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August 6, 2019
Flex Says China Jobs Impacted After Huawei Row
Flex Ltd, a contract manufacturer for Huawei that is locked in a dispute with the Chinese tech giant over about $100 million worth of assets, said the market situation was affecting some of its jobs in the Asian nation. Chinese financial magazine Caixin reported that some 10,000 Flex jobs in China were expected to be cut as two major factories in Changsha and Zhuhai had stopped work due to its row with Huawei. ...
Circuitnet Media
Circuitnet Media
Foxconn did hold talks with China players for selling 10.5G LCD line, say sources
The Foxconn Group had held talks with a few Chinese flat panel makers, including Chongqing HKC Optoelectronics and China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT), ...
Characteristics of EPIG Deposits for Fine Line Applications
Fine pattern plating, solder joint reliability & wire bonding reliability of EPIG and ENEPIG deposits were compared. Effects of gold and palladium thicknesses, heat ...
Technical Paper
Huawei tests smartphone with own operating system, possibly for sale this year
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is testing a smartphone equipped with Hongmeng, the company's self-developed operating system, which could potentially go on sale ...
USB Connection Testing
Turning Printed Circuit Boards Into Printed Circuit Structures Using 3D Printing
Assessing the Impact of Lean on PCB Manufacturing
How To Get The Best Thermal Profile
Meter-Mix Dispensing Basics
Cleaning Process Compatibility with PCB Surface Finishes
High Reliability Alloy for Auto Apps
Dispelling Dry Storage Myths
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Circuitnet Media
Looking Ahead: What Servitization Will Look Like In the Second Half
The midpoint of the year not only brings new challenges and opportunities, but also provides the chance to reflect and plan for the months ahead. The fast-approaching ...
EPS News
Why Jeff Bezos may need India's richest man
The world's richest man may be looking to strike a deal with India's top billionaire to grab a bigger slice of the country's enormous retail market. Jeff Bezos' Amazon ...
The Connection Between Goals and Self-Confidence
One of the main conclusions Brian Tracy has come to from his years of study is that self-confidence is key to what you can accomplish. If you have a good amount of ...
Electric Vehicle charging: How technology and smart engineering will make our electric future possible
The number of electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) is, at present, low compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. However, the ...
Highlights of the day: US tariffs hitting supply chain
The latest US move to slap 10% tariffs on US$300 billion worth of Chinese goods has cast a shadow over the prospect of a significant recovery for the IT supply chain ...
Tin Whisker Testing and Modeling
The elimination of lead from consumer electronics has resulted in an increase in tin whisker risk mitigation using dual-use commercial/aerospace components.
Circuit Insight - Analysis Lab
Circuitnet Media
Circuitnet Media
China Startup's Take on Trade War
The communications manager of a robotics startup in Shenzhen shares his view of the U.S./China trade war. The Huawei ban has shaken many who believed the ...
EE Times
Even U.S. IT Contracts are Political
Only in today's political climate of domestic and foreign policy by "tweet" could a huge government IT contract award be held up because a sitting President of United States ...
EE Times
Reliability of Fine Pitch Flip Chip BGA Packages for Automotive Applications
The board level reliability of different FCBGA packages was evaluated in the automotive thermal cycling environment.
Circuit Insight - Materials Tech
Why China Is Dominating Lithium-Ion Battery Production
The world is becoming increasingly electrified. Not only are developing countries increasing the availability of electricity to their populations, but the electrification of ...
Apple will end up doing what Intel could not
With its recent billion dollar purchase to take Intel's scrapped 5G modem business off its hands, Apple is more in control of its destiny than ever. A cursory analysis ...
Why Communications Skills Are Critical To Engineers
Engineers are creative types. They are responsible for dreaming up and building systems that companies will implement or sell, with the goal of improving the ...
IEEE Spectrum
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Circuitnet Media
Aug 8, 2019: Ohio Expo & Tech Forum
Aug 12, 2019: Conformal Coating - Successful Implementation & Quality Control Looking for a past web
Aug 29, 2019: FREE Webinar - Surface Cleanliness Assessment
Sep 22, 2019: SMTA International 2019
Sep 26, 2019: FREE Webinar - Cleaning Before Conformal Coating
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Circuitnet Media
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Test Your Knowledge
Where is the largest wind turbine located?
See answer below.
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BGA reballing question
We are a mil contractor and have requirements to have BGA components reballed. The BGA components are supplied with SAC305 solder and will be reballed ...
Responses by:
Carlos Bouras
General Manager, Nordson SELECT
Larry Harman
SMT Engineer, ACDi
Robert Freid
President and Founder, Contract Manufacturing Consultants, Inc.
Fritz Byle
Process Engineer, Astronautics
Rick Kompelien
Principal Product Engineer, Benchmark Electronics, Inc.
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Rechecking Thermal Profiles
Soldering Station Calibration
Frequency of Checking Solder Paste Viscosity
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Rehm's Clean soldering systems with pyrolysis technology
As with many other thermal processes, the soldering of electronic assemblies creates solder fumes, aerosols and solid particles (residues) that need to be removed from ...
Rehm Thermal Systems
AIM to Participate at SMTA Capital Expo & Tech Forum
ZESTRON Academy to Host FREE 'Surface Cleanliness Assessment' Webinar
MIRTEC to Show Full Inspection System Lineup at NEPCON ASIA 2019
Schleuniger, Inc. to Exhibit Latest Wire Processing Innovations at M-Expo
Laserssel Appoints Kurt Whitlock Associates as Newest Rep
IPC E-Textiles 2019 to Address the Real World of E-textiles Application
Marktech Optoelectronics Introduces Visible Red LED Emitters
SHENMAO to Present at the 31st Annual Electronics Packaging Symposium
Atotech Acquires J-KEM International
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Quote of the Day
"Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love."
David McCullough
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Circuitnet Media
What Year Was It?
Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima
What Year
An American B-29 bomber, the Enola Gay, drops the world's first atom bomb, over the city of Hiroshima.
The day was Aug 6. What year was it?
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Circuitnet Media
Cartoon of the Day
"We forgot to back up our files, so we're asking everyone to remember everything they've typed during the past 10 days."
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Test Your Knowledge Answer
Where is the largest wind turbine located?
Answer: The largest wind turbine in the world is in Denmark. It is 720 feet tall, has 260-foot blades, and can generate 8 megawatts of power (enough to supply electricity for 3,000 American homes).

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