2017 Halibut Regulations & more

U44:O80, NO Annual Limit

The news you have all been waiting for is this season’s catch allocation.  At the December Council meeting, we suggested that Southeast management measures at the Spawning Potential Ration (SPR) or above not have an annual limit, and have a reverse slot limit of O80 and a lower limit of U40 or higher.

The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) held its Annual Meeting this week in Vancouver, British Columbia.  
The amount allocated for guided sportfishing (+wastage) is 915,000lbs, resulting in the above described management measure taking effect.  Based on the ADFG analysis, this results in a reverse slot limit of U44:O80 and no annual limit.  The overall catch for 2C, divided between commercial and guided sportfishing, is 5,250,000.  This is after unguided sport, subsistence, and bycatch are removed from the equation.

“The Blue Line is a tool that has outlived its usefulness.” -Paul Ryall, Canadian IPHC Commissioner
For those of you who have followed the IPHC decision process, the term “blue line” might be a familiar, and frustrating, one.  Click HERE for more on 3A regulations and meeting updates.


North Pacific Fishery Management Council

 The Council meets January 30 - February 6, 2017, with one guided sportfishing issue on the agenda.  The issue is possession of mixed guided and unguided halibut on a single fishing vessel, and was raised by the Enforcement Committee.  This issue has the potential to affect mixed-use motherships, floating lodges, rental boats, water taxis, and floating docks with mixed-use processing on the dock.

SEAGO’s main concern is the lack of data on this issue, and the relation to Board of Fish proposals in 2009.  Click HERE for more information.


2017 Legislative Session

SEAGO is following fisheries and budget bills to keep you informed.  As of this week, there are no bills proposed which directly affect the charter sector.  Other Fisheries bills are described below.
The Alaska Board of Fisheries has requested that the Legislature review the permitting process for activities affecting streams determined to be fish habitat.  Click HERE for more.



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2017 Guide Licensing/Registration

You might have received an e-mail from ADFG Sport Fish Division noting that saltwater licensing is back in place, with associated fees supporting the work of our Sport Fish Division, and freshwater guides and  businesses are still required to register.  This change relates to legislative action last year that SEAGO worked on with legislators and staff.  Curious?  Click HERE.
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