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January 2018 Newsletter:

- January Leaders Meeting - January 16th 2018
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Slow Food South Bay Dinner Event
Upcoming event:
SFSB Leaders Meeting
New Members welcome

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

For leaders, members and friends
7:30 - 9pm
Redwood City, CA

 RSVP below to get meeting details and directions. 
Location - Jessica's House , Redwood City, CA - for address please RSVP to Jessica at

Scott's Backyard Farm and Food Column

For some folks they might take clues of the timing of their year progresses by sporting events and playoff series.  For myself, each month reminds me of an annual planting or harvesting event and January is a very special month for planting.  If you have ever thought you wanted to purchase and plant an apple tree or most bare roots, this is month to do it - January!  February is often too late to pick them up nurseries or order them on-line. 

So mark on your calendar that January is bare-root month and plan at least one day to visit your local favorite nursery to see what you can be inspired to plant for generations to come or go on line to find even more varieties.  These bare roots are fairly cheap and easy to plant and once established can provide fruit and nuts with minimal care compared to row crops.  

Local nurseries like Summer Winds  devotes special sections to bare-roots starting in January and on-line merchants like Peaceful Valley Farm and Johnny Seed Company offer varieties that you won't easily find in the store.  Before purchasing any bare root plant, do a small bit of research of ahead of time to confirm 2 basic requirements.  The plant may need to grow in a particular climate zone in terms of chilling hours and temperature.  Secondly check if the plant has any pollination requirements like self pollinating or requires another similar plant type to pollinate it.  Grabbing just one bare-root may create a wonderful plant but no fruit.  The one bare root that appears to be fairly squirrel proof and long harvesting season in my garden is pomegranates.   Purchase basically a "stick" bare-root and start making your front and back yards filled with edible landscaping!

Other January Backyard Farming events - For anybody getting into bee keeping, this is the MONTH to place your pre-order for bee packages and bee nucs for pickup in April time frame.  Get on board with backyard bee keeping with either the San Mateo Bee Guild or the Santa Clara Bee Guild.

Scott is our Board Chair for our Slow Food South Bay chapter and can be reached at
Meet a few of your Slow Food South Bay leadership team:
Jessica's Food as Medicine Column:

January is the perfect time to detox. Detoxing is a natural process that everybody does naturally every day. It doesn't need to be a starvation cleanse, a raw food fast, or a cayenne pepper and lemon water diet. Detoxification is a nutrient dense process that requires nutrients from whole foods, antioxidants from fresh fruits and vegetables, and proteins from clean sourced meats, legumes, and dairy foods. The best way to detox your body is to eat clean, fair, slow foods from the farmers that grew them, clean proteins, from the ranchers that raised them, and drink plenty of fresh water daily. If you eliminate the processed foods and eat clean for the entire month you will see the benefits that homegrown slow food has to offer. If you want to take it one step further cook these foods into a nourishing winter soup. The digestive system gets a break when we eat slow cooked soups and stews. So nourish yourself this season with the delicious comfort food of a home cooked slow meal. One of my favorite's is roasted butternut soup.
Hillie's Seed Column:
As Treasurer of SFSB, my currency -- my passion -- is seeds.
National Seed Swap Day is on the last weekend of January.
We will join with the Sustainable Homesteaders for a Seed and Garden Exchange.
Bring seeds to share, as well as any garden items; though not required for participation
Available will be locally grown Petaluma Gold Rush Beans
Also available will be the Yellow Indian Woman Bean for those dedicated gardeners that would like to save a row for the Seed Libraries.
  • Date: Sunday, January 28, 2018
  • Time: 11am - 12pm
  • Place: Charles Street Gardens
  • 433 Charles Street
  • Sunnyvale, CA
Coming up -> Seed Packing Party - packing seeds (put seeds in envelopes) for Seed Libraries; Please let us know if you want to join us or can host this event. Contact
For more information on local seed libraries and on-going seed related events, check out my seed saving website at:
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