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August 7, 2019
BMW's Autonomous 'Traffic Jam Assistant' Needs Supervision
If there's one type of car that could stand to be self-driving, it's the three-row SUV--America's de facto family car, the station wagon of our times. Harried moms and and dads, with their charges safely belted in back, could use all the robotic help they can get to minimize stress and maximize safety. As the new flagship of the BMW SUV lineup, the X7 is not only one of the richest, most-tranquil SUV's yet created ...
IEEE Spectrum
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Circuitnet Media
Huawei tests smartphone with own operating system, possibly for sale this year
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is testing a smartphone equipped with Hongmeng, the company's self-developed operating system, which could potentially go on sale ...
Heat Flow in Reflow
Controlling the reflow soldering process requires monitoring more than temperature. Heat flow can have a profound influence on the product's thermal profile.
Technical Paper
Global smartphone shipments fall for 7th consecutive quarter in 2Q19, says IHS
The bad news for the global smartphone market is that global shipments fell in the second quarter, marking seven consecutive quarters of year-over-year declines ...
USB Connection Testing
Turning Printed Circuit Boards Into Printed Circuit Structures Using 3D Printing
Assessing the Impact of Lean on PCB Manufacturing
How To Get The Best Thermal Profile
Meter-Mix Dispensing Basics
Cleaning Process Compatibility with PCB Surface Finishes
High Reliability Alloy for Auto Apps
Dispelling Dry Storage Myths
Circuitnet Media
Circuitnet Media
Toyota turns to AI startup to accelerate goal of robots for the home
Toyota Motor Corp has designs on making robot helpers for your home, and has enlisted a Japanese startup that specializes in artificial intelligence to jump-start its ...
Facial Recognition Is Suddenly Everywhere. Should You Worry?
The accuracy of facial-recognition algorithms has improved significantly in the past few years. That allows you to unlock an iPhone with your face. But the rapid ...
The Life Factory: Synthetic Organisms From This $1.4 Billion Startup Will Revolutionize Manufacturing
Walk down Drydock Avenue in the old industrial waterfront of Boston and you’ll be reminded that the city remains a significant industrial port. Trucks rattle past the ...
Apple loses its 'most cash-rich company' title to Alphabet
What just happened? Even those who aren't familiar with the tech world know that, in terms of market capitalization, Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the ...
PCB makers increasing ABF substrate capacity
IC substrate suppliers are moving to allocate part of their substrate-like PCBs (SLP) capacity to support production of ABF substrates that see robust demand, according ...
Causes of Blowholes
Are old components such as resistors and circuit breakers more likely to cause blowholes during wave soldering compared to newer components? Phil Zarrow and ...
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Circuitnet Media
Apple's credit card is here, but most people can't use one yet
Five months after it was announced, Apple's first credit card is now available — but not to everyone. Hundreds of thousands of people signed up online to be notified ...
Researchers Use AI to Discover New Polymers
Usually it takes a lot of trial and error as well as lab experimentation to identify new materials, particularly high-performance materials for next-generation applications. ...
Design News
New Placement Technology for Rework
This paper introduces a rework technology using cameras to identify the target area for component installation and component pin structure.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Should You or Should You Not Vent About Your Stress?
Most jobs generate some level of stress. According to the American Institute of Stress, nearly half of workers (40%) say that their job is very or extremely stressful. ...
How NASA's Apollo program kicked off Silicon Valley's tech revolution
Silicon Valley, its visionaries like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, and the entire tech revolution may not have happened without the Cold War space race. President Kennedy's ...
Black Plastics Can Be Repurposed to Create Carbon Nanotubes
Researchers have found a new way to repurpose a particular type of plastic in a unique way to create a range of novel electronic and energy-generating applications. ...
Design News
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Circuitnet Media
Aug 8, 2019: Ohio Expo & Tech Forum
Aug 12, 2019: Conformal Coating - Successful Implementation & Quality Control Looking for a past web
Aug 29, 2019: FREE Webinar - Surface Cleanliness Assessment
Sep 22, 2019: SMTA International 2019
Sep 26, 2019: FREE Webinar - Cleaning Before Conformal Coating
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Test Your Knowledge
Which of the following elements are the main constituents of Brass? Antimony, Copper, Lead, Silver, Tin, Zinc.
See answer below.
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Depaneling circuit board that contain BGA components
Are there any special requirements for depaneling or V-scoring to separate paneled circuit board if they contain BGA components. What are the best/safest methods ...
Responses by:
Carlos Bouras
General Manager, Nordson SELECT
Larry Harman
SMT Engineer, ACDi
Sven Bock
Director of Quality / CLSSMBB, FCT Companies
Gary Freedman
President, Colab Engineering
Rick Kompelien
Principal Product Engineer, Benchmark Electronics, Inc.
Gerard O'Brien
President, S T and S Testing and Analysis
More Ask the Experts
BGA reballing question
Rechecking Thermal Profiles
Soldering Station Calibration
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ZESTRON Launches New Cleaning Agent for Removal of Conformal Coating
ZESTRON is pleased to announce that it has released ATRON® DC, a decoating cleaning agent. ATRON® DC is a maintenance cleaning agent designed to remove conformal ...
Indium Features Indium8.9HF Solder Paste Series at SMTA International
Indium Corporation will feature its ultra-reliable, void-reducing Indium8.9HF Solder Paste for automotive applications at SMTA International, September 22-26, Rosemont ...
Indium Corporation
Schleuniger to Exhibit Latest Wire Processing Advances at ATX Minneapolis
Optel Software Exhibits with WKK Distribution Ltd. at NEPCON Asia
Robotic Soldering from Metcal at NEPCON Asia
Libra Industries Shows Its Support of SMTA International with Sponsorship
Digicom Electronics Introduces Portable Lightweight, 400 Hz Power Converter
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Quote of the Day
"A mind, once expanded by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions."
Oliver Wendell Holmes
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What Year Was It?
Wood Raft Makes 4,300-mile Voyage
What Year
Kon-Tiki, a balsa wood raft captained by Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl, completes a 4,300-mile, 101-day journey from Peru to Raroia in the Tuamotu Archipelago, near Tahiti.
The day was Aug 7. What year was it?
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Cartoon of the Day
"Our new coffee maker uses individual flavor cups. This one tastes like greed and ambition!"
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Test Your Knowledge Answer
Which of the following elements are the main constituents of Brass? Antimony, Copper, Lead, Silver, Tin, Zinc.
Answer: Copper and Zinc

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