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January 2017

Happy new year, and welcome to the first 2017 issue of the Global Plant Council's monthly e-Bulletin! We can't wait to see what amazing discoveries another year of plant science will hold! 

The GPC's e-Bulletin is a monthly round-up of the latest plant science news, events, reports, funding opportunities and blog posts from the GPC community. If you have anything you would like us to help promote then please do get in touch! Contact Lisa, GPC's Outreach & Communications Manager:

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This month 49 new breaking news stories were posted on the GPC website including...

In Journal of Experimental Botany: Crop achilles' heel costs farmers 10 percent of potential yield
Crop ancestors evolved in an environment where most of their leaves were exposed to full sunlight, so lower leaves of modern crop plants cannot photosynthesize efficiently when shaded by overcrowded neighbors.

In New Phytologist: the Venus flytrap uses its prey's nitrogen compounds to extract energy
The carnivorous Venus flytrap captures insects for more than just nutritional purposes, a research team from the University of Freiburg revealed.

In Nature Plants: 'Gene-silencing' technique is a game-changer for crop protection
Researchers at the University of Surrey and University of Queensland developed a revolutionary new crop protection technique which offers an environmentally-friendly alternative to genetically-modified crops and chemical pesticides. 

Nature Plants celebrated its 2nd anniversary with a free collection of popular articles

Current Plant Biology issued a special issue on genomic resources and databases for its 3rd anniversary

Events / 
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Phenome 2017
10–14 February 2017, Tucson, AZ, USA. 

New Breeding Technologies in the Plant Sciences
07–08 July 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden. 

XIX International Botanical Congress
23–29 July 2017, Shenzhen, China. 

Policy /

Lots of new reports, and an archive of useful documents from the last few years, are available on our website. Head to the Resources page and click 'Reports'.

Updated statement from EPSO: Crop Genetic Improvement Technologies
EPSO acknowledges the interpretation of the EU GMO legislation as both process- and product-based and considers that this could help to clarify the legal status of the NPBTs. In its update EPSO includes recently published reports from Belgium and Italy.

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2016 Plant Science Round Up
GPC New Media Fellow Sarah Jose rounds up another fantastic year of discovery in plant science.

…¡y nos fuimos por las ramas!
Professor Edith Taleisnik discusses her new book on the history of plant physiology research in Argentina.

Break down barriers between seed banks and field study
In this SciDevNet repost, Marie Haga and Ann Tutwiler call for a better integration of seed banks and field studies.

In case you missed it: 
Genome editing: an introduction to CRISPR/Cas9
At the end of December, Dr. Damiano Martignago (Rothamsted Research) gave us an introduction to CRISPR/Cas9 in plant science.

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