCTC Needs Assessment exercise, gaps in FCTC implementation were highlighted. Read the full response here.

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The Tobacco Atlas

The Tobacco Atlas

We stand at a crossroads of the tobacco epidemic, with the future in our hands.

We can choose to stand aside and take weak and ineffective measures, or instead to implement robust and enduring measures to protect the health and wealth of nations. Read more

Policy Brief: Quality of Care

Policy Brief: Quality of Care
What are effective policy options for governments in low- and middle-income countries to improve and regulate the quality of ambulatory care? The World Health Organization - Regional Office for the Western Pacific
Asia Pacific Observatory on Health Systems and Policies. Published: February 2015. Quality of Care (QoC) has been recognized as a key objective of health systems performance necessary to strengthen health systems in low- and middle-countries (LMICs). Read more

HCC New Members

The International Federation of Medical Students' Associations is a worldwide forum that brings together medical students from more than 100 countries all over the world in order to collaborate on global health, advocacy, and improving medical care. It is recognized officially by the World Health Organization and the United Nations, and also works with the World Medical Association.
IFMSA-Grenada is our own local chapter of IFMSA that works to make a positive impact in the local community through education, service, and collaboration. Our goal is to improve the lives of others in the community through general and reproductive health education, public health interventions, and an emphasis on global health education. We strive to also educate medical students on the importance of public health and global health in the overall wellbeing of the worldwide community. IFMSA-Grenada also participates in the General Assembly, which is the biannual national convention for all IFMSA members - a wonderful event where medical students from across the world get to unite and share ideas.
World Cancer Research Fund International leads and unifies a network of cancer charities based in Europe, the Americas and Asia, dedicated to the prevention of cancer through diet, weight and physical activity. As the world’s leading authority on cancer prevention research related to diet, weight and physical activity, our network of charities funds scientific research and provides practical advice on how people can reduce their risk of developing cancer. We work collaboratively with organisations around the world to encourage governments to implement policies to prevent cancer and other non-communicable diseases.

PAHO/WHO urges food processors to reduce salt in children’s foods and cease advertising salty products to children

Escape the Sneaky Salt!
Reducing dietary salt is recommended by the recent United Nations Summit to prevent non communicable diseases and the World Health Organization to improve population health.

Read more

Webinar: Salt Smart Americas

Presentations and recording corresponding to the Webinar: Salt Smart Americas, held last Tuesday 17 March are available here.
NCDFREE Launches Long Lunches
NCDFREE Launches Long Lunches
A New concept: the ChangeMaker's Long Lunch Series. Complementing our Bootcamps, these Long Lunches will see 25 bright, young leaders from all sectors, unified by a common interest in NCDs, convene over a nourishing lunch for focused, outcomes-driven conversation. Read more
Nutrition & Non-communicable Diseases

GHC WHA Policy Scrum on Wednesday, March 25 at 11:00 AM ET. Topic: Nutrition & Non-communicable Diseases

Speakers Include: Jennifer Rigg, Director of Policy & Partnerships, 1,000 Days; Kate Eardley, Senior Policy Adviser - Child Health, World Vision International; Justin Koester,Co-Chair, NCD Roundtable & Senior International Relations Specialist, Medtronic, Inc. Register here

Pasta Sauce With as Much Sugar as a Mars Bar and Soup as Sweet as Cider

How much sugar are you eating?
Do you have any idea how much sugar you're eating? It's probably a lot more than you think.As this shocking graphic reveals, millions of us are unwittingly eating everyday foods packed with sugar - and getting fatter in the process.While some culprits, such as Coca-Cola and ice cream are well known (and used here for comparison purposes), there are many other less obvious foods - such as pasta sauce, soup and so-called healthy granola - that are loaded with the white stuff. Read More
Broad support to act against dementia globally; Tobacco control and NCDs; Advocacy toolkit in Spanish; WHO Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity

From the NCD Alliance Weekly Digest

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 Risk Factor News
  • UN News: UN health agency: ‘Push back hard’ against tobacco industry to protect public health read more
  • WHO: Tobacco use declining but major intensification efforts needed in reduction and control efforts read more
  • WHO: Eating healthy: Reduce salt intake read more
  • WHO: PAHO/WHO urges food processors to reduce salt in children’s foods and cease advertising salty products to children read more
  • Lancet: Treating obesity seriously: when recommendations for lifestyle change confront biological adaptations read more
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  • PLoS: BIG SODA plagiarizing the BIG TOBACCO playbook read more
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  • BMJ: Blockbuster Special Issue: Evaluation of the Australian tobacco plain packaging policy read more
  • BMJ: The BMJ Today: Are you worried about your cardiovascular risk? read more
  • BioMed Central: E-cigarettes and lung health read more
  • Medline Plus: E-Cigarette Ads Linked to Tobacco Cravings read more
  • Roll Call: Are Fossil Fuels the Next Tobacco? They Should Be read more

Living With DVT

Deep vein thrombosis doesn't mean you can't enjoy life to the fullest. Follow these tips to improve your circulation and help prevent blood clots. Find out more
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