October, 2015
At Patient Safety USA, we strive to help our clients feel safe, comfortable and confident with our products. Why have we chosen Pressalit’s MATRIX line to represent our principles? Here are five reasons we stand by Pressalit wheelchair sinks:

1. Built to withstand daily use:
When selecting a wheelchair sink, one of the most important factors is strength and durability. Seated users often rely on their wheelchair sink to wheel their chairs around, stabilize themselves, and sometimes pull themselves to a standing position. It is therefore crucial that the wheelchair sink be capable of supporting high volumes of weight on a daily basis. Pressalit has tested their wheelchair sinks to support well over 400 pounds...
We do not accept physical restrictions that can handicap a person when it comes to daily activities in the home. View our patient safety products.

The Sit-On Comfort supports the thighbone and back. The patient sits on the sling and the sling prevents the thighbone from an invert rotation when hoisting. It helps reduce the risk of sliding out of a wheelchair.
FAQs of the Month
Are Patient Safety USA’s shower chairs good for home use?

Yes. Although most of our clients are professional settings, we also work with clients to find the best shower chairs for their home. If you’re considering shower chair for a bathroom shared by both standing and non-standing family members, Patient Safety USA recommends shower chairs on a horizontal track, allowing the chair to be folded and tucked away when not needed.

Who needs a shower chair?

Shower chairs are great additions for any individual unable to bathe while standing or for whom it may be difficult to stand for long periods. Often used by elderly or disabled individuals, shower chairs provides a safe environment while bathing, and can be used by anyone for whom falling may be a concern. Patient Safety USA’s shower chairs comply with ADA regulations and can be used in any professional or home setting.

This time in Care News you may read about new Pressalit Care showroom and fairs across the world. Recently one distributor opened a new spectacular showroom in the USA. In Sweden and England Pressalit Care has displayed at great fairs, and in Japan we will host a distributor conference early October. Moreover we bring interviews with our distributors from Korea and Japan, whom we have had the pleasure of welcoming in Denmark recently. Finally we bring you up to date with product and marketing news.

Patient Safety USA supplies both ceiling mounted patient lifts as well as mobile patient lifts depending on the needs of your healthcare facility and your patients. Our ceiling mounted patient lifts are ideal for health care facilities that regularly transfer patients that cannot bear their own weight or stand normally due to their physical or mental capabilities. Ceiling mounted patient lifts are typically affixed to rail systems that can be customized to fit any space.

Mobile patient lifts, on the other hand, offer caregivers the ability to utilize patient lifts in multiple rooms for one-off transfers. These mobile units are particularly useful in unpredicted situations or fast-paced environments where immediate patient lifting is required. Additionally, Patient Safety USA offers active patient lifts for patients who have at least partial control of their upper body and the ability to co-operate with caregiver instruction.
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A little about us at Patient Safety USA... At Patient Safety USA we understand that a patient’s safety is a top priority. Times when patients need to be moved and cannot move themselves can create risk to both patients and caregivers. Our products aim to limit this risk by using innovative technology and comfortable equipment to make patient handling safer.

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