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June 17, 2018

Top 10 Publicly Traded U.S. Cannabis Companies

  • The top 10 publicly traded U.S. cannabis companies are collectively valued at $8.2 billion
  • AG Tech is the leading vertical with Scotts Miracle-Gro driving most of the value
  •  Four of the top 10 are pharmaceutical or biotech companies, reflecting rising investment in R&D of cannabis-derived therapies
  • The U.S. market is significantly less than the $18.4 billion (CAD $23.9 billion) combined market cap of Canada’s top 10 cannabis firms, as illustrated here last week

What do we expect in our neighbor post-legalization?
Canada Cannabis Report:
2018 Industry Outlook

Canada is fast becoming the world’s leading cannabis market. It has a national legalized medical cannabis program, flourishing medical cannabis importing and exporting programs, and a fully federally legal, adult-use program tentatively set to launch on July 1, 2018. Given all of that activity, the market’s rapid expansion has drawn intense interest from both investors and operators. The escalating activity in Canada raises key questions addressed in this report:  

  • Is Canada the market of choice for investment?
  • Total Canadian Domestic Market Demand?
  • Is the Medical Market Still Viable?
  • Canada’s Role as a Global Exporter?
  • Shift in Consumer Product Preferences?

  And much, much more….

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How Should Budtenders Respond?

By Jordan Wellington,
Chief Compliance Officer at Simplifya
In many ways, working as a budtender is similar to working at other types of retail establishments. Whether it is a small clothing boutique, a giant grocer, a liquor store or a medical cannabis dispensary, employees are expected to have knowledge of the products, provide quality customer service, and follow standard operating procedures for everything from conducting transactions to accounting for inventory in compliance with state public health and safety standards. But there are some aspects of working at a licensed cannabis retailer that are quite unique, and, if not properly addressed, can cause trouble for employees, businesses, and the industry as a whole...
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Interactive Data Map
Our data map is driven by hundreds of data points to keep you abreast of the latest happenings in cannabis.

Interactive features include:
  • Qualifying medical conditions by state
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Pharma cannibalization by state.
  • Cannabis job opportunities by category and state
  • Cannabis tax rates by state 
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