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June 24, 2018

How Future Legalization Will Affect Cannabis

  • More than a dozen states are expected pass new cannabis legalization measures before 2025.
  • Of them, four are expected to open medical markets, while nine may embrace adult use.
  • The new markets may add another $21.4 billion (a 22% increase) in total revenue to the U.S. legal market between 2021 and 2025.
  • The revenue increase will be driven by the evolution of high-population markets in New York, Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, and Texas.
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The Canada Cannabis Report: 2018 Industry Outlook

Canada is fast becoming the world’s leading cannabis market. It has a national legalized medical cannabis program, flourishing medical cannabis importing and exporting programs, and a fully federally legal, adult-use program tentatively set to launch summer 2018. Given all of that activity, the market’s rapid expansion has drawn intense interest from both investors and operators. The escalating activity in Canada raises key questions addressed in this report:

  • Is Canada the market of choice for investment?
  • Total Canadian Domestic Market Demand?
  • Is the Medical Market Still Viable?
  • Canada’s Role as a Global Exporter?
  • Shift in Consumer Product Preferences?

And much, much more….

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J J McCoyIs Talk About the STATES Act for Real? Or Just More Static?

By J. J. McCoy,
Senior Managing Editor, New Frontier Data
Judging by a flurry of anxious headlines this month, the U.S. Congress (with President Trump’s “probable” blessing) may well be on the verge of ending 81 years of prohibition of marijuana. Unless of course it’s not. Welcome to America, 2018...
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U.S. Cannabis Job Listings

Our brand new interactive widget features:
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  • You can filter by state, so you only see what you would like
  • You can filter by job role
  • Our partnerships and data engine pulls in job listings every day
  • All aspects of the cannabis industry is covered
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New Frontier Data Job Creation Projections Quoted...
Shhh! The race to become the global centre of excellence in medical cannabis research and innovation is quietly underway

Canada has the unique opportunity to replicate the entrepreneurial success of the Silicon Valley.

Get ready. Get set. Go...

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