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New Frontier Launches CannaBits!

July 8, 2015

Happy Belated Fourth of July!

New Frontier introduces CannaBits! A weekly visual representation about relevant, timely, and vetted data to bring insight to cannabis industry stakeholders. New Frontier, the leading Big Data provider for the cannabis industry, is taking the reins and aggregating our data into smart data. 
Bloomberg Validates New Frontier Projections
Bloomberg and the News Examiner reported that prices in Colorado would fall in the year ahead and that the reduction in prices would increase revenues for retailers. New Frontier made this projection months ago in our Investor and Legislator case studies.

This Survey Says that Marijuana Prices Are Crashing In Colorado
- Bloomberg


Colorado marijuana prices see huge drop, drug cartels reeling
– News Examiner
New Frontier is moving into the testing phase of our newly branded ‘Equio' Beta platform that includes our proprietary Data Feed and the launching of our full service platform to allow our test users to refine it starting July 20th.
The data feed and multi-use widgets will give subscribers access to vetted, trusted data sources in the cannabis industry, as well as, layered and relevant census, medical, legislative, demographic and even real estate data that can be accessed by geo-location down to the zip code. 
Equio's CRM has been further refined and is a powerful tool to help you deal with the vital task of managing your customers, contacts, patients, partners, vendors and suppliers.You will be able to see everything about a customer from background and history to purchasing behaviors and forecasting and be able to communicate the right message, to the right person, at the right time all via email or text. 
New Frontier Attends NCIA Conference
New Frontier's executives are home again in D.C. after attending the National Cannabis Industry Association's Cannabis Business Summit in Denver. While there our executives met with potential investors, attended several informative seminars and met with presidential hopeful Senator Rand Paul to discuss his views on the cannabis industry.
Trends in the New Frontier: A Quarterly Marijuana Industry Overview takes a deep dive into the drivers of marijuana legalization in the U.S., and explores the size and projected growth of legal marijuana markets. New Frontier also identifies the next Six Key Markets to watch, Colorado, California, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, and Washington, D.C. 

Go to our website to download your copy and learn the latest that the industry has to offer.
Our Investor Study takes a look at the differences in state medical marijuana policies and how to cultivate them into investment opportunities.
Our Operator Study dives into the price war between the medical and recreational sectors in the state of Colorado.
Our Legislator Study gives lawmakers insight into where they should draw the line on taxes to generate revenue for their states by looking at Colorado as an example.
New Frontier Overview
New Frontier: Operate with vigilance, succeed with intelligence.
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