Today: Five-hour-'Apocalypse Now,' CIA black sites, Calais Migrant Theatre, Humvee 'aftersales' in Ukraine and RIAA vs. Aurous 

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15 October 2015

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The Boom and Bust of the CIA’s Secret Torture Sites
[The Bureau of Investigative Journalism]

"In spring 2003 an unnamed official at CIA headquarters in Langley sat down to compose a memo. It was 18 months after George W Bush had declared war on terror. “We cannot have enough blacksite hosts,” the official wrote. 

And so it began. It is thought that between 2002 and 2008 at least 119 people "disappeared" into the web of CIA black sites.

The Rendition Project spent nine months filling in redacted holes to piece together the history of the CIA's secret sites. 


British Artists Launch Theatre in Calais Migrant Camp
[The Stage]
A number of theatre people in the UK have banded together to create The Good Chance Theatre in a Calais migrant camp. Playwrights Joe Murphy and Joe Robertson plan to stage weekly productions, either created by the migrants or touring productions. 

“We say it’s a theatre, and it is, but it performs many functions really. It’s across all art forms, it’s a meeting place – a town hall-cum-theatre – and it’s a really exciting and loved place to be in the camp here."


In a Groundbreaking Deal, Ukraine May Buy U.S.Armor for Its Humbles
[Defence One]
"The Ukrainian military was thrilled when the U.S. sent Humvees to Kiev in March. Now its government is negotiating a deal that would give the trucks new armor —and mark the first major sale from a U.S. defense company to the eastern European country."

Well, of course they were 'thrilled.' And so is Textron Systems, who scored the huge 'aftermarket sale' of the 'Survivable Combat Tactical Vehicle.' Thank goodness the State Department considers the upgrade package non-lethal equipment, meaning there is no bar to a Ukrainian purchase."

RIAA Goes After Aurous
[Torrent Freak]
The makers of Aurous, dubbed the Popcorn Time of music, barely had time to celebrate moving from beta before the mighty RIAA came after them. "The RIAA accuses the site's owners of copyright infringement and are demanding millions in damages." 

“This service is a flagrant example of a business model powered by copyright theft on a massive scale,” the RIAA says. 

The response from Aurous: “Hey @RIAA @UMG and everyone else, we challenge every CEO to an arm wrestling competition, we win you drop your empty suit.”

The Holy Grail of Workprints: The Five-Hour Rough Version of 'Apocalypse Now'
[Cinephilia & Beyond]
Yes, you read that correctly. There does exist a five-hour-plus roughcut of 'Apocalypse Now.' And it is available to watch online. This site indicates that this version includes a full, ten-minute The End intro, a 30-minute-plus ‘Ride of Valkyrie’ sequence and a "10 minute version of the scene where Kurtz reads the poem ‘The Hollow Men,’ intercutting between his reading and the journalist talking with Willard." And much more, of course. It is rough, to be sure, but certainly interesting.

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