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August 2019

Welcome to another month of plant science!

August is going to be an exciting month for GPC: we are renovating the website and merging the content of both the blog and the web in a single site. Sadly, this also means that we will be publishing less during the month.

However, in September, the result will be worth it 😉

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This month 21 new breaking news stories were posted on the GPC website including...

Some algae can live inside fungi. It could be how land plants first evolved. New research presents evidence that algae could have piggybacked on fungi to leave the water and to colonize the land, over 500 million years ago.

Researchers can finally modify plant mitochondrial DNA
Researchers in Japan have edited plant mitochondrial DNA for the first time, which could lead to a more secure food supply.

Climate change could affect symbiotic relationships between microorganisms and trees More than 200 scientists from several countries collaborated to map the global distribution of  root symbioses and further the understanding of their vital role in forest ecosystems. They identified factors that determine where different kinds of symbionts may emerge and estimated the impact of climate change on tree-root symbiotic relationships and hence on forest growth.

Events / 
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"Plants, People, Planet" Symposium
04–05 September 2019. London, UK. 

XIII Spanish Society of In Vitro Plant Tissue Culture (SECIVTV) Meeting
11–13 September 2019. Vitoria, Spain. 

XXV IUFRO World Congress: Forest Research and Cooperation for Sustainable Development
29 September–05 October 2019. Curitiba, Brazil

Funding Opportunities /

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The European Commision, as part of the Horizon 2020 program,  will open on the 15th October 2019 a number of calls that might be of interest for plant scientists. Among them:

- Stepping up integrated pest management
- Sustainable wood value chains
- Forest soils Research and Innovation Action

Check the possibilities here.

ECRi / The GPC Early Career Researcher (ECR) Insternational Network

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ECRi is a collection of activities addressed to help the ECRs with 4 essential matters: job hunting, grant funding, dissemination of research results and networking. Ongoing activities are:

Job hunting:  Join the Facebook group  with over 1.000 members, where job offers related to plant science are posted daily. And very recently we have also started a #plantscijobs LinkedIn group

In Twitter we continue to held a monthly #plantscijobs “storm”. Want to join? Next Twitterstorm will take place on the 30th August, between 3 and 4 pm CEST.

The latest on the ECRi network will be published in the GPC blog here. Additionally, we are setting  up a mailing list where ECRs can sign-in to get the latest updates.

On the blog / 
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Latest post:
The Global Plant Council took an active part in the ICAR2019 conference and we have prepared a small summary here.

Further readings:
Can agricultural initiatives deliver wins for the health of the planet and its population? by W.J Davies (Lancaster University) and Jianbo Shen (China Agricultural University)

Getting heard: impactful knowledge exchange by Ros Gleadow (Monash University)

Interdisciplinary Science Communication Experiences in China by Shannon K. King, Jon T. Stemmle, Robert E. Sharp (University of Missouri)

State of the art research meets breeding for wheat’s future by  Matthew Reynolds (CIMMYT)

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The GPC is a coalition of plant and crop science societies and institutions from across the globe. The GPC seeks to bring plant scientists together to work synergistically toward solving the pressing problems we face.
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