“Ego says – Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel inner peace. 

Spirit says – Find your inner peace and then everything will fall into place.”

Marianne Williamson


Last I wrote to you, I was in Bhutan tiptoeing around a challenging decision whether to board a flight to Srinagar (Kashmir), which at that point was on the brink of a full blown war. 
The night before my flight to Srinagar, I was at one of the nicest hotels in India, with too many stars to count, on one of the most comfortable beds, I had laid on in a very long time. There I was tossing and turning in my super comfy bed having a very hard time falling asleep. I was of course agitated about my flight to Srinagar the next morning, against all advice and warnings. I am not sure how long the tossing and turning went on but I managed to dose off for an hour or two. As if, my subconscious mind continued the analysis in my sleep, I was shook out of my "sleep". I woke up with one of the strongest insights I have had in a while. I realised there is neither meaning nor purpose or beauty in anything I do, if I cannot find peace of mind/spirit. 
This statement, probably obvious to many of you, hit me like a bolt of lightning. As I sat up in a semi-zombie like state, it seemed like some sort of cosmic download was happening. It became crystal clear to me that beyond money, success, fame, purpose, meaning and even so called limited time …. the highest and truest luxury in one’s life is to ultimately find peace of mind in all actions. Everything else is just an auxiliary motor to the main engine of the “life machine”. Peace of mind (spirit/soul) being our metaphoric main engine. In lying there, covered in softest Egyptian cotton sheets, surrounded by beauty and opulence, with all the time in the world, I failed to find my peace of mind. This is when against my rational business thinking, I knew to postpone my trip to Srinagar, as this was bringing everything but peace of mind. As the Marianne Williamson quote above states, everything else automatically and positively fell into place once I had found my inner peace. 
This insight was so big for me that thereupon, I tally most of my life and business decisions according to the “POM Meter” (peace of mind meter). I realized we have been convoluted and corrupted in our
definition of success. It’s like the famous fisherman and the business man story, what’s the point of going through all that madness, losing your peace of mind, stressing yourself and others around you, maybe even loosing important relationships, if ultimately you just want to sit at the same dock again, fishing the same fish? By no means, am I referring the simplistic way of living/working to simple aspirations but on the contrary. By decluttering our spirit and mind through the path of finding inner peace our creativity is actually on fire! leading to groundbreaking discoveries and insights. 
As I discussed my newfound insight with the pink maharani team, we collectively dug up more supporting evidence to this truth and how this directly affects our work with the artisans and the projects. We all loved it so much, we made it our brand tag, to be found on each pink maharani product as a reminder to all. 

Worth a visit to Bon Genie, Geneva our newest retail partner to check them out. 

Peaceful greetings, 

Our brand new retail partner

Rue du Marché 34

We were thrilled when Bon Genie chose pink maharani to test their concept of showcasing and bringing forward impact-driven fashion brands that are artisanal and sustainable. As this is a test phase, we strongly ask and urge our loyal clients and supporters to pass by at Bon Genie in May/ June and emphasis the existence of such impact-driven artisanal brands like pink maharani. Maybe this can pave a new path to whole new segment of less known artisanal brands finding home at Bon Genie. Of course won't hurt, if you end up buying a shawl or two ;)
Thank you for your support. 

courage through creativity

We are also thrilled to announce our 3-month pilot project with the amazing Protsahan foundation did exceptionally well with far reaching impact beyond the girls, also to their family members and teachers. 

The pilot project focused on disseminating awareness workshops throughout schools in the Delhi region impacting 450 children, hundreds of parents and teachers in preventing and identifying the signs of abuse in children and addresses two primary components of intervention - prevention and healing, through art based therapies.

These art interventions include music therapy, dance movement therapy, theater, folk arts, martial arts, photography, and film making. Through the use of these arts, the girls became more engaged in their studies and started performing better in school, which in turn gave them more self-confidence and the means to acknowledge their own agency.

With the pilot project report just summarised, pink maharani is in discussion with the Protsahan team to include it as a permanent project partner. 

Fashion Revolution Geneva

Last Saturday 27th April, we were part of the Fair Fashion Panel and Market organised by the Fashion Revolution Geneva Chapter at Café Guidoline. 

Narmada was a panelist among others, of an interesting and interactive panel discussion about awareness and alternatives to the fast fashion. We shared our experiences in creating a sustainable brand, the challenges of the unorganized supply chain, the disconnectedness of this globalised world and the (many) alternatives to fast fashion and the impact we are creating. Among the many solutions, the audience and panelist in the end collectively agreed, "We don't need a handful of people doing fair and sustainable fashion perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly".

For further food for thought, the article on lack of commitment and not enough actors in the fair-wage principle for fashion workers provides an interesting analysis.

Period. End of sentence.

period. end of sentence
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A must watch. Not only because this is an Academy Award winning documentary, but because it puts light into a subject that is still very stigmatized. Periods.

In a village outside Delhi, India, women lead a revolution. For generations, these women didn’t have access to pads. But when a sanitary pad machine is installed in the village, they learn to manufacture their own pads. 
Almost a third of Indian girls 
miss school during their periods. 

Their goal was to purchase a so-called “pad machine,” a mini factory created by an Indian inventor that allows women to make their own pads and turn a profit by selling them for roughly 5 cents apiece.

“It’s about eradicating shame and being able to talk about menstruation openly without stigma and false notions”.
And yes, the struggle is very much real. If only periods lasted 2 minutes like in this video...
With much love and light

CEO pink maharani

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