Rockfish Regulations, Sea Lion Safety Report, and Marching for Salmon

Rockfish Regulations

The Sportfish Division of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game released two sets of rockfish emergency orders this week.
  • The first, found HERE, details Southeast bag limits for nonpelagic rockfish and reiterates the requirement for charter boats to use deep water release mechanisms.  The emergency order also prohibits retaining nonpelagic rockfish in Southeast Outside Waters between August 1 and 21st, requiring ALL anglers to have a deep water release mechanism onboard, regardless of target species.
  • The second, found HERE, changes the limit of pelagic rockfish in the Sitka area, reducing it from 5 fish per day and 10 in possession to 3 fish per day and 6 in possession.
These changes are in response to increased rockfish sportfishing over the past few years.  While ADFG collects data on sustainable catch limits, they are employing more conservative management to protect these species from overfishing.

Sea Lion Safety Report in Sitka

National Marine Fisheries Service staff member Kim Raum-Suryan will be presenting at the Sitka Assembly Meeting on Tuesday, March 28th.  The meeting begins at 6 p.m. and Ms. Raum-Suryan's report is near the top of the Assembly's agenda.
With recent acts of sea lion aggression, including one Steller boarding a Sand Point fishing boat in February, we are encouraging tourism businesses to lead the charge on precautionary measures.  NMFS first step?
That we strongly discourage tourists from feeding sea lions.
Ms. Raum-Suryan will have handouts available at the Assembly meeting, and we encourage all local business owners to attend and take some to share with clients.
Not in Sitka?  No problem!  Send an e-mail and we can get some for you, or arrange a meeting for your area.


March for Salmon

Alaska Youth for Environmental Action (AYEA) delegates, including Gabrial (Ketchikan) and Jasmine (Petersburg), visited the Capitol last week. After speaking with legislators about salmon conservation, delegates and community members spent time outside, marching for salmon.  As volunteers passed around bowls of chowder, Rep. Justin Parish from Juneau (above left) came outside to encourage the teenagers to "pigeonhole" their legislators on important issues.

Board of Fish

Don't forget: Southeast and Yakutat Finfish regulatory proposals are due by APRIL 11!


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