Celebrating International Women’s Day at PiP

On Monday 8th March, PiP celebrated International Women’s Day with our female students, staff and volunteers. The event was focused on this year’s theme - Choose to Challenge and students discussed what they would change to improve gender equality and what they are most proud of. Watch the video below to see our event in action and what our students pledge to challenge!

If 40 newsletter subscribers donate just £25 each, we can fund our Women’s Group for one month. PiP Women’s Group empowers our female students to understand their bodies, relationships and friendships and celebrate their achievements.

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PiP Celebrates International Women's Day 2021

Top image: screenshot of PiP students, staff and volunteers on Zoom holding up one hand in aid of the International Women’s Day campaign Choose to Challenge.

Image: Safia, PIP student with Down Syndrome, laughing, wearing a yellow top.

Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day

Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day is a global awareness event created to celebrate the life of those with Down Syndrome and to make sure that people with Down Syndrome have the same freedoms and opportunities as everyone else.

Join us on online via Zoom on Monday 22nd March as we host an open discussion at Q&A with PiP students. This is an opportunity to hear directly from our students with Down's Syndrome about their lives, achievements and challenges.

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Staying positive with Duaa: in her own words

My name is Duaa and I am a student at Pursuing Independent Paths. I wanted to share with PiP supporters some information about me: what is my passion and how I stay optimistic in coronavirus times.

Since the lockdown started I am staying at home with my mum, brother, and sister. The hardest part is that I can’t see my family and friends, but we talk a lot on Skype. To stay positive during lockdown I am trying to keep myself busy and help out at home. My favourite indoor activities are listening to music and watching movies.

Image: Duaa, PiP student, smiling at the camera, wearing a red jumper.

I practice voice acting at home, I look forward to coming back to performing. Drama is my favourite session at PiP. I feel happy and excited when I am on the stage and supported when people cheer for me. I perform at the annual PiP Drama Show in a theatre.

Read Duaa’s blog here
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