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Words have power

Margaret Atwood used 17 words to describe the power of a story.
"You're never going to kill storytelling because it's built into the human plan. We come with it."

Please, allow us a few more. After all, the world only has one Margaret Atwood.

A story has the power to encourage thought and promote growth. A first-person story allows the reader to sympathize with the subject and their experiences.

A verified and true first-person story from an eye-witness of a current newsworthy event reduces the differences that divide us brings us closer together through knowledge, understanding, and truth.

The best stories do all of the above.

At Orato World Media, we seek out the truth and fight against the dissemination of misinformation and disinformation.

We fight by giving a voice to people anywhere in the world, without prejudice or discrimination, a safe and open platform upon which their voice can be heard.

We may not have all the answers, but we believe in the power of an informed society and value the journalists who play this critical role in a free democracy. That's why we engage and compensate freelance journalists.

That, in 190 words, is the power of a first-person story.
Boys sleep on the ground at a monastery in Myanmar. | Chiara Maggiore

Stories you don't want to miss

Here are three stories that, we feel, exemplify the power of a first-person story. 

Escaping a racist cult

Raised in a religious cult that espoused white male outrage, Dark Sevier has spent his life searching for meaning by weaving in and out of reality bubbles.

Cyclone destroys home

Rosemine Soraya Samuquela stands before her house, staring at the wreckage through teary eyes for the second time in as many years.

Attacked with acid

Kenyan police officer Dan Matakaya was at home, asleep, when he awoke to the searing pain of acid disfiguring his face. But the acid burned more than skin.
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