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In April 2016 Studio XX celebrates its 20th anniversary. To celebrate these two decades we  invite proposals for our 2016-2017 Programming, which will gravitate around one central theme: the Public Space.

By public space we mean “the range of social locations” accessed by actual geographical locations as well as electronic spaces. In other words, our understanding of the public space emcompasses “the palpable tension between place, experienced at all scales in daily life, and the seeming spacelessness of the Internet, popular opinion, and global institutions and economy” (Low and Smith). With the premise that  public spaces are far from homogeneous, equally open to all bodies and fluid practices, we seek proposals that reclaim creative uses of the public space: online and offline.

This focus on the public space has been inspired by a multiplicity of events and movements around the world, remarkably, the protests over missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada, the 2014 uprisings in North America to protest police brutality against men of colour, as well as the legislation and closure of the public space in the name of public safety policies followed events such as September 11, 2001 and the widespread fear of terrorism in the so-called West. Such events and occurrences can (but are not obligated to) provide the framework for how feminism, activism and civil politics has responded to the infringement, violation, and corruption of the public space.

In our exploration of the public space one central inspiration has been the legacies of feminists artists and scholars who have challenged social structures of inequality based on constructs such as gender, geographical specificity, race and sexuality. With the firm idea that feminists perspectives can shape the public space, we invite artists and creative people to explore how can media art infused by feminist perspectives take up the public space online and offline?

We welcome proposals that explore how we use public space, how we move and extend our bodies in spaces where we feel welcome or unwelcome, safe or unsafe. The aforementioned theme can include several definitions of public space, applying both to the tangible, literal world and/or the elusive cyber one (in many cases we invite a bridge between the two!).



Studio XX seeks creative, critical, funny and poetic digital arts projects for our public events and/or workshops that creatively engage with debates around the public space. We seek propositions inspired by (but not limited to) feminism, critical race studies, cyberfeminism, disability and queer studies. We believe feminists practices and methodologies can continue to shed light on the unequal activations of the public space.

Studio XX welcomes project proposals from self-identified women, trans and gender non conforming artists, curators, activists, collectives, and organizations.

Examples of media/formats: net art, audio and electronic art, interactive pieces, radio art, video art, installation, locative media, 3D animation, game art, augmented reality, digital storytelling, short film, bio art, public interventions, open source and community-based practices, performance and interdisciplinary practices, workshops, roundtable discussions, or something so cutting-edge we haven’t even heard of it yet...



Studio XX offers artist fees based on CQAM grid :

Selected projects receive artistic and technical support (* to be defined according to each project and available resources).

* Please note this is not a call for projects that require production support; works submitted must be ready for presentation.

Before submitting a project proposal, applicants are strongly encouraged to consult Studio XX’s mandate, submission guidelines and gallery plans.



To submit a proposal to Studio XX, send the application in a .zip or .pdf file (max. file size 5 MB) to, by Tuesday, March 15th, 2016, at midnight.

Please download and complete the application form and include the required documents.

Incomplete or late applications will be not be considered.

All applicants will receive a confirmation of receipt.

Selected participants will be notified by the Programming Committee in April 2016.

Subject line: Proposals programming 2016-2017
Deadline for submission: March 15, 2016

For more information:
For questions and further inquiries, please contact us:


Studio XX launches a call for proposals for our 2016-2017 artist in residency program in research and creation.
Studio XX’s residencies offer an opportunity for artists to experiment and produce work which explores interdisciplinary ideas and approaches. We respond to the technical, creative and theoretical requirements of the artists by offering references to our network of community experts, whose involvement must be arranged by the artist herself/himself.
For a period of six weeks, resident artists have access to a dedicated work space (shared space), with a computer suited to a range of media projects. Residents receive an artist fee, technical support and free access to all Studio XX workshops and equipment. The completed production or the work-in-progress, will be publicly presented at XX event dedicated to our artists-in-residence. There are three open residencies offered per year. Completely open and self-directed, this residency is for artists who wish to research something new, deepen the experimentation of a current project in development, or put the finishing touches to a production.


All submissions are reviewed by a Selection Committee projects are based on the following criteria:
  • work created by artists self-identifying as female, women, trans, dissenting or gender non-conforming;
  • innovation in both content and form: web art, network art, digital video or audio, interdisciplinary practices, installation, or multimedia performance;
  • works that can be explored, produced or experimented  with the resources available at Studio XX (equipment, technical knowledge, financial resources).

Selection of applicants is  based on two of the following criteria:

  • the residency will have a significant impact on the artist’s career in the media arts
  • XX’s mandate for experimentation and creativity must be reflected in the selected projects.
  • the work selected must demonstrate a relevant and innovative expression of theoretical, political and / or social engagement.

Residencies are six weeks in length. Accepted proposals receive the following from Studio XX:

  • $1,000 artist's fee
  • technical support*
  • access to the Studio's equipment
  • participation in certain workshops
  • dedicated work space for the artist
  • dissemination of the project through Studio’s programming and platforms : events, HTMlles Festival, XX Files radio show, on-line Matricules archives, etc.

* To be defined according to the parameters of each project and the available resources.

Residencies DO NOT include travel costs, accommodation, or per diem. The artist is responsible for her living arrangements while in Montreal. Studio XX can provide letters of support to artists who wish to apply for travel funding ONLY if their projects are selected.



  • Disk Space on Studio XX local and Web Servers
  • 1 computer MAC Pro with dual boot Linux and Mac OS X: 
    • 2GB 667 DDR2 FB DIMM ECC-4x512 NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 256MB 
    • 500GB Serial ATA 3GO/s drive
    • 16x SuperDrive DVD dual layer burner
    • Linux Partition: UbuntuStudio (Gimp, Blender, Audacity, Ardour, Cinelerra and more)
    • Partition MAC OSX avec logiciels propriétaires : Adobe Phototshop, Adobe Illustrator, FCPX
  • Audio interface Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 Firewire
  • Sound System:
    • 6 Loud-speakers powered KRK Rockit8 and supports
    • Console Mixer Allen & Heath Mix Wizard 16 mic/line inputs
  • Recording equipment and peripherals:
    • H4 Zoom audio recorder
    • Canon EOS REBEL T5i
    • JVC 3CCD Pro HD Camcorder and tripod
  • Other :
    • 2 ceiling mounted projectors and 1 portable short-throw projector
    • 3D printer Dito Pro
    • Various electronic material. ie, circuit and sensor building, etc.
  • Access to Matricules Archives: The Matricules Project is comprised of more than 5000 images files, sounds, videos, written critical texts and press releases documenting all our artistic  streams: The Femmes Br@nchées Salons, The Artist Residencies, Co-productions and Collaborations, Projects and Special Events, training workshops, the HTMlles Festival, XX Files radio interviews and .dpi articles. The Matricules Project data base allows the user to cross-reference individual artists, events and documents, switching from one event to another. Matricules' main interface offers an image table of contents by event type and by month, providing historical trajectory of the Studio's activities. []


To submit a proposal to Studio XX, send the application in a .zip or .pdf file (max. file size 5 MB) to programmation@studioxx.orgby Tuesday, March 15th, 2016, at midnight.

Please download and complete the APPLICATION FORM and include the required documents.

Incomplete or late applications will be not be considered.

All applicants will receive a confirmation of receipt.

Selected participants will be notified by the Programming Committee in April 2016.

Subject line: Artist Residency 2016-2017
Deadline for submission: March 15, 2016

For more information:
For questions and further inquiries, please contact us:

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Founded in 1996, Studio XX is a bilingual feminist artist-run centre for technological exploration, creation and critical reflection.
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