Today: John McAfee for President, DiCaprio backs Formula E,  Hitler's horses, UWCHR break-in, tweeting for ISIS 

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26 October 2015

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John McAfee: Antivirus legend, ex-fugitive, and most colorful 2016 presidential candidate
John McAfee is the software pioneer who made McAfee Associates, an antivirus software in the 1980s. "But it was his public, and at times bizarre, lifestyle after selling that company in 1994 that earned Mr. McAfee his eccentric reputation: He ran from Belizean authorities seeking to question him in connection to the death of his neighbor and went into hiding in Guatemala before he was ultimately detained in 2012...Now, the 70-year-old millionaire has started his own political party, the Cyber Party, changing his Twitter bio from "eccentric millionaire and still alive" to the more straight-laced "technology pioneer and presidential candidate 2016." 

Hitler's Bronze Horses: How Fans Smuggled Nazi Art To West Germany
Talk about an understatement: "In one of the most curious stories of art smuggling from the Eastern Bloc prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall, two classic car dealers smuggled Nazi artworks from a Soviet barracks to West Germany in 1989. The full account is only now coming to light."


Files in Lawsuit Against CIA Stolen in 'Disturbing' University Break-In
[Common Dreams]
"University of Washington police are investigating a break-in at the school's Center for Human Rights (UWCHR) after files from a lawsuit against the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) were stolen from the center's offices." A computer and hard drive containing information relating to a FOIA lawsuit was taken. The UWCHR is "investigating whether the CIA illegally withheld information about human rights violations carried out by U.S.-backed El Salvador army officers during the country's civil war against leftist rebels in the 1980s." They have backup of the files but are concerned that the information might be used against workers in El Salvador. "The break-in had "suspicious and disturbing" elements, the Seattle Times reported—including that it coincided with a campus visit by CIA director John Brennan, who gave a speech at the university's law school Friday."

Pentagon: State Doesn’t Have Enough People Tweeting At ISIS
[Defense One]
"To change the minds of more than 16 million Muslims who could support the Islamic State, almost entirely via social media, the U.S. State Department has a counter propaganda team of just about 20 people, according to a senior Pentagon official. Translation: the U.S. is not doing enough to out-tweet ISIS." It is always the same - there isn't a 'level playing field.' If ISIS really is so adept at social media perhaps the Pentagon should be hiring them, not trying to kill them. 

Leonardo DiCaprio is taking a leadership role with Formula E. The actor will act as the chair for series' newly created Formula E Sustainability Committee, which will "concentrate on Formula E's contributions to promoting the mass use of electric vehicles, focusing on urban mobility. DiCaprio has been an environmental activist for much of his career, which makes this recent announcement all the more logical. He has also been a big supporter of Formula E."

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